Wealth Activation Blueprint Review

There is a saying that Knowledge is Power. If you have the right information and you know how to use it properly, you can do great things. The same principle applies to wealth and success.

We know of stories about men who got rich because they purchased stocks whose value skyrocketed after a few days. Or a Cinderella story about someone who placed a bet on a candidate that everybody says will lose, only to win big in the end game.

One thing is common about these stories, these people did the right things at the right times. It makes you wonder if these are all just because of coincidence or if there’s something more to it.

Wealth Activation Blueprint is a program that will help you gain the right information at the right time. In turn, the information that you gain can help you get ahead of your competition. This will allow you to come up with decisions that can make a difference in your life.

What the Product Is

Wealth Activation Blueprint is exactly what its name says it is. It is a blueprint that can help you succeed in life. The same way that the blueprint of a building tells you where everything is, Wealth Activation Blueprint can tell you where you need to go and what you need to do to if you want to gain the wealth that you desire.

Wealth Activation Blueprint is one of the many creations of Kevin Harrington. Kevin Harrington is also credited as the inventor of infomercials. If you feel that his name sounds familiar, you may have heard his name while watching the TV show Shark Tank. Kevin Harrington is the original Shark of the said TV show.

This is an opportunity that nobody should miss. When a successful man decides to share his secrets to success, it is an opportunity for you to be as successful as he is.

What exactly makes this program great for you?

First is its ability to help you become better in every conceivable way. This is accomplished by helping you identify those traits or behaviors that negatively impacts your life. Instead of helping you reach your goals, these behaviors act as stumbling blocks that prevent you from reaching your rightful destination.

Once you have successfully removed these negative behaviors and replaced them with positive ones, Wealth Activation Blueprint then helps you in identifying the best growth opportunities available to you. There are a lot of business opportunities or opportunities to increase your wealth but not all of them are for you. You need to choose one that will let you maximize your potential. This is a simple way of selecting which investment can yield the best possible rewards with as little risk as possible. Through this strategy, you are sure that you are protecting your own interests even as you aim for your goals.

Another vital piece of the program is the part where Kevin Harrington teaches you how to influence the people around you.

Yes, your success rests largely on your own actions. However, the attitude of the people around you also has impact on whether or not you will succeed. You can only do so much and at one point or another, you will be forced to delegate some tasks to your employees or partners.

If you can influence these people and encourage them to act with the same degree of tenacity that you possess then your chances of succeeding just got higher. You can also use this Power of Influence to exert your will to others that might not be working for you but can make or break your goals. People like suppliers, distributors or service providers can help expedite your climb to success if you know how to properly influence them.

Wealth Activation Blueprint Discount

Wealth Activation Blueprint is priced at $19. This is one of the most affordable among the self-transformation programs that I have seen. Considering that the entire program consists of 40 modules, $19 is a bargain. Wealth Activation Blueprint’s website claims that the contents of the program cost up to more than $5,000.

Wealth Activation Blueprint Download

The video contents of the program can be downloaded so you can learn from it at your own time and pacing. Click on the download link that you will have access to after completing your payment.

Good Points

The Contents are Comprehensive

One thing that I like about this program is how detailed it is. The creator of the program carefully organized the contents so you won’t have a difficult time following it. Other programs feel too rushed but with more than 6 hours’ worth of contents, the Kevin Harrington made sure that even the tiniest details are properly explained to the audience. At no time in the 6 hours of the program did I feel confused with what the creator was trying to impart.

Practical Applications

Another bright spot in this program is how the creator made sure that each module has practical applications. This program is not just for aspiring entrepreneurs. Even students or regular employees can benefit from the program because the points laid out in the program can be used to improve the life of just about anyone.

Bad Points

A Tendency to be Theatrical

One complaint that I have with this program is there were instances when the claims made by the creator seems too fantastic to believe. An example is the claim that the program really costs more than $5,000 but is just being retailed for less than $20. However, I understand that this may just be a marketing strategy to drum up interest in the program.


Kevin Harrington made a name for himself because of his ability to come up with ideas that can bring in a lot of money to his business. He has proven this through the infomercials that he pioneered. Wealth Activation Blueprint is his way of sharing his secrets to success to those who want to follow his footprints.

The program is long at more than 6 hours and you will need to implement some severe changes in the way that you think and act if you want it to work. However, I believe that 6 hours is a small sacrifice if you consider the benefits that you will reap simply by following this program.

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