What Is Clickbank Affiliate Marketing?

Hey how’s it going it’s Sam Frost here with another affiliate marketing article, and today we’re looking once again at Clickbank.

I’ve been doing on a number of videos recently on this channel and we’re going to be answering the question “what is Clickbank affiliate marketing” so maybe you’ve been browsing the internet you know interested in making money online or someone mentioned something to you you know you’ve seen something on social media about Clickbank maybe you’ve started exploring the concept of affiliate marketing and you’re just sitting there wondering you know what exactly is affiliate marketing on Clickbank what’s it all about? How does it all work? So in this video, I’m not going to go into the sort of specifics of how you actually start doing affiliate marketing, you know, with Clickbank in terms of the you know the process for making money from that, because that that’s really far more in depth. But what I am going to do is really answer the question of, I guess a helicopter view of how it all works. So what I’ve got here is the clickbank.com website opened and basically to give you a quick rundown. What Clickbank is is a plan. form that brings three different parties together. So there’s a vendor or a vendor, or a publisher is someone who has a product that they want to sell. So for example, you might be an expert on basket weaving. And so you might create a video tutorial series on how to do basket weaving yourself at home. And then you might want to sell that online to people. And you want a system that allows you to, you know, securely give people access to the product and take the payment details and all that kind of stuff with Clickbank and do that but also bolted onto the side and a key feature of the platform is that Clickbank has affiliate marketing built in our affiliate functionality. So I might have a website about basket weaving and I want to monetize my traffic. And so what I will do is I’ll come along and say, okay, you’re selling a basket weaving product for $50. You know, you’ve decided to offer a 50% Commission. So every time someone on my website buys that $50 basket weaving tutorial product, I get 25 dollars and you as the vendor get $25 we both share sort of share the proceeds a little bit of money goes to Clickbank as fees and in the customer the end user who buys the basket weaving guide they get the product they want as well. So all three parties are winners, you know, fantastic it’s all pretty straightforward. So vendor was like to use Clickbank sometimes because of that easy access to affiliates because the whole system of being able to supply you know, supply against the requirements to get affiliates on board is all sorted affiliates like using Clickbank because it’s been around for a long time that pay on time they’re generally pretty reliable and trustworthy. Whereas there can be some shady operators in the space and from the customers perspective you get a secure payment processing facility. You also get with any Clickbank purchase, you get 60 day money back guarantee, I’ll go into more detail on that in a different videos to why that’s a thing and also the contention that can cause the both indoors and affiliates. But long storey short it’s all to do with coming Protecting the end user, the purchaser of the product. So with that in mind what is Clickbank affiliate marketing? Well, it’s really quite simple. As I mentioned before, it’s all about you as an affiliate or a potential affiliate promoting vendors products in exchange for Commission and the commission rates can vary on Clickbank but they generally go anywhere from about 25 to 75% a lot of info products, a lot of vendors are happy to give 75% away even if it’s $1,000 info product like $1,000 course, you know, you might be happy to give someone 750 of that 1000 because if they’re making sales that you wouldn’t have made otherwise, and there’s no real additional time requirement and delivering it. That’s the big thing. You know, my day job is as a consultant, I run a marketing consulting business in New Zealand and I work with a whole load of different companies now I could look to recruit affiliates to help me sell my services. But if I you know if I’m selling my service say I’m doing a you know consulting package for thousand dollars Then I offer someone 75% of the head, you know that revenue in exchange for selling it will then suddenly, I’ve still got to put the same amount of work. And I would have to put in, you know, potentially hours of work, but I’m getting 75% leave money. That doesn’t make sense. But if I created an info product, you know, or a software product or something like that, and all the works already been done, and then when I stopped promoting it, it’s like, okay, you know, if you can make another sale that I wouldn’t have got, and it takes me no extra time to deliver the product, maybe there’s a little bit of customer service as you ramp up your number of customers. But really, these marginal sales are all much no extra cost. Well, if you’re making almost 100% margin, and that’s really what the margins are, and most info and software products, if you’re making almost 100% margin, it doesn’t matter if you give 75% of it to an affiliate, because that’s still an extra 25% of the sale value you would otherwise not have had. That’s really the whole concept and the other reason as well a vendor’s licence. In the affiliates tab on the back of it is simply because of the fact that, you know, as a vendor, if I’ve got an info product, and affiliates are promoting it, I’m only paying them when they make sales. It’s like performance based marketing. It would be like having an army of salespeople working for you, you only pay on commission, you know, if if a guy you know, if I’ve got a sales person, you know, working for me, you know, or an affiliate working for me, and I’m paying him, you know, a million dollars a year well, and I must be making more than that, because you know, even if I’m giving him 75% Commission, I’m still making you know, a whole lot of extra money I would not have otherwise had so I’m not going to mind giving him that money, but I haven’t had to pay anything without seeing results first. So that’s why that sort of symbiotic relationship between affiliate and vendor is so important. So once you’ve got your head around that concept, as far as the nuts and bolts of how it works, firstly, you have to create your clickbank account as an affiliate. Once you’ve gone through that process, you’re able to go into the Clickbank marketplace and and here you can find products promote. So for example, let’s say I have a dog training website, dog training for some reason, there’s always us is an example when talking about niches, you know, I’ll type dog in here and here we go, there’s a whole load of products, you know, I can start finding, I might order them by, say average dollars per sale. And, you know, if we have a look here don’t breeding secrets, I mean, you know, there’s some products that are sneaking for that aren’t relevant. But this is just an you know, an interesting exercise and how it all works. So maybe as part of my dog training website, I might have a section about dog breeding, while I can potentially earn $398 a sale on average by selling this product or I might look at products that are really popular with other affiliates so we’ll use this thing gravity score and you can see here brain training for dogs so this brain training for dogs product, it’s going gangbusters, you know, loads of people will be selling this and I could be making best part of $32 us a sale, getting a 75% commission we can see here so what I would do is I would promote this product, click promote set up my affiliate link, and I might promote it on my website on my email list on my YouTube channel on my Facebook pages of groups. However I choose to promote it as long as it complies with Clickbank Terms of Service and the vendors requirements. Then when I send people to that link, they buy the product, I get a nice juicy commission. The vendor gets sales they would not have otherwise made and they’re only paying on performance and the end user gets a product that they hopefully like so if you’re wondering what is Clickbank affiliate marketing well really that explains the concept quite simply, hopefully found it helpful. I do have a lot more content coming. I’m really aiming to roll out probably a couple of videos every single day on affiliate marketing focusing quite heavily on Clickbank as well. I’m trying to give away as much information as I can for free. All I ask and support is a couple of things. Firstly, if you find this video helpful, please like and subscribe. Secondly, if you do want to learn some affiliate marketing for free, I recommend you have a look at a platform called affiliate Rama that offers free affiliate marketing training. I’ve left a link in the video description and you can go sign up there and you can actually learn how to do affiliate marketing on Clickbank for free. You know They’re up cells and then you know to be 100% honest with you, you sign up for free you obviously learned some really useful stuff and then you know as any business is going to try and do, they’re going to try and sell you premium training but the free training still helpful, you know, and it is worth having a look at so yeah, if you want to learn how to do Clickbank affiliate marketing, do check out that link for filler on that as well. So thank you so much for watching. I hope you found this video useful and I’ll see you next time.

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