Wesellcrypto.com Review 2019

Wesellcrypto.com Review 2019

An area of interest for me at the moment is cryptocurrency. I first heard of Bitcoin way back when you could hardly give them away, and admittedly dismissed it as a crazy concept (if only I’d just thrown a week’s worth of pay into them back in 2010/2011 – I’d be sitting in Lamboland now).

I have built up a modest holding of Bitcoin and other cryptos over the past couple of years – although once again regrettably I took profit much too soon – using a service called Mybitcoinsaver.com which I will be reviewing shortly.
When I first became interested in cryptocurrency, it was actually fairly easy to buy in with Paypal. There were sellers all over the show who had mined some BTC or some other coin and then would flog you a stack of them in exchange for payment via Paypal. Heck, I remember buying 1.2 million Infinitecoins (which have not gone to infinity, value-wise) on eBay UK with Paypal payment.

Because of things like transaction disputes, fraud risk, and the sheer increases in value of many cryptocurrencies, buying crypto with Paypal has become an increasingly rare occurrence.

But what if you just want to make the occasional purchase of cryptocurrency with Paypal. How can you do it safely and securely?

Luckily there’s wesellcrypto.com – a service that I came across online a few weeks ago.

How Does It Work?

The wesellcrypto.com process is super simple. Just register for an account, send a verification email to the verification address (there are different levels of verification available that allow for different daily purchase limits) and then make your purchase using your Paypal account.

What Can I Buy?

At the time of writing (June 2019) the following cryptocurrencies are available:

  • Dogecoin
  • Reddcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Bitcoin


Wesellcrypto.com is a hard one. On one hand it is very convenient and simple. On the other hand it seems that purchasing is disabled almost every day, and only available for a brief window. It’s almost like an old Alfa Romeo sports car. Brilliant when working, which is unfortunately very rarely.

I do recommend it on the whole, as the service offers a convenient way of getting a bit of crypto here and there from your Paypal account. It’s especially convenient if you live in a country where Paypal access is abundant, but direct depositing into a cryptocurrency exchange is difficult.

Wesellcrypto.com Review
  • Ease Of Use
  • Support
  • Value For Money


Wesellcrypto.com is an easy way to buy some of the top cryptocurrencies online. Well worth a look into. Being able to pay by Paypal is a boon for most "normie" users!


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