Traffic Travis Download – Where To Get It

Traffic Travis Download – Where To Get It

So you want to get your hands on Traffic Travis? Good choice! Although the software is a little dated in parts, I still think that there is lots of value to be had in adding Traffic Travis to your arsenal (just remember, it cannot be used on Mac – if you’ve got a Mac, then take a look at my guide to your options here).

There are two versions of Traffic Travis:

  • Free
  • Professional

If you’ve read my review, then you’ll know that my advice is that you should start with the free version first, test the waters, and then go for the paid option if you think it’s worth it.

So where should you download Traffic Travis?

If you Google, you’ll come across a few different options, such as software hosting/download sites.

However, my advice to you is that you should only download from the official Traffic Travis website. Why? Because it will ensure that you only get the most up-to-date version of the software, and also that you don’t risk downloading any corrupted/infected software.

I have seen a few cracked versions of Traffic Travis Pro, for example, that are hosted on some seriously shady sites. The crazy thing is that these don’t even work due to the way the software licencing functions.

When you get the free version of Traffic Travis or buy the Pro version, you are sent a licence code that you need to input into the software when you first start it up. Without the code, it won’t work. The product developers aren’t stupid – once they see the same Pro code inputted multiple times, it gets locked out.

So if you want to get access (either free or paid) the only smart way to do it is official. You have to supply your name + email to get a licence even if you do download from an external source, so why bother? Go here to download Traffic Travis from the official website.

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