Who/What Is Hop.Clickbank.Net?

I’m back again with another quick article looking at Clickbank, and today what I want to do is really quickly answer the question I’ve seen asked online which is “who is hop.clickbank.net” or “what exactly is hop.clickbank.net”.

Long story short, it’s just part of the Clickbank affiliate link.

If you’ve watched any of my other videos or if you’ve done any research, then you’ll know that the way Clickbank works is that a vendor can list a product for sale and then affiliates can promote that product. Each affiliate gets their own unique link and it’s called a Clickbank hop link.

And basically the way it’s structured or works quite simple; e’ll open up the Clickbank affiliate marketplace and I’m just going to pick the first product I can find which is this one here.

And this will create a hop link generator.

Then I can put in an account nickname so let’s say my account nickname, which is my clickbank account. Id or Clickbank username that’s it was john smith, and that would generate an encrypted hop link. So this piece here you can see the hop clickbank.net. And this first piece is like an encrypted version.

Back in the day, the way it used to work is that this piece here at the front was just your username. So “johnsmith.hop.clickbank.net”

But now they when you use the affiliate link generated on the marketplace, it actually encrypts it for you just to try and reduce the risk of someone coming along and deciding “hey, I’m going to buy product through my own affiliate link or swap out to a friends link or whatever” so you don’t get your commission.

But if you’re an end user, if you’re a customer looking to buy a product and you’ve clicked on something insane, this hot clickbank.net You don’t need to worry it just means that the products being sold through Clickbank obviously it means that someone’s probably getting a condition that that Clickbank commission doesn’t cost you anything,

The only reason you might not want to buy through an affiliate link is because you don’t like the idea of y buying a product that someone’s incentivized to sell, but I guess if that’s how you operate, you know, you probably wouldn’t buy very much because everything’s really incentivized to sell in one way or another!

But yet if you are wondering who is hop.clickbank.net or what is hop.clickbank.net hopefully this explains it for you. It’s just part of an affiliate link on the Clickbank network. If you found this video useful, please hit the like button, please subscribe.

Thank you so much, and I’ll see you next time! Make sure you read my Clickbank review for more advice on the platform as well.

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