What Products Does Clickbank Sell?

Hey how’s it going? It’s Sam Frost here from reviews boss.com back with another Clickbank video. Once again I’m just here with a quick video helping you understand the Clickbank platform and basically how you can start trying to make some money online with it as an affiliate marketer or possibly even a vendor. Now you might be asking the question what products does Clickbank sell? So in this video, I’m going to quickly cover the sort of ins and outs of that so the first thing you need to understand is that Clickbank themselves don’t really sell products. They do Clickbank University which I think is their own product perhaps it’s collaborated with someone else. But basically, Clickbank is just a marketplace. They provide the back end that the affiliate marketplace the affiliate tracking system, the payment gateway, all that kind of stuff, you know, the label support as well. You know, payment processing all those things. That’s what Clickbank does. That’s their business from there as far as what products is Clickbank, so it’s kind of up to you or kind of up to the vendor or I should say So this holiday k category so if we open up the marketplace, basically Clickbank is known, you know, pretty well for being focused on some fairly specific categories of products. So these are all the different categories. Obviously there are products that have done on Clickbank you know, illegal content straight up scam content like I’m sure if you created an E book on how to you know, steal people’s credit card information and you know, live live the life of Riley doing that they would probably not allow that on the platform. But basically Clickbank it focuses on Clickbank vendor was I should say and affiliates tend to focus on some pretty key areas. So there are a whole lot of different categories you can see here. arts and entertainment, baiting systems, computers, blah, blah, blah. And the big ones are a business and E marketing which is sort of making money online health and fitness is really really big, self help personal development and sort of role of spirituality, new age. beliefs, there’s quite a few sports products, a lot of them focused around how you do better at particular aspects of sport. Like there’s a few popular products about how you can jump higher and basketball or get a bit of drive and golf. There’s quite a few cooking related products, things like sort of paleo cooking guides and everything. But the big ones are those sort of evergreen niches, which makes sense because that’s where the money is. The biggest one is definitely, in my opinion, make money online, like a business and a marketing. There’s just so many products in there. You know, just heaps and heaps and heaps of products, a lot of product launches in the space happened through Clickbank that’s because there’s tonnes of affiliates for these vendors. A lot of them, you know, people like working with the platform as affiliates, because they know it and they trust it. You know, so if you’re a vendor in the space, especially if you’ve already got a reputation a lot of these products are relatively small cohort of gurus or companies that create these products. Boxing sort of launched them and then they fizzle out over a while and then the next one comes out and they’re all promoting each other’s products and all that kind of stuff to a business in a marketing health and fitness relationship self help is quite a bit of Pitts related stuff as well. Those are the big categories as far as what does Clickbank sell, you know, it’s generally all information products, some software, Clickbank does have some physical products now but it really is a small amount of the marketplace. The biggest thing is generally info products when I first started out, you know, mid 2000s 2007, something like that. It was all ebooks. Now videos quite common as well. So video products that might have an accompanying ebook, and you know, then you’ve also do have software products as well things like you know, Traffic Travis is an example of a software that

spelled it wrong. But yeah, that’s a software product. For example, our thing longtail Pro is another one. Yeah, so that’s quite a popular products and online software. So SAS product you know so there’s a whole breadth of stuff on Clickbank but basically it’s largely info products and software focused on those really big niches make money online Relationship Advice self help with personal development, health and fitness I like tonnes of weight loss related stuff there are a lot of health and fitness products that in my opinion are probably a little bit shady on Clickbank lots of one’s about trying to cure you know common diseases like I think the stuff like diabetes for example I don’t know if they’re cracked down on it. There you go reverse type two diabetes you know, some of these products have been click clamp down on dark compared to when I first started working with Clickbank but there’s quite a few products that relate to you know, health concerns that maybe aren’t. I guess I gotta be careful what I say but, you know, if you’ve got a health problem, you’re probably better off to go to the doctor than buy some ebook online from some Probably not an expert you know, you’ll often see these products promoted with those weird banner ads you see online like a doctors amazed at this one weird trick to cure diabetes and you’ll click on a ad that’s got a really weird looking image and strange looking text and you’ll hit something that looks like a news page and then you click through here I mean people make money like you wouldn’t believe of these products but me I have a little bit of an ethical opposition to them purely because I mean, I guess if they work they work but I would hate to see someone hurt because of them. But yeah, if you’re wondering what click products, Clickbank sells, you know, just bear in mind, they don’t sell products themselves. They’re just a marketplace, providing all the affiliate tracking and everything but there’s a huge breadth of products, loads of different spaces. They do tend to congregate around a few particular areas, especially make money online personal development and health and fitness. And yeah, that’s really all you need to know. So hope you found that video helpful. If you’re looking to make money online, from Clickbank as an affiliate, maybe you want to get started as an affiliate on Clickbank What you can do is click the link, I’ve got the video description for a free product called a filler Rama. So fill around that is a Clickbank product itself. But it’s all about making money online as an affiliate with some free training. It’s really good quality, a little bit outdated, some aspects of it, but a good starting point. Now that’s my affiliate link. And if you click it, and you decide to buy one of the upsell products, they’ve got some premium products. Yes, I will make a commission. But the truth is that I recommend this product because I think it’s a good place to start. And you don’t have to pay for anything premium, you know, I think it’s just a good way to begin and sort of dip your toes in the space. So yeah, click that link if you’re interested and give it a try. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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