Google Sniper Review 2019 – Initial Rections


This is something new. This is something different. For the first time in the (albeit short) history of Reviews Boss, I am going to be doing an “initial reactions” review. Normally when I review a product I purchase it or use it for a while, and then retrospectively come back and cover its features, pros, cons, and then make a conclusion as to whether or not you should buy it.

But this time I want to try something new and exciting. What I’m going to is spend some time looking at the product, its website, affiliate area, and then actually download the product itself. From there I will go through the training and resources in the product. So this sounds a bit like a normal review right? Maybe I’m going crazy!

Except as I experience each new element of the product, I will be updating here with my reaction and opinion. In a way, this review is going to be a bit like a diary.  Here’s hoping it works out. Now, on to business:

Google Sniper

The product I am reviewing today is called Google Sniper 3.0 (will be referred to also as GSniper and Google Sniper and other similar variations) by George Brown. And this thing is HOT. Like thermonuclear meltdown levels of hot.

Seriously, GSniper 3.0 has to be one of the most popular Internet marketing training products out on the market right now. A quick peruse of Google’s Keyword Planner tool tells me that GSniper is being searched up by thousands of people every single month. That means that probably tens of thousands of dollars are being spent every month on this product. Not a problem if it’s as great as many of the, ahem, “reviews” (I use that term loosely) say.

So with this in mind, I figured it would be unbecoming of me not to take the plunge and do a detailed review of Google Sniper. I love reviewing products. I also love mixing things up a bit, and I think this new format will really suit the product I am reviewing.

By the time I’m done “reacting” to Google Sniper, this post could be tens of thousands of words long and rather incoherent and meandering (just the way Reviews Boss likes it). But I also understand that many readers just want a quick outline of whether or not a product is worth buying.

On that basis, I will commit to creating a conventional review for GSniper as well that basically condenses all the main points and follows the format of my other reviews, with the ultimate focus being on reaching a conclusion as to the value of the product.

But for now, let’s get underway with this most auspicious of reviews. I will be aiming to add a new section every day through the month of March 2019.

Checking Out The Google Sniper Homepage

The first thing you’ve got to do when reviewing any product is actually check out the vendor website and get a feel for what has being offered. In terms of trustworthiness and value I always want to look for certain features like clear explanations of what the product does, pricing that isn’t misleading (e.g. no hidden monthly rebills, add ons being advertised as being the main product and the such like).

So I go and load up the Google Sniper homepage and here’s what I see:

google sniper homepage

First thing I can’t stand is the autoplay video. I hate autoplay videos. Firstly, they assume that everyone has a good enough connection to support autoplay. This isn’t always the case. And if you’re checking the site out on a limited connection like mobile data (for example, I only get 2.5gb of mobile data per month in rip-off New Zealand … and I don’t want to waste those MBs). I mean yeah this is a small fry problem in the grand scheme of things but it is still something I feel is important to note.

Because this is an affiliate marketing training product, there is of course the egregious display of the daily commission screenshot. This is like the selfie of the affiliate/IM world; ubiquitous and unnecessary. It is, understandably, designed to make you go “wow, this guy makes some serious coin … I need to know what he’s doing”.