Is Affilorama Free?

One of the most common questions I get asked about this popular affiliate marketing training platform is:

“Is affilorama free?”

People are generally accustomed to the concept of there being no such thing as a free lunch … so why should Affilorama be an exception?

Is it actually free?

What (if anything) is the catch?

Now the truth is that Affilorama definitely is free. There is a usable, decent free tier to the product.

In fact, if you read my Affilorama review, then you can learn all about it.

However, the way the platform is structured is that it entices you with the free content and then upsells you to the premium products like Pathway to Passive or AffiloJetpack.

So does that mean that Affilorama isn’t quite telling the truth when they claim the product is free?

No, not at all! 

It has a wealth of genuinely free (as in zero dollars and zero cents) information that will start you out on your affiliate marketing career.

You just need to go into it with your eyes open, understanding that you will sold to on a very regular basis.

Provided you are happy with that, then you will be satisfied to know that Affilorama is free.

Go here to read my full review, or go here to sign up to Affilorama today.

You can watch the video version here:

AffiloTools Review 2019

affilotools review 2016

This is going to be a short review, but I’m back anyway with a quick look at one of the products from the Affilorama family. This time, I’m going to be talking about a product called AffiloTools.

What Is AffiloTools?

AffiloTools is an online SEO platform that is designed to help you with things like tracking your rankings, finding new keywords, and uncovering link building opportunities.

Who Makes It?

As discussed above, AffiloTools is part of the Affilorama family of products. This is the brainchild of popular affiliate marketing guru, Mark Ling.

The “Affilorama family” includes the following (copied from my Affilorama Premium review)

  • Affilorama free. The basic level of membership, which entitles you to a series of free lessons as well as forum membership. Read my review of it here.
  • Affilorama Premium. What we are talking about today – the upgrade to regular membership.
  • AffiloBlueprintStep-by-step training where you watch “over the shoulder” to see Mark’s process for building profitable affiliate sites.
  • AffiloJetpack. My favourite product from the Affilorama stable. This is a high ticket product that gives you ready-made niche content in a variety of niches in order to help you create proper authority sites with highly converting email follow up sequences. Unfortunately, AffiloJetpack is not taking any new members at the moment ?
  • AffiloTools. A cloud-based SEO tool suite that seems to have been locked in beta for quite some time … I’ll probably review it at some stage, although there isn’t too much to see yet.

How Much Does It Cost?

At the moment, AffiloTools is free to test out. This is because it is in the beta stage, which means that some features are missing and you’ll probably encounter bugs. I will cover this in more detail later in the review.

I don’t know when Affilorama are going to start charging for access. My only suggestion is that you register a free account now so that you can at least get a feel for what the final product will be like.

How Do You Join?

The easiest way to register for AffiloTools is to create a free Affilorama account here (that way you’ll also get access to all the training lessons and other tools and resources).

From there you can head over to and set up your access. I believe you can also go directly to AffiloTools and sign up without an Affilorama account, but I haven’t tested that myself.

What Do You Get? What Can It Do?

Coming soon – just having a play around with some different accounts to work a few things out.


Is it worth joining AffiloTools?

I reckon so. It is free for the time being, and there are some useful insights to be gleaned from it in terms of tracking your own rankings and getting a better grasp on your traffic. Furthermore, the overall layout and feel of the tool is very premium and easy-to-use which is great to see. I’m also a big fan of the fact that it is a cloud-based tool that requires no installation on your machine.

However, there are definitely some issues around what exactly you get access to. My long standing Affilorama account seems to have access to just about everything you would expect from the full product, whereas a lot is missing from the account I made when setting up on a fresh email address.

The link research module is also pretty bunk, as I demonstrated. It’s nowhere near as good as Drop My Link, for example. The “sponsors” results I found were so laughably bad that I nearly did a double take. I do hope that the development team spend some time tweaking this module at great length.

At the end of the day, beggars can’t be choosers. And while AffiloTools is free to play around with I think it is well worth having a crack with. It’s not going to rock your digital world. It’s not a super-powerful program like Scrapebox or GSA or something like that. But it is not bad at all for the price!!!

Affilorama Premium Review 2019

Welcome back to another honest Reviews Boss review. Today we are taking a look at Affilorama Premium. This is the monthly membership upgrade option to the free Affilorama membership. Because this isn’t the deepest product out there, it won’t be the longest review on the site … but hopefully you will still get some good value out of it.

What Is It?

Affilorama Premium is an upgrade option for

In case you need your memory jogged, here are the different Affilorama-branded products that are available:

  • Affilorama free. The basic level of membership, which entitles you to a series of free lessons as well as forum membership. Read my review of it here.
  • Affilorama Premium. What we are talking about today – the upgrade to regular membership.
  • AffiloBlueprintStep-by-step training where you watch “over the shoulder” to see Mark’s process for building profitable affiliate sites.
  • AffiloJetpack. My favourite product from the Affilorama stable. This is a high ticket product that gives you ready-made niche content in a variety of niches in order to help you create proper authority sites with highly converting email follow up sequences. Unfortunately, AffiloJetpack is not taking any new members at the moment 🙁
  • AffiloTools. A cloud-based SEO tool suite that seems to have been locked in beta for quite some time … I’ll probably review it at some stage, although there isn’t too much to see yet.

Who Makes It?

Affilorama Premium – as the name suggests – is part of the Affilorama family of products. This also includes Affilorama free, AffiloJetpack (which is currently not taking new members) and Affilorama Premium.

It is the brainchild of legendary super affiliate, Mark Ling.

How Much Does It Cost?

Affilorama Premium is a monthly rebill product. I’m not the biggest fan of monthly billing (as I have expressed in a number of reviews) as it often becomes one of those niggly things that you forget about until you check your credit card bill and you’ve racked up big bucks from all sorts of different subscriptions.

You can get your first 30 days’ access for just $1. After that, you’ll have to pay a not insignificant $67 per month.

Payment is processed through Clickbank so you are able to pay with Paypal and all major credit cards. Furthermore, you can get a refund at any stage within the first 60 days of membership as well.

What Do You Get?

From my perspective, there are three main elements to Affilorama Premium. I will talk to each of them in turn.

Affiliate Magazines


There is definitely some useful content to be gleaned from these affiliate magazines. However, the issue is that a lot of it is quite outdated. For example, you can see “Issue 9” is all about building backlinks with article marketing. Anyone who knows anything about SEO will tell you that article marketing is basically dead. It was never even a particularly good way of building links – the benefit came from “parasite” ranking pages in Google and then driving traffic from them. These days, article directories are total graveyards.

You will find that while there are some handy insights in the affiliate magazine content, too much of it is too outdated to be of any real use. What a shame 🙁

Video Lessons

There are a bunch of video lessons included with your membership. The main ones are as follows in the image:

That’s quite a bit of content to work your way through. However, some of what you will learn in these lessons is a bit outdated. The best bit is probably the guide to digital product creation … get that right and create a good digital product and you can make a FORTUNE.


One of the biggest selling points of this product is its bundled hosting. You get enough hosting for up to 15 websites, which is pretty reasonable when you work it out at a monthly rate per site (and you’re getting all of the other content on top as well).

