Stackthatmoney Review 2019

Stackthatmoney Review 2019

July 2017 Update

I thought I would take the opportunity to give you guys an update on my STM Forum Review as it has been a while since I originally wrote my review.

Long story short:

  • I had my original membership for a few months, but cancelled it earlier in the year.
  • Within the last week (end July 2019) I decided to renew for another month and check out the current state of the forum.
  • As of July 2019, the forum does not appear to be particularly active. It isn’t dead, but I remember there being a lot more “action” when I first joined – many threads now seem to be newbies asking repetitive questions, kind of like an expensive version of Black Hat World.
  • The sales website doesn’t seem to have been updated in the past year – it still talks about upcoming events in 2016 etc. When you’re charging big bucks each month for forum access, you should at least ensure that you keep your sales site updated!
  • As it stands right now, I don’t believe any more that is worth joining UNLESS you are solely interested in making money from paid traffic + CPA offers, and are committed to seeing success with this method.

If you are interested in getting into CPA + paid traffic (and I mean really interested and committed to making it work) then Stackthatmoney membership might still be worth it.

However, for anyone who is just interested in affiliate marketing in general, I can no longer recommend purchase.
You are paying quite a substantial amount of money each month for a forum that doesn’t seem to be sufficiently active or contain enough hard-hitting information to justify joining – unless you are into paid traffic and CPA.

If you do want to join, then I suggest doing so for one month and then archiving the best bits of all the threads you read – that will probably serve you enough.

Original Review (Update Above Supersedes This:)

Welcome back to another honest review at Reviews Boss. Today we’re taking a look at a very niche product – it’s a popular affiliate marketing forum called Stackthatmoney (or maybe Stack That Money if you like nice looking grammar).

How Much Does It Cost?

Access to Stackthatmoney forum costs $99 USD per month. There is no free trial or reduced price trial available … the price is the price.

You can pay with Paypal and credit cards.

Who Is It For?

Right off the bat, I want to say that Stackthatmoney access is not for everyone.

Firstly, if you’re a total noob to affiliate marketing, then I really don’t recommend STM. Although there are resources aimed at beginners, you’re probably going to get overwhelmed quickly and that will lead to burn out. If you’re totally new to the game, then just start with something really simple like what you learn on Affilorama.

Secondly, if you’re interested in profiting from SEO, then I don’t recommend STM. The SEO section of the forum is small, and there is nothing in here that you won’t find elsewhere anyway. I’d save that $99 a month and put it into paying for link building services, or hiring someone to write 10 x 1000 word articles to target long tail keywords on your site.

From where I’m standing, Stack That Money is purely for people who want to learn how to make money from affiliate marketing using paid traffic sources. Furthermore, you need to be the kind of person who is going to be willing to actually invest in making campaigns profitable. If the idea of blowing $100 a day for a month before you reach a winning campaign scares you, then this style of affiliate marketing is probably not the game for you!

Why Use A Paid Forum?

Let’s face it – none of us like spending money unless we absolutely have to. It’s also no great secret that there are LOADS of affiliate and internet marketing forums out there, such as Warrior Forum and Blackhatworld.

With this in mind, why on earth would you choose to join a paid affiliate marketing forum? Surely you could get just as good information browsing the free forums and blogs, right?

Well, you’d be wrong. Or at least 90% wrong.

While there are occasionally some gold nuggets on free Internet marketing forums (usually Blackhatworld to be honest … it’s been so long since I’ve seen anything good on the Warrior Forum that I’ve basically stopped checking, perhaps with the exception being solarwarrior’s Bing Ads + Clickbank/CPA guide) most of what is written on there is garbage. This is because the majority of users are just there to try and make money from other users, or because they aren’t paying to be part of the club they have literally zero skin in the game, and don’t take anything seriously.

Furthermore, because you have to “pay to play” with this particular forum, the average quality of user is soooo much higher. Although you still get the occasional annoying post where the user hasn’t read the OP, this is generally due to a bit of ignorance – or sometimes even language issues –  as opposed to the biggest issue that plagues forums like Warrior Forum; endless screeds of accounts looking to reply to every single open thread, all of them hoping to entice other forum users to click on whatever crappy link is in their post signature.

