Submit Your Product

Do you have a product you want me to review? I’d love to help get the word out!

What Do I Review?

  • Basically, any product or service that is relevant to digital marketing professionals (whether in-house, agency, freelance, affiliate marketer, product creator or whatever)
  • This could be software, training courses, eBooks, even physical products.
  • Exceptions: Nothing that facilitates hacking or illegal activity, and no MLM or pyramid-scheme products either.

Key Terms:

  • If you want me to review your product, I need to be provided full access (including to any applicable bonuses, upsells etc)
  • Providing me with review access is no guarantee I will give your product a good review. If your product sucks, I’m going to tell everyone. However, if your product is good I will make sure the whole world knows.
  • I will also disclose in the public review if I was provided review access.
  • I complete reviews within my own timeframe, and cannot provide a time estimate, except to say that I try to get reviews completed as quickly as possible.
  • If I love your product and give it a good review, I always appreciate being able to provide a testimonial that you can place on your site.

If you’re down with what I’ve said above, and you’d like me to review your product, then send an email to introducing yourself and your product.