Each hosting instance you create will have full cPanel access, which is handy and gives you a lot more control than you get with some bundled hosting options that only allow you to install WordPress.

However, the hosting is not particularly good. There is a lot of it in terms of the number of sites you can host, but the quality just isn’t there in my opinion. The biggest reason for this is that it doesn’t seem to be very fast. Every site I have built on this hosting has had slow loading times, and when I investigate further it is often because the server is simply slow to respond. Not cool 🙁

Another annoying thing is that you will find yourself constantly getting hit with WP Admin captcha screens. 50% of the time I find that I am unable to progress past the captcha, no matter how many correct attempts I make. This means I just have to come back at a later time in order to log into my site (or remember to leave myself persistently logged in).

NB: One way I did find to get around this limitation was by using one of those WordPress plugins that allows you to change your WP login address. So instead of going to /wp-login.php (which would trigger the captcha) I would just log in at /reviewsbosslogin or something that I defined myself.

What I Like

  • You can get a month’s access for a dollar. A buck to sign up and take a look around at the different training videos, interviews, and affiliate magazine issues is not bad. Most people could probably get away with signing up for 30 days and then spending an hour a night just blasting through the training content.
  • Bundled hosting is useful for testing. Although I bagged on the hosting before, it is quite useful for testing out new themes and plugins etc without having to spend extra money. I do a lot of my testing on this hosting.
  • Some good, timeless content in the lessons and interviews. However, the SEO lessons are quite outdated. I much prefer the mindset and overall affiliate strategy content in these lessons. Some of the interviews, especially regarding PPC and affiliate marketing, are really solid as well.
  • Bundled PLR is handy. I might catch some shade for this, but I do believe that the bundled PLR content that comes with each “magazine” issue could be handy to a lot of budding affiliates who want content they can get spun up or rewritten for Web 2.o link building. A well-spun or rewritten PLR article is the ideal base content for a strong Web 2.0 tier 1 link (following something like the Gotch SEO guide here).

What I Dislike

  • Hosting is slow and buggy. As discussed above, the hosting is not particularly good. You’ll find that your sites load slowly, which is not good from a usability or SEO perspective. Also there are other intermittent bugs as well. It’s a damn shame, because if the hosting was better this product would be much more competitive.
  • Not enough fresh content. While the content isn’t bad, a lot of it (especially the SEO stuff) is a bit outdated and doesn’t really cut the mustard any more. I don’t see enough new content being added on a regular basis. Compare this to a premium affiliate marketing forum like Stack That Money where you pay a fairly similar price, but there is always more content being added and a lot of it is step-by-step guides or follow alongs/journeys .
  • Doesn’t feel like good value for $67 per month. Overall, that’s the biggest problem I’ve got with Affilorama Premium. It just does not feel as if it is really worth $67 per month – $804 per year. Hosting is cheap enough elsewhere, and as far as training content goes there is always plenty to be found on free websites like Blackhatworld or Affiliate Fix. And if you want a premium training option, then members-only forums like Wealthy Affiliate or Stack That Money are potentially better.
    • Think about it this way: $67 per month would buy you a domain name, some basic hosting, and at few good quality outsourced blog posts each month … allowing you to build up an affiliate site on the side that might actually make you some money.


Overall, I don’t really think that Affilorama Premium is worth the monthly fee of $67.

The crazy thing is that the complete opposite would be the case if the hosting platform provided was faster, more reliable, and more flexible. However, as it stands you are paying quite a high monthly price for what is fairly dated training, and less-than-stellar hosting.

The PLR is kind of useful if you want to whip it up through a spinner or cheap rewriter for Tier 1 Web 2.0 links or something like that. But then again you can buy SCREEDS of PLR from Fiverr for next to nothing.

Here’s how I think Affilorama Premium could improve big time:

  • Get better bundled hosting. It needs to be fast, reliable, and bug-free. This really could make a big difference, as having access to a lot of hosting is valuable for serial affiliate website builders like myself.
  • Add more content on a regular basis. Make it something unique, like watching over Mark’s shoulder as he personally builds a profitable affiliate site. Look at other money making methods like Shopify + Aliexpress dropshipping.
  • Lower the price a bit. $67 is quite a lot of money for what you are getting here. Especially considering that some of the training is outdated. If it was say $30 per month it would be worth it. I have to be especially conscious because of the exchange rate coming back into New Zealand – $67 is about $100 a month here.

I reckon that if Affilorama Premium had a bit more freshness of content, and the hosting was improved (at least to the point where you don’t constantly get smashed with login captchas) then it would become worth a buy. So I’m definitely not saying that the product is bad – especially compared to some of the absolute tripe that is available in the Internet marketing training space – it just needs a little bit more value added, either through more content or a lower price, before I can recommend it to most people.

AffiloBlueprint Review 2019


Welcome back to another honest review on Reviews Boss. This time we are adding on from my previous review of Affilorama, and taking a look at one of the most popular premium products that is offered through that brand. In this AffiloBlueprint review, you’re going to get the straight dope on this affiliate marketing powerhouse product!

Fresh and relevant for 2019, we will be dissecting the latest version of AffiloBlueprint (3.0). Although this product is getting on for being a few years old now, it still receives regular updates and remains a popular fixture in the affiliate marketing space … that means the task falls upon yours truly to ensure that it is reviewed to a higher standard than what is out there at the moment.

Go here to visit the AffiloBlueprint official website to learn more about the product as well.

Video Review

If you’d rather watch a video review of the product, here is one I did a while back:

I’ve also just created another video, which you can watch here:

Why I’m Reviewing AffiloBlueprint

I actually did a review of AffiloBlueprint on my old website, which I’m phasing out in favour of focusing more on Reviews Boss (as my passion really does lie in reviewing products). So if I have already reviewed the product once, why am I doing it again?

Basically, because all the other reviews out there on AffiloBlueprint suck. I must admit that even my original review on my old site simply isn’t up to the standard I expect from myself these days.

I mean look at some of these so-called Affiloblueprint reviews:

Yes, that’s the whole review. The first line actually says “Affiliate marketing is a powerful and fast way to fill up your mailbox or bank account with big checks every month, but learning how to do it effectively is not always simple.” Unsurprisingly, AffiloBlueprint is the answer to your problems! The saddest part? Google actually ranked this on page 1 🙁


This review basically just tells you everything the sales page does ... how in-depth and useful!!!
This review basically just tells you everything the sales page does … how in-depth and useful!!!

I don’t like seeing hard working people waste their money on products that are pushed by unscrupulous affiliates only because of the commission they stand to make. I have nothing against affiliate marketing at all in principle – in fact I am an affiliate myself, and promote products on this site. However, I only promote something with my commission-earning link if I truly think it is worth a buy.

One day I’ll do a big discussion piece on the state of reviews in the Internet marketing sphere … especially on the affiliate marketing end of spectrum, which is like the digital equivalent of sub-prime loans.

What Is AffiloBlueprint?

This product is the flagship course from Affilorama. It is an affiliate marketing training course, designed to teach you a step-by-step method for creating profitable affiliate sites. The strategy you will learn is supposedly based on the one used by Mark Ling (the super affiliate/guru behind Affilorama, as well as other brands like Traffic Travis) to generate some of his best successes as an affiliate in his “up and coming” days.