Don’t believe me? Just go check ANY thread on the WaFo and you’ll see that 90% of the posts are useless filler, posted by people looking to puff up their post count and maybe earn a few measlies off of signature clicks. You might get the occasional insightful post, but I guarantee that most are just crap.

What the Stack That Money team have been able to do so successfully is pull together a disparate group of real super affiliates (and I mean proper super affiliates … not the “I’ve managed to convince a few JV partners that I’m a super affiliate and now I’m making 99% of my income selling Make Money Online info products”) and get them to share actionable, insightful, and hard-hitting advice. This is as opposed to most affiliate marketing forums, which are just people bragging about their results in order to shift a few crappy WSO-type ebooks, as well as all the clingers-on who beg and plead for step-by-step coaching with no actual desire to test things for themselves.

 What I Like

  • Incredible wealth of information available. There is so much to learn on here. It’s insane … the amount of information available is truly incredible. Most popular threads contain more useful information than 99% of affiliate marketing ebooks or courses I’ve seen.
  • Friendly forum. Even the “super affiliate” members of the forum seem very friendly and willing to help with getting you started or overcoming hurdles. Despite the fact that there are plenty of serious earners (who are no doubt very busy and don’t want to deal with lots of questions) everyone still chips in and helps each other out. There isn’t too much pretentiousness, or people flaming others over their own choice of strategy.
  • Reasonable price. $99 is quite expensive, but I think when compared to the value you should derive from the training and resources available, it is a reasonable price. This is especially so when you can consider that you can cancel at any time … so even if you just join for one month and then cancel you are still likely to derive great benefit.
  • Learn from others’ mistakes. There’s something to be said for being able to get a detailed run down of campaigns that have worked, as well as campaigns that have flopped for people. From this information you can avoid making the same mistakes on your campaigns. This will save you money and hopefully get you to a position of profitability ASAP. In this way, I guess you could say that spending $99 could actually wind up saving you a great deal more in the long run.


I’ve only been a member of Stackthatmoney for a couple of days. Since joining I’ve been spending loads of my free time reading through the threads and absorbing the knowledge.

So what’s my ultimate conclusion to this Stack That Money review? Is it worth forking out $99 per month to be part of this exclusive community?

Here’s what you need to know:

If you’re interested in getting into the affiliate marketing trenches and slogging it out with paid traffic campaigns, then I think it is 100% worth the money. There is so much good information in here – I can think of a few threads off the top of the head I have read that simply blow away anything I’ve ever seen on places like Warrior Forum or Blackhatworld (I’m including WSOs in that list by the way). In fact, STM has better affiliate marketing content than just about any course or training product I’ve ever seen … and I’ve only just started scratching the surface of what is available. 

Now if you’re more interested in general entrepreneurship, or other forms of Internet marketing like dropshipping, selling your own info products etc, then there are other places to look. STM really is focused almost 100% on the nitty gritty of paid affiliate marketing, usually promoting CPA offers, rebills, Pay Per Call etc. If that sounds like you, then get your credit card out right now and join. You won’t regret it.

The one caveat to this review is that I haven’t yet tested the longevity of Stackthatmoney. What I mean by this is I can’t confidently state whether membership is worth it long term. I don’t know whether I’ll blast through reading all the threads I can find, and then turn around in a couple of months time and decide that I’m not getting enough value out of whatever new content is being posted. What I can say is that I will come back and update this review in a month’s time to state whether or not I continued with my membership (NB – review has been updated, see below)

Am I Still A Stackthatmoney Member? (Update: October 2019)

No. I canceled my membership just before the end of my first month.

Why did I cancel?

It’s not that Stackthatmoney isn’t good (in fact, it’s probably the best forum I have ever joined, at least in terms of providing quality, actionable content). It’s more that 90% of the conversations on STM relate to making money with affiliate marketing from paid traffic + CPA. And this is an area of affiliate marketing that isn’t super interesting to me right now. I’d love to get into CPA one day, but I’m focusing on some other areas first.

There were some fantastic threads about creating “viral media” sites and driