Who Created Affilorama?

One of the questions I get asked frequently about Affilorama (most of which are covered in my Affilorama review) is:

“Who created Affilorama?”

Now gather around, as I have an interesting story to tell.

Affilorama is the brainchild of a New Zealander, Mark Ling.

Long story short, Mark developed skills in affiliate marketing and started making money that way back in his college days.

He then decided to develop training material on affiliate marketing.

I’m not sure if AffiloBlueprint or Affilorama came first (AffiloBlueprint being the premium product/paid course) but that’s not too relevant.

Ostensibly, he developed Affilorama as a free guide to affiliate marketing ,with the clear objective of using it to up sell you to the premium offerings like AffiloJetpack or Pathway to Passive.

These days, Affilorama is actually managed by a company called Doubledot Media, in which Mark is a founding partner.

And that is the story of ‘who created Affilorama’.

Make sure you learn more by reading my Affilorama review here; or you can just sign up directly online for your free membership.

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