Whether or not Mark actually builds any sites in this manner these days remains to be seen. But it certainly sounds nice to learn the step-by-step methods used to a super affiliate, right?

You should also note that this is a course which has been around for a number of years, and has been through several iterations. We are, in fact, up to version 3.0 of AffiloBlueprint, which originally dropped in mid 2012 … maybe a new one is just around the corner?

I don’t know much at all about version one of the course, and can’t seem to find out much about it online. However, I had membership to version 2.0 for a while. Unfortunately all access to that version of the course was removed quite some time ago. From my recollection, the AffiloBlueprint 2.0 method was focused on the following:

  • Finding a niche by browsing around the Clickbank marketplace, checking gravity scores, sales pages etc
  • Settle on something for a niche like “World of Warcraft gaming guides” (btw, does anyone still play World of Warcraft? I’ve been out of the gaming scene so long, I’m not really sure what is popular any more)
  • Research keywords using Google’s Keyword Tool and other programs, finding phrases like “how to get better at World of Warcraft”
  • Once you’ve got 20 or so keywords like this, you build your website … something like this
  • Pepper your articles with affiliate links, and create reviews around the products you found in the niche research phase
  • Set up a newsletter list on a platform like Aweber, and then get sign ups in exchange for a mini course or free eBook. Send these leads a mix of information content and promotions of your affiliate links.
  • Do some link building, and maybe push a bit of traffic via PPC.
  • Rinse and repeat with a few different sites – congratulations, you’re now a super affiliate! Or at least you are supposed to be.

That site, WOW Black Book, was actually the site Mark Ling created as a sort of live case study to demonstrate the AffiloBlueprint method in version 2.0 of the course.

As you can see, not much has changed on it since it was made … I wonder if it actually makes him any more money these days? Quite possibly, if there is some residual traffic.

So What Has Changed For Version 3.0 Of AffiloBlueprint?

To be honest, not that much in terms of overall strategy structure. You see the whole point of the AffiloBlueprint system is to provide a strategy that could theoretically work until the day the Internet dies (or at least until the day that people stop searching for stuff in Google and other search engines).

What changed between the earlier versions of the course and the most recent version are things like:

  • Recommended site building platform. In the earlier versions of ABP, I believe the recommended tool for building your site was XSitePro. Talk about a dated looking sales website! I wonder if you could even really make a site that looks relevant in 2019 with XSitePro? The current course recommends you use WordPress, the gold standard of site building platforms for most affiliate marketers and small businesses.
  • Link building and traffic strategies. Getting links pointing to your site is very different now compared to the earlier releases of ABP. There is a lot of focus on link building techniques in the current version of the course, as well as other traffic generation strategies and inbound marketing.

What Do You Get With AffiloBlueprint In 2019?

So we have established the rough idea of Mark Ling’s strategy that is being taught in this course. But what exactly is included in the current version of AffiloBlueprint when you part with your $197?

  • ~90 video lessons split over 12 steps (from basic niche research through to site optimisation and PPC traffic generation)
  • Accompanying PDF versions of each lesson
  • Homework section to help you progress through the lessons
  • Access to a private forum exclusive to members of the course
  • Free hosting for 1 year for 1 site
  • AffiloTheme WordPress theme included for building your first site. This is marketed as a bonus.
  • 30 day free trial of Affilorama Premium. This is marketed as another bonus. Please see my note on this in the pricing section of the review below.

My aim with Reviews Boss is always to give you the most accurate picture possible of a product before you decide to purchase it. In order to achieve this aim, I’ve actually taken screen captures inside the member area of AffiloBlueprint. Each one also includes a caption to further explain what is included. This will take some scrolling; if I get enough feedback saying it is too much, then I will change this to a slider type layout – please voice your concern in the comments section or send me an email.

Step 1 - Introduction & Mindset. Learn more about what affiliate marketing is, and how to get into the mindset of a successful affiliate.
Step 1 – Introduction & Mindset. Learn more about what affiliate marketing is, and how to get into the mindset of a successful affiliate. Not too much to see here.
Step 1 (proper). Market research & keywords. All about picking a niche, finding offers, and hunting out keywords to promote.
Step 1 (proper). Market research & keywords. All about picking a niche, finding offers, and hunting out keywords to promote.


Step 2 Creating Content. How to research and write articles/blog posts that will form the foundation of your affiliate site.
Step 2 – Creating Content. How to research and write articles/blog posts that will form the foundation of your affiliate site. Information here as well on outsourcing articles.


Step 3 - Setting Up Your Website. Pretty self-explanatory really, this is all about creating your site.
Step 3 – Setting Up Your Website. Pretty self-explanatory really, this is all about creating your site.


Step 4 - Website Design. How to actually make your site look nice (hint - it's not that easy with the default theme you'll be using).
Step 4 – Website Design. How to actually make your site look nice (hint – it’s not that easy with the default theme you’ll be using).


Step 5 - On-Page SEO. How to optimise your newly made site so it has a higher chance of ranking well in Google. This section definitely needs expanding, as on-page SEO is a hugely important step to get right.
Step 5 – On-Page SEO. How to optimise your newly made site so it has a higher chance of ranking well in Google. This section definitely needs expanding, as on-page SEO is a hugely important step to get right.


Step 6 - Off-Page SEO. Link building, basically. Important stuff. A good grounding here, but there is so much to learn and a lot of it needs to be done through hands-on trying (and often failing!)
Step 6 – Off-Page SEO. Link building, basically. Important stuff. A good grounding here, but there is so much to learn and a lot of it needs to be done through hands-on trying (and often failing!)


Step 7 - Inbound Marketing. This is more about driving targeted traffic than building links. Some good ideas in here.
Step 7 – Inbound Marketing. This is more about driving targeted traffic than building links. Some good ideas in here.


Step 8 - Newsletters. This part of AffiloBlueprint is all about teaching you how to set up a newsletter opt-in funnel on your site, which can help you boost profits big time.
Step 8 – Newsletters. This part of AffiloBlueprint is all about teaching you how to set up a newsletter opt-in funnel on your site, which can help you boost profits big time.


Step 9 - Website Tweaks. This is a section on best practices for increasing the performance of your site, by opimising for more conversions etc.
Step 9 – Website Tweaks. This is a section on best practices for increasing the performance of your site, by optimising for more conversions etc.


Step 10 - Introduction To PPC. A basic guide to Google Adwords and PPC and how it can be used to drive traffic to your affiliate site.
Step 10 – Introduction To PPC. A basic guide to Google Adwords and PPC and how it can be used to drive traffic to your affiliate site.


Step 11 - Creating PPC Campaigns. A more in depth look at how to actually create PPC/Adwords campaigns for your affiliate promotions.
Step 11 – Creating PPC Campaigns. A more in depth look at how to actually create PPC/Adwords campaigns for your affiliate promotions.


Step 12 - Advanced PPC Techniques. Basically how to optimize your Adwords campaigns, and hopefully scale it to other networks.
Step 12 – Advanced PPC Techniques. Basically how to optimize your Adwords campaigns, and hopefully scale it to other networks.

And here’s a “helicopter view” of the course overview page:


What Site Did Mark Build As Part Of This Version?

