What Is Rebill On Clickbank?

Hey how’s it going? It’s Sam Frost here from the reviews boss.com YouTube channel back with another quick Clickbank video. Today I’m going to be looking at what Clickbank rebills are – you’ve possibly seen people talking about rebill on Clickbank before you know maybe you’ve you’ve

purchased something with a rebill and you’re not quite sure what it is.

But basically, let me give you the quick rundown. So there’s two types of product or two types of sale

on Clickbank ones are just a

standard buy at once and you get the product sale. And another one is recurring subscription. So a lot of vendors like selling recurring subscription products, because you you get customer once and they keep paying you money over and over again. You know, so a common sort of implementation will be that there’s a base product that you pay, you know, a one off price for and then there’s a upsell, which is a recurring subscription. So I’ll use an example of a product I know If we look here at product could fill aroma, there is a basic product. You know the basic product is those actually a free version of filler Rama then they were premium products like Philip blueprint, for example a pathway to passive or a fellow jet pack. So these are all sort of add on products that you buy one off cost, but then there’s a thing called a filler I’m a premium and that’s actually a rebill product. So each month there’s a charge I can’t remove what the charges off the top of my head, but there’s a ongoing subscription if someone signs up to a filler. I’m a premium. And you can see here a few stats around this. So you get a average rebill percentage of 50%. So of the subscription that occurs each month if someone stays subscribed the filler on a premium, you get 50% of the value and the average rebill total is $1,687 and 62 cents, which is Quite impressive indeed. So, rebill basically, it’s just Clickbank language for recurring subscription. So if you are a potential customer and you say something relating to rebill, it means that you’re going to be charged on a monthly basis for a ongoing subscription, you can cancel those, you know, much as with anything on Clickbank, you can cancel, you can’t, you know, you do need to be a little bit careful with rebills because where a lot of people get caught out, is they’ll buy the base version of a product heaps, heaps of products do this actually, heaps of vendors, in my opinion are a little bit naughty. But what they’ll do is they will have the basic version of the product, say a $50 ebook course. And then in the sales process and the sales sort of sign up sequence. There’ll be some kind of checkbox that says, hey, do you want our mastermind course or you know, monthly premium subscription, I will give you 30 days for free, and you can cancel before that and of course, people will hit the checkbox or sometimes the checkboxes even enabled by the Felt although I think Clickbank might crack down on that. And then what happens is you wind up getting that free trial to the premium product forgetting you’ve signed up for it and then hitting the rainbow. It’s a little bit like gym memberships right a lot of the ways that gyms make their money as people sign up and almost like forget they’ve got the membership and hardly use the product. And then, you know, most gyms my understanding is that will have heaps and heaps of members who basically never use the product never go there but they’re just paying money each month, sort of forgetting that they’ve got a subscription, maybe seeing the money eight go out and saying all I should cancel but keeping forgetting to do it. So really, that’s what rebills our subscription, repeating subscription products, affiliates library, those oftentimes because of the fact that they can make a sale and keep making money. There’s some discussion or contention around with our higher initial sale price, or sort of better rebill terms or advantageous, you know, because oftentimes who don’t hang around on the rebill for that long For information products in a little bit different for things like web hosting or software, where you have to keep paying the bills and sort of get the value, but some of these mastermind things that get up sold are often not that great and my experience and you know that they tend to rely on what I discussed before, which is someone buying subscription getting a free trial, you know, forgetting to cancel and sort of shifting over like that. So your Clickbank rebels, if you’re wondering what they are, they’re just recurring subscriptions. You know, vendors can like recurring subscriptions to their products for up sales, anything like that. You can even make it the default sort of purchase method of your product if it is something that needs a recurring subscription. And so just be aware of that if you do see people around you now know what it means. So thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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