Traffic Travis For Mac – What Are Your Options?

Traffic Travis For Mac – What Are Your Options?

So you want to use Traffic Travis (great – if you haven’t read my review yet, do so here). But you’ve got a Mac. What can you do?

The sales/download site for the product makes it clear that it isn’t designed with Mac in mind. So what are your options if you want to use Traffic Travis for Mac?

Here are a few ways to get around the problem:

  • Get yourself a cheap Windows machine. Something like an ex-lease, Small form factor office PC can be had on eBay or Craigslist or similar sites for well under $100. Any PC made within the past probably 10 years will be more than adequate to run Traffic Travis for all but the biggest of projects. If you can get something with an i3 or better, 4+gb ram and ideally an SSD, then you’ll be sorted. If you’re a serious Internet/digital marketer, I always recommend having access to at least a rudimentary Windows machine as there are a number of software applications that only run on Windows.
  • Use Virtualbox
  • Use Parallels Desktop. This is a Windows virtualization software that allows you to run Windows programs on your Mac. It’s probably one of the more popular options out there.
  • Use VMWare Fusion
  • Install Windows on your Mac. Depending on the Mac you’ve got it should be possible to install Windows on your Mac. Once again, this will require a licence and some fiddling (it’s easier if you happen to have a dual hard drive setup).

So which option is the best for running Traffic Travis on Mac?

Honestly, my preference would be getting a cheap Windows machine. Whether you buy 2nd hand or something cheap and new off Amazon or a local retailer, it will be an easier process. 2nd hand you can probably get sorted for less than the cost of getting a legitimate Windows licence key anyway (which is required for running any of the ‘virtual Windows’ options listed above). You’ll then have a machine you can use for other Windows-specific software.

Every other option requires you having a Windows licence or being willing/able to obtain one. There’s also a higher chance of fiddling around involved.

So to reiterate, my recommendation is to grab yourself a cheap Windows machine (look for off lease, it’s usually an easy way to get a decent machine for peanuts). You can then use this as a “test bed” PC for other software that requires Windows as well.

If you haven’t yet got Traffic Travis, go here to read my review and download.

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    • Hi Troy,

      I’m sure there are some kind of virtualization options that will work in this circumstances. Not too sure on the technical side of things though as I’ve never used Linux.

      I suggest you Google around for some answers.


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