If you’ve been paying close attention to this review, then you’ll know that I linked to the site Mark built for version 2.0 of the course – WOW Black Book.

But what site was made for this newer version of the course?

This is important, because the whole point of ABP is that it is meant to be a step-by-step course where you follow “over the shoulder” as Mark and his team (the lessons are narrated by different people) build . It also gives you a good idea of what the end result might be once you’ve finished going through all 90 or so lessons.

The site created is called Enlightenment Gateway, a classic self-help site that features a number of different sub topics and promotes a wide variety of affiliate products:


How Much Does AffiloBlueprint Cost?

AffiloBlueprint retails for $197 USD, which makes it a fairly expensive product by the standards of make money online courses – especially compared to the endless litany of $7 WSOs and such like that are out there.

If you’re looking for a discount on AffiloBlueprint, then I’m sorry but I don’t have one to offer. However, I can tell you to keep an eye on the Affilorama site, because from time-to-time you will see special offers announced via a notification bar at the top of the page.

Also, if you’re signed up to Affilorama’s emails through your free account, then you should get notification of any sales. I have definitely seen it advertised for $97 in the past, but that special price seems to come through very rarely.

Because AffiloBlueprint is sold through the Clickbank network, you are guaranteed a 60 day money-back refund window. Basically, this means that if you are in any way unhappy with your purchase, you can return it within 60 days for a full refund. If you do this through the Affilorama/AffiloBlueprint support, you’ll find that you will probably have to do some back and forth emails as they will try to ascertain what you’re unhappy about, and see if they can placate you. Nothing wrong at all with this approach on the part of the vendor, and actually a much better way of providing service – but I think you ought to be aware of it.

Who Makes It?

As alluded to already, AffiloBlueprint is part of the Affilorama family of products. This brand is spearheaded by Mark Ling, who has already been discussed in detail elsewhere.

There’s not really much need to add any more detail here.

How To Join

Joining AffiloBlueprint is simple enough. Simply head on over to and then scroll through the sales pitch until you hit the add to cart button.

If you are already a free member of Affilorama (if not, then go here to learn more about it in another one of my reviews) then you can also join through your members’ dashboard. It shouldn’t be too hard to find where to do this.

Warning: Monthly Rebill Ahoy

When you add AffiloBlueprint to your cart, you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Beware affiliate marketers bearing strange gifts

As you can see, the first portion is the $197 membership fee for the main course. Fair enough, you knew it was coming! But take a look at the section that says “Affilorama Premium – Free Trial”. If you read the fine print, you’ll find out that when you purchase the main AffiloBlueprint course you are automatically signed up to Affilorama Premium and you receive a free 30 day trial of it. That’s a nice bonus, right?

However, there is one problem here. You don’t have the option to opt out at this stage by unchecking a pre-ticked check box. There is literally nothing you can do to not be set up with an auto rebill membership to Affilorama Premium at the time of purchasing ABP. And after 30 days, you will get hit with a $67 charge that will recur each month unless you make a conscious effort to cancel your Premium membership.

Inherently there is nothing wrong with this practice, as you will definitely be able to get out of the Premium subscription with a quick email. However, I am also fairly certain that there will be people out there who perhaps aren’t so great at keeping on top of their subscriptions and checking their credit card statements, and they will wind up paying this recurring fee without realising it.

Giving people a free trial of a rebill product when they purchase a one-off item is probably great business practice in terms of generating profits. However, it would be nice to see this changed to a check box where you can remove Premium access before continuing to the payment gateway.


Here’s what I like about AffiloBlueprint:

  • Teaches a sound, well-established method that has long term potential. I’ve seen Mark’s AffiloBlueprint method occasionally come in for some harsh criticism on more “hardcore” affiliate marketing forums and blogs because it isn’t very cutting-edge, nor is it focused on a “millionaire maker” method like CPA + PPV traffic or media buys or something more high end like that. However, you need to remember that AffiloBlueprint is actually focused on walking beginners through a system that will allow them to build a potentially very sustainable model for generating affiliate income. You’re probably never going to earn as much as you could by going all in with more advanced affiliate methods, but that’s simply not the point of this course. Instead, you’re going to learn how to build websites that have the potential to stick around for a long time and hopefully make you some good income.
  • Very beginner friendly. Because the instructions are step-by-step and laid out in a very logical fashion, I honestly believe that you could give them to your mum or dad and they could get a decent idea for what they would need to do to turn a profit. In fact, one of the selling points on the sales page for AffiloBlueprint is how Mark gave this method to his retired dad, who has been able to turn it into a nice income stream.
  • Rolling updates. I did a bit of poking around on the AffiloBlueprint members’ forum, and staff there have been indicating that instead of a version 4.0 coming out any time soon, what you will instead see is rolling updates to the current edition of the course. This is good, as it means that you are probably going to be supported in terms of fresh content for quite some time. There is no fly-by-night stuff here … Affilorama’s products are always supported well and made with longevity in mind.


Here’s what I dislike about the product:

  • The bundled WordPress theme is very poor. AffiloTheme is simply too outdated to be useful, as none of the templates (as far as I can tell) are mobile responsive. This is a real problem in 2019, where the likelihood of the matter is that 30% plus of your traffic is probably going to be coming from mobile devices. The in-built landing/squeeze page generator also seems to break quite frequently. You will make a page that you think should look great, and then load up your squeeze page to find that it actually looks busted.
    • AffiloTheme is installed by default on any website you build using the bundled hosting that comes with the product. You will need to change themes if you don’t want to use AffiloTheme.
  • The bundled hosting is restrictive. Although it is certainly nice to get some free hosting with your AffiloBlueprint membership, the unfortunate truth is that this hosting is simply too restrictive in what you can do. Firstly, there seems to be a very low upload size limit when working through the WordPress dashboard. As a member of Mythemeshop, I’ve got access to some of the best WordPress themes on the Internet, and want to use them on the sites I build in order to justify the price I am paying for membership. Unfortunately, every theme I have downloaded and tried to upload through the dashboard theme uploader is rejected for being too big, even though the file size is always under 5mb – a constraint set by the hosting it seems. This means you are limited to either using AffiloTheme and its child themes, or finding a free theme through the WordPress theme browser. You also don’t get any FTP or cPanel access, which makes fixing any errors caused by bad plugins or themes difficult, and also limits you on adding extra functionality to your site. This lack of FTP access will also complicate matters if you choose to sell your site at some stage, or want to transfer it to another host.
    • When I joined AffiloBlueprint you received 5 hosting slots (as shown in that image I posted earlier). I believe that now you only get 1 free hosting slot for 1 year. It then rebills after 12 months … I’m not sure exactly what the price is, but will probably be around the $100 mark for that hosting.
  • Forced rebill upsell. Just make it a check-box and this problem goes away. 30 days of free Affilorama Premium is nice, but it really should be something you can opt-out of at the point of sale.
  • Bonuses seem to have got worse. With my membership I got 5 free hosting slots, some bonus reports from other gurus who associate themselves with Mark, and even a free copy of Traffic Travis professional. However, the bonus offering is definitely not so good in 2019. Maybe better things will come next time there is a big promo?

Will You Actually Make Any Money?

When it comes to assessing make money online products, this is the question that really counts. If you buy AffiloBlueprint today and follow its training to the letter, will you actually make any money? After all, it does not matter one iota how well produced a course is, if it doesn’t actually help you to line your bank account.

So what’s the rub with this one?

Certainly, you should be able to build a nice enough looking website – especially if you take the initiative to change from AffiloTheme to a mobile responsive WordPress theme, and spend a bit of time learning how to make your site look great. You should be able to have a fair crack at finding a niche and products to promote as well. The instructions really are quite simple to follow. But will you succeed?

The members’ forum for this product is littered with lots of posts about people who started out with high hopes of making big affiliate bucks, but who are now languishing with a poorly performing site that’s never got them anywhere except for maybe a couple of cursory sales. Does that mean the method being taught is broken? No … far from it:

The harsh truth is that affiliate marketing isn’t easy. And if there is an easy method that goes public (like the infamous “bum marketing” back in the day where you could just spam article directories 24/7 for easy rankings and traffic) it soon gets saturated with every Tom, Dick, and Harry having a go … and then it becomes a sort of Tragedy of the Commons type scenario. Soon that easy goldmine will be exhausted. Everyone will be off to the next shiny object, and you could be left holding your shovel!

A training course or method for any type of web marketing should be seen more as a INSPIRATION than a “paint by numbers” system to follow. Anything that is truly capable of making you money with 0 creativity or independence is almost certainly guaranteed to get exhausted very quickly.

Being able to follow the instructions is, of course, important. If you can’t follow them to get your hosting configured, or create your affiliate links, or set up your Aweber account, then you’re never going to get anywhere. However, what separates the people who go through the motions and never really have any success from those who do well with this ABP method (or ANY web marketing method, for that matter) is the ability to apply their own twists. If you cannot see beyond the 91 video lessons and exactly what they teach you to do, then you aren’t likely to have much luck. Without imagination, without initiative, and without the will to experiment and learn from your mistakes, you are probably better off investing your $197 in an index fund!

This is a hard concept to explain neatly, but once you start affiliate marketing yourself I think you will quickly see what I mean. The forums and blogs out there are littered with people who want everything spoon feed to them, and who refuse to ever experiment or learn by doing and failing. These are the same people you might see in the member forum for ABP, complaining that they aren’t getting anywhere. If they’ve listed their website for help or advice, then check it out and see why. You’re almost bound to find that they followed the course instructions but never went any further than that. Instead of using the method as an inspiration, they’ve become a slave to it and cannot escape its confines!

Sorry for such a bunch of esoteric waffle – but this is something I feel very passionate about. This isn’t an indictment on a method like AffiloBlueprint; building niche sites is a basic strategy that has worked for years, and will probably keep working until the Internet gets switched off by World War 3 or something. ABP teaches a sound method. It can and has worked for loads of people, myself included. But unless you can learn organically, and develop your skills beyond relying on step-by-step strategies, then you will always struggle. 


If you’re thinking of purchasing AffiloBlueprint, then I really do suggest that you hold on and save your pennies. It’s not that the product is inherently bad; there is a lot of useful information, and the method it teaches has worked well for a lot of people (it just requires a lot more work and/or luck to be successful than is perhaps made out in the training). If you combine the ABP method with a bit more focus on clever traffic generation, then I think you could do very nicely indeed out of it.

However, the big problem is that most of this information can be found for free on affiliate marketing blogs and forums. In fact, I outlined the basics of the method a number of times in this review.

If you’re looking for a premium affiliate marketing product, and don’t mind saving your pennies up for a bit longer, then I really do recommend that you hold off on AffiloBlueprint and instead look to AffiloJetpack (read my review of AffiloJetpack here). The difference between AffiloJetpack and AffiloBlueprint is that with Jetpack, you’re actually getting a whole lot of content that can be used to kickstart the niche site creation process. With AffiloBlueprint you get decent training, some okay hosting, and a very outdated theme.

On this basis, it is my honest recommendation that you join Affilorama for free instead, and then make the best use possible of the lessons available through it. Because the method taught in AffiloBlueprint is such a bread and butter one, you are probably better off trying to learn it for free and then investing the money you save into promoting the website you wind up building. $197 will buy you a decent amount of targeted traffic with Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, in order to test if your conversion funnels etc are working okay.

If you are dead set on getting AffiloBlueprint for whatever reason, then I also advise you to wait for a sale to come along. They seem to happen once every couple of months. These usually coincide with American holidays or retail events, e.g. Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

You can check out AffiloBlueprint here if you would like to buy or find more info. Once again, I want to re-assert that it isn’t a bad product. It’s head and shoulders above 90% of the affiliate training products out there. It’s just I do think that if you are patient and dedicated enough, you’re better off to learn the ropes for free and then dive in the deep end with AffiloJetpack.

Affilorama Review

affilorama review - homepage


This is a review I’ve been looking forward to doing for a long time. As an Affilorama member for a number of years (and someone who also has all of their premium/paid tier products) I think I am in a great position to give a full and accurate review of Affilorama.

Video Review

What Is Affilorama?

Affilorama is an online training portal for aspiring affiliate marketers, and is run by legendary “super affiliate” Mark Ling.

Now the structure of Affilorama and its constituent products can be slightly confusing, so here’s the layman’s explanation.

When you join your first step will probably be creating a free account – although you can go straight into the paid product options if you wish, which I will outline below.

From your free account, which could more accurately be described as a portal, you can then purchase paid modules that become accessible through your login.

Here’s a quick guide to the different options available:

  • Affilorama aka Affilorama Free – this is, as the name suggests, the free section of the site (and what I am covering in this particular review). You get free affiliate marketing lessons and forum access.
  • AffiloBlueprint – a more detailed training course that focuses on teaching you Mark Lings’ preferred method of earning affiliate commissions.
  • AffiloJetpack – this is the “big daddy”, and the most expensive Affilorama-branded product. It is basically a collection of done-for-you content and research that is designed to help jump start your efforts at creating profitable niche sites. You basically get ready made funnels in various niches, which have been researched to be profitable by the Affilorama team. Reviewing AffiloJetpack is a mammoth commitment, but something I will be doing in the near future.
  • Affilorama Premium – a monthly subscription product that provides additional training, bundled hosting, beta access to AffiloTools, and premium form.
  • AffiloTools – currently free to trial (or get beta access through Affilorama Premium). A SaaS SEO platform that is designed to help you do things like track your rankings, find new keywords, and uncover link building opportunities.

Who Is It For?

As you might expect, Affilorama is really aimed at anyone who wants to learn to make a living from affiliate marketing. This is where you promote products on behalf of a publisher, often through the use of a marketplace such as Clickbank or Amazon Associates, and are rewarded financially for sales that you refer.

Who Is Behind Affilorama?

Affilorama is the brain of Mark Ling, who is known in the affiliate marketing industry as being a popular guru/super affiliate.

The company that runs and maintains Affilorama (and of which Mark Ling is a key player) is called Doubledot Media. They are also behind some other well-known products in the Internet marketing sphere, including Traffic Travis and SaleHoo.

How Do You Join

Joining Affilorama is super easy. Let’s walk through the process now:

Firstly, [eafl id=208 name=”Affilorama Free” text=”click here to go to the Affilorama website”]:

affilorama review - homepage

From there you need to click the “Join now – It’s free” button. You will then be prompted to fill in some basic personal information:


You then need to follow the rest of the basic instructions in order to complete your sign up. Once everything is done and dusted, you should be able to log in and see a screen like this:


Now the exact screen you see will obviously be different, because I’ve already got all of the paid Affilorama products added to my account. However, you should at least get a feel for what you will be seeing.

So what about the free content and features that are the focus of this Affilorama review? Let’s take a look at them now.

You access the free lessons by clicking the “Lessons” drop-down tab from your account screen. You should see something like this:


There are over 100 free lessons on offer, broken down into various categories like basic concepts, market research, website building, SEO, PPC and so on. The aim of the Affilorama team has clearly been to provide a comprehensive overview of the steps you need to follow to get started in affiliate marketing.

Each of the lessons looks a bit like this:

affilorama free lesson

So what you are getting with each of those free lessons is:

  • Video content (the main component, with narration and imagery to help you understand the lesson)
  • Accompanying written content with links to resources

The Affilorama platform is set up with the intent of guiding you from one lesson to the next, so that you progress in a linear fashion. Along the way, you will be encouraged through upsells to buy the premium products like AffiloBlueprint and AffiloJetpack.

As far as the lessons go, there really isn’t too much more to say. Everything is produced to a professional standard, and there are lots of lessons to work your way through as you expand your knowledge of affiliate marketing. I will talk more to the quality and usefulness of the content later on.

What Else Do You Get?

Forum Access

When you join Affilorama, you’ll get to access the member only forum. This is basically a place you can come and “shoot the $hit” with other aspiring affiliate marketers, swap ideas, ask questions, and just generally expand your knowledge of the game. The biggest downside to the forum is that it is rather light on in-depth content. Most of the threads seem to be people complaining about not seeing the easy progress they thought they would

Affilorama Member Deals

Another, lesser-known benefit of joining for a free Affilorama membership is that you also get access to some special deals that have been arranged with other service and product providers in the Internet marketing sphere.

Once you’re registered, if you go to this page, then you will find a whole bunch of deals that can be helpful to your affiliate marketing efforts. Here are some of them:


Considering you don’t pay for membership, these deals are nice to have.

Affilorama Blog

Okay, so this is technically free for everyone (even if you don’t register a membership account). However, the Affilorama blog is nonetheless worth a read from time to time.

Make sure that you go and give it a read here.

Good Things About Affilorama

  • Lots of lessons. Over 100 lessons gives you a lot to work through. Most key aspects of building affiliate websites are covered. There is an abundance of content to sink your teeth into!
  • Better than many paid training products. This is one of the main reasons why I’m a fan of Affilorama. In all honesty, it contains more useful training content than a lot of paid products, especially those dreaded Warrior Special Offers (WSOs) or JVZoo-type products. You’re not paying a red cent, and in return getting a good grounding in basic affiliate marketing best practice.

Bad Things About Affilorama

  • You’ll receive a LOT of upsell and cross-promo emails. One of the main complaints about Affilorama that I have is you will receive a large quantity of up-sell and cross promotional emails. This is an unfortunate facet of the affiliate marketing industry, as most major product owners spend a lot of time pitching their buddies’ products in a sort of reciprocal cycle (some have used the term “syndicate”, others prefer the less polite term “circle jerk”). Because Mark Ling is a big name in the affiliate marketing sphere – at least within the context of the style of affiliate marketing he promotes – he has a lot of affiliate partners who have big lists and followings, and who promote his products. In return, he does them same for them. Expect to see a huge number of emails on subjects like:
    • Unmissable training webinars
    • Webinar replays
    • Final calls for amazing courses
    • Unmissable products that are making loads of people 6 figures without lifting a finger
    • You get the picture
  • The training has a narrow focus and is outdated in places. Affiliate marketing is a diverse industry (and I don’t mean diverse in the way that Silicon Valley tech companies never stop harping on about). There are so many different ways to make money, even though the basic formula is always traffic + offer = earnings. Affilorama’s free training focuses on what many consider to be a fairly “tired” strategy; finding an offer on Clickbank’s affiliate marketplace, building a small site around that niche (e.g. dog training) with mainly info keywords, and then monetizing with pre-sells and a list. Without a willingness to invest lots of time into SEO, especially link building, or the financial ability to pay for traffic via platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, you might find it very slow to see results. However, I do think that the methods offered on are good for any beginner to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, and get some inspiration towards making further progress.

Conclusion – Is It Worth Joining?

Overall, I have to say that I think Affilorama is worth joining. In fact, I would suggest you grab yourself an account today. It won’t cost you anything, so what have you got to lose?

The only real downside of the free membership (beyond the occasionally weak training content) is that you are opening yourself up to a barrage of guru-style offers. Expect to see a lot of webinar replay and final call emails in your inbox … thank goodness for spam filters! If you hate getting these types of emails, then it may well pay to sign up for your Affilorama account with a throwaway email address.

However, considering it doesn’t cost you a pretty penny to join, and that there is some useful content on offer that will help you to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, there really is no reason not to make an account and spend a few minutes each day absorbing the lessons.

What are you waiting for?

Video Review Transcript

Hey what’s up? This is Sam Frost here from In this video we are going to be doing a review of the Affilorama, so I’m going to be talking you through this very popular affiliate marketing training platform. I’m gonna be talking you through the various different products that constitute the Affilorama platform. And I’m gonna be giving you my overall feedback on Affilorama as a whole, and then I’m gonna have more videos coming where we will be breaking down the individual products as well.

Once again, as with pretty much all of my reviews, this is done as a screen capture video. There’s a little bit of embedded web cam just so you can see my ranting and raving, but it’s pretty off the cuff. This is as honest as it gets.

Now one thing I do wanna declare right off the bat is that at some stage in the past, I don’t wanna show my age but, it was a number of years ago now, I actually worked for Affilorama. Well to be more correct, I worked for the company that creates Affilorama and owns the brand. So I actually had some involvement with some development of some of their products in previous guises. I thought it was probably worth me mentioning that.

It’s not gonna affect my opinion of the review. I’ve long since left that job. I will say I had a great time working there. The brains behind Affilorama are really really nice people. Very smart. They really do care about helping people succeed with affiliate marketing. But I’ve been out of the game long enough to be able to give my honest feedback on this.

So basically what I’m gonna be doing is just giving my feedback on Affilorama, letting you know what I think about the product, and we’ll be taking it from there.

So basically to start with, what do you do? You got to, if you’re feeling generous you could actually go to the link in the video description and join via my affiliate link, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Just go to and you’re greeted with this.

So basically what is the pitch? Learn how to make money online as an affiliate and that’s really what Affilorama is about. It’s affiliate marketing training. It pitches itself as the largest affiliate marketing training community on the internet. And it pitches you what you’ll get if you join as a free member.

So you get a quick start affiliate marketing guide. You get a download of [inaudible 00:02:15]Roadmap to Success. You get video lessons. And you can create a free account. And who doesn’t like free?

There are some nice little testimonials here. There’s the old, you know, where have we been featured kind of things that you see in just about every single info product that’s for sale these days. And basically what Affilorama is, at a very high level, is a free membership training platform for people who wanna learn how to make money from affiliate marketing.

But what effectively is happening is when you sign up for free, you are basically just signing up for really the presale to the premium products. Now allow me to explain more. So basically if we go through the site, the first thing you’ll see here is it’s got breakdowns of the kinds of lessons you’ll get to see. So here is the lesson introduction section. So basically if you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing, you could start here with the introduction lessons and if we try and go through, what we will see is that we can’t actually watch this lesson yet. We can’t watch Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, the first lesson. What we need to do is actually watch it, either a preview and see if we like it, or we join for free. So, either or, it doesn’t really matter what you wanna do. But to actually access the lessons, you need to join Affilorama, which is free to do. And the same thing applies to all the[inaudible 00:03:40].

I think it’s quite good that they’re basically giving you the breakdown of what your going to get, actually giving away quite a bit of information for free without you even needing to sign up. That’s quite good. So you know if you look at this, and you read through the lessons, and you look at the video preview and you think, naw, this just isn’t for me, you haven’t lost anything. But basically the lessons are there just to wet your appetite. Or the lesson preview is there to wet your appetite. If you want to access them, you will need to sign up for free.

Now the next piece is the product. So Affilorama offers some premium products and the premium product offering has changed quite substantially in relatively recent times. So as I said just before, the free piece of Affilorama is really, it’s about getting you in the door, into their funnel for the premium products. And they’re pretty effective at how they work this, the Affilorama company. Basically, the free lessons are a good pre-sales tool for them, so they’ve kind of just gone down the path of what you normally see with make money online training, which is where you get something for free and then you get up-sold if it’s done on a larger scale.

So, what I’ll do here shortly is talk you through the premium products and give you a bit more insight into those. There’s also a blog, so you can access their blog posts. Basically it’s a relatively reasonable blog that’s got some interesting content about affiliate marketing. It’s updated roughly, two or three times a month. Sometimes a bit more frequently. There’s lots of examples of affiliate programs you can join and tips and all sorts of things.

Here’s one, ten alternatives to ClickBank. You might notice here, if you’re hawkeyed that I’m actually still the top contributor on the blog in terms of comments. And if we look at the most viewed articles, most of these, apart from I think, this one here, have been written by me in the past. Maybe this one wasn’t as well though, I can’t actually remember. No, this one was by Jason and he must have done that about the time I was working there, but this was definitely mine, I remember writing this. There you go. One of the most widely read articles on Affilorama. But I digress, that’s not why you’re here. To allow me to relive my glory days.

So anyway, there’s a useful blog. I mean that’s totally free. You don’t have to join or pay anything to access it, so I just thought I’d touch on it and the other point is there’s a forum as well. So there’s a free section of the forum and there is a paid forum depending on what products you pay for access to, if any. The forum’s not bad. There’s some okay content in there, but it’s not the most active forum out there. And I wouldn’t recommend you spend too much time in it. There’s a lot of newbies, a lot of beginners, who are probably just really the kind of people who are asking too much, and doing too little if that makes sense. You’re better just to get stuck in and really start working at things.

Now if we go back to the home page, the process for actually getting an account with Affilorama is very simple. All you do is you join, and once you’re done, you’re gonna be sent a password to login. Now what you have to bear in mind with Affilorama, this is probably the first key point of this review, is as soon as you sign up you’re gonna start getting offers for things, you know I can’t remember the exact cadence because it’s been a while since I did sign up myself, but you are gonna start seeing some offers come through thick and fast for not only Affilorama’s products that they offer, but you will also see promotions come through for products that Affilorama recommends. It kind of makes sense. They’re an affiliate marketing company, so I guess they probably would be inclined to do affiliate promotions of other products. But you really need to bear this in mind.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks, “Oh, I don’t wanna receive offers in my inbox. I don’t wanna be sold to, too aggressively.” You could possible get annoyed here with Affilorama because they do have quite a high cadence of promotions, both of their own products, and of their partner products. So just bear that in mind. But once you’ve signed in, or once you’ve joined I should say, what comes next? Well let’s login and I’ll show you what the back end of the account looks like.

So hopefully screen flow doesn’t accidentally reveal my password, and we will login. And this is roughly what a Affilorama dashboard looks like. Now mine will look different to yourself because I have access to some of the premium products, but what we’ll do first is we’ll go back to the lesson section, and now if we try and access that first lesson, we can see that we can actually play the full video now. So pretty cool there.

We can also tick it off if we’ve completed it or not. And we can now work through the process. We’ve also got all of these resources here as well. So there’s actually quite a bit of content. As far as the actual quality of the training goes, it’s actually quite decent to be honest. Sure it ultimately is a pre-sell for the paid products, but I actually quite like it. It will ground you in some of the basics of affiliate marketing. It will help you wet your appetite and determine if this is right for you. So if you sign up for Affilorama for free, you can still get value without having to pay anything. You just go through these lessons here. You maybe absorb a bit of information on the blog, have a look around the forum, and at the very least, if you’re starting from nothing, it will give you a good idea of what affiliate marketing is like and whether or not it might be right for you. It’s just not the most advanced training.

Now the real piece that is a big focus for a lot of people, if we go back to the home page, is the paid product. So as I mentioned, the goal with Affilorama or Affilorama’s goal is to get you to sign up for the free lessons, demonstrate their knowledge, demonstrate their trustworthiness, and then sell you the premium products. And the premium product offering has changed a little bit.

Once again, this isn’t a full review of all the premium products. I will do separate video interviews for each of those. And I will also touch on the fact that what was perhaps their most popular premium product, which is AffiloBlueprint, isn’t actually available any more. It’s changed to this here path to passive, which I’m actually gonna purchase, I haven’t gone through that yet, and I will buy it and do a separate review on that.

But basically to run you through things, Affilorama offers a few different premium products, and they have offered other ones in the past. So there’s a product called Path to Passive, if we open this up, basically it is a guide, well my understanding is it’s a guide to sort of organic search focused, relatively passive affiliate marketing, I don’t like the term passive ’cause it implies you don’t ever do any work, but without having gone through the product, my understanding is the focus of affiliate … sorry, Path to Passive, or Pathway to Passive will be on basically picking a niche, building a website, finding questions people are asking. Answering those questions, and then using that to pre-sell affiliate products and also sign people up to your newsletters is basically what was the old AffiloBlueprint product I believe, but just updated. So AffiloBlueprint was one of the products I helped build. It went through a few iterations. I think there was a second or third version of it released. And that was the one I helped work on. And basically, you can’t buy AffiloBlueprint anymore. What you can buy instead is this Pathway to Passive Product. So I will definitely be buying that very soon and going through it with a fine tooth comb, doing another one of these off the cuff sort of live reviews and showing you what I think. But you might want to check this out.

The good thing is that Pathway to Passive is quite reasonably priced. It’s $37.00. You get the ClickBank required 60 day money back guarantee, but I will definitely go through the process and review the product in more detail. But there is just an example of their premium products. Without having gone through it, I’d be willing to bet a fair amount of money that probably Pathway to Passive is just selling you a much more in depth version of the training that’s available for free, so just bear that in mind, but hopefully you see the principle of how Affilorama operates. You sign up for free. You get enticed by the lessons you learn about and then you upsell, or they upsell you to the premium products.

The next piece is a product called Affilo Tools. Now Affilo Tools is an interesting one. I’m not gonna spend too much time dwelling on this. Basically, Affilo Tools has been in beta for quite some time now. It’s like an online marketing tool kit for [SEO 00:12:05] analytics, social media, all those kind of things. I haven’t used it in a long time. Because of the client work I do with my marketing agency, I have access to a lot more advanced tools than Affilo Tools. I’m not even sure how much it costs to access Affilo Tools anymore. I think you can just sign up for a free trial through, by going to, if we just double check, and we go here, we might be able to have a look and see what comes up. See what goes. Here we go, yeah, you can try Affilo Tools for free, so worth bearing that in mind. Polls and data. I haven’t used it in a very long time. So you do with it what you will. I think there are better products out there though ultimately. But I will, once again, spend some time going through it.

And the final big product that Affilorama offers, and this is sort of the Mac Daddy of their products is this thing called Affilo Jet Pack. Now Affilo Jet Pack is a really interesting one. What Affilo Jet Pack is and I’ve reviewed Affilo Jet Pack in a lot of detail in the past, but I will elaborate on it again further. Basically Affilo Jet Pack is like done for you niche websites. So, Affilorama’s basic philosophy is based around this idea that what you do is you create a website that’s in a niche, so a niche is something like dog training or baseball training or golf tips or whatever. Or it could be something even more compact than that, like Labrador dog training or putting tips for golf, or whatever, but the concept of a niche is crucial. You pick your niche. You find questions people are asking in that niche. You answer those questions with content on your site. You upsell people. You basically get people coming to your site via organic traffic, via paid traffic, if you wanna do it social media. You then funnel people into your email newsletter sequence, a bit like Affilorama does with the free content, and what you do is you do it by giving away something like a dog training ebook, or a golf tips ebook, or a video course, or anything like that.

And then what you start doing is you start hitting those people with affiliate offers in their inbox. Now Affilo Jet Pack basically has taken that principle and tried to make it faster. So if we access Affilo Jet Pack, what you’ll see next is quite interesting. I’m not gonna dwell too long on it. Basically I have an Affilo Jet Pack membership and what you’ve got is a whole lot of niches, and what you’re able to do with these niches is then pick a certain number of them, I can remember how many it is, I think it might be 10 you can pick from, although it all depends on when you purchase the product. I think when I got it you had access to more and I think these days you might not get so many. But they’re all big evergreen popular niches with huge money potential in them, so, some are bigger than others but things like dog training or internet marketing or golf are massive. Same with wholesale sourcing, dating tips, weight loss. I mean, these are not niches that are going anywhere anytime soon.

What you then do is you actually unlock the niche, and then you can go through the process of basically using Affilo Jet Pack to automatically set up a framework of a website. So when I do my Affilo Jet Pack tutorial and updated video review, I’ll actually take you through the process because it’s kinda cool. I hadn’t used it before when I first worked with the product. It was being talked about, sort of theoretically how can we build this system that lets you pick the niche you want, select a domain name, import all of the newsletter content with your affiliate link straight into a auto responder program, like Campaign Monitor, or AWeber. For Affilo Jet Pack, they use something called Flutter Mail ’cause I think the Affilorama owners are part owners of Flutter Mail, something like that, I can’t remember off the top of my head.

But basically the way it works is you unlock the niche that you’ve paid for, or you use a credit that you’ve got so you get x number of niches, you unlock one that comes with your total balance, but principle is very very simple. And then what you’ve got is a framework of a site that you can then go and start creating content, loading content onto your site, optimizing it, making it look more unique and then you hopefully will start driving traffic and getting people onto those newsletter lists and making money.

It’s pretty cool what they’ve tried to do in terms of streamlining things. There are some obvious downsides in so much that, you know, there’s gonna be tons of competition in these niches, but at the same time there’s huge money. And I do know of people who are doing really well with this product. I don’t wanna dwell on it too long in this overview of Affilorama, just because I would rather review the ins and outs of Affilo Jet Pack in a separate video and talk you through the set up process. But this is the big Mac Daddy product. It’s their most expensive one. It is quite an interesting concept and yeah, I’ll refrain from making any further comment on the value or worth of it for this video, but yeah, I’ll definitely be coming back to it. You get some bonuses as well. There’s a whole lot of interesting stuff in there, so that is how Affilo Jet Pack works. There’s a help section. There’s a specific forum. It really is quite a step up from the base Affilorama product.

But if we just go back to the home page. And if we just recap, really what is Affilorama? It’s a simple straight forward affiliate marketing training platform. The content or the quality of the free content, I think is pretty good. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it’s certainly not the worst. If you are new to affiliate marketing and you’re sitting there thinking, “Is Affilorama worth joining?” I think it is. You’re gonna have to bear in mind that you will be pitched a lot of offers. That’s probably the biggest downside to it. These guys are quite, I wouldn’t say aggressive, but much like many businesses in the make money online space, where they make their money is on upselling you.

One thing I have noticed as well is a real trend with Affilorama towards pushing much more highly priced products, like Mastermind courses that can cost into the thousands of dollars and all sorts of things. In the past I feel like they used to just promote more mainstream kinda stuff. Like we recommend this person’s training methods on Amazon FBA selling or whatever, and you might be pitched a two or three hundred dollar course. Now it can be some really expensive stuff.

I mean it’s not just Affilorama. I think this is a trend that’s happening in almost the entire make money online industry, that things are moving towards, either these free funnel building offers or these hyper expensive high end products. The sort of good honest fifty dollar ebook or twenty dollar a month membership site is dying out a little bit it almost feels like. But that might just be my interpretation of things.

But yeah, to recap this Affilorama review. I think if you are interested in learning affiliate marketing, you want to get a start for free, it’s a good place to begin. I think some of the premium products are quite good. I’m excited to try Path to Passive. I’m excited to revisit my Affilo Jet Pack review and talk you through more about what the product is like. Yeah, it’s a high quality product they’ve got on offer here. As long as you can accept the fact that the content isn’t always kept as up to date as it could be. That is definitely a downside.

Affilorama is good from a theoretical perspective in terms of teaching you the key concepts of affiliate marketing with niche sites, but it isn’t the best platform in the world in terms of keeping content really up to date. Especially in the free products. If you can deal with that, if you can deal with the fact that you will get pitched a lot of promotions as well, and as long as you’re recognizing of the fact that the free tier they offer is really just to get you in the door to pitch you the expensive stuff, with the upsell products, as long as you can look at that objectively and say hey I can still extract value from the free membership, I think you’ll have a good time with Affilorama.

So yeah, I recommend it. If you want to help me out, you can sign up via my affiliate link, which is in the video description, but also if you think, hey this guy’s an idiot and I don’t wanna help him out, just go to and sign up. If you found this video useful, please give me a like on this video. Please subscribe for more reviews. I hope that my sort of off the cuff talking it through naturally style is passible to you or somewhat enjoyable. I’m trying to sort of stick away with this channel from doing very manufactured stuff. And yeah, I look forward to seeing you on future videos. Drop a comment below if you think Affilorama is good, bad, ugly, or whatever. And if you have requests for products you would like to see me review, please drop comments as well.

Thank you very much. And I’ll see you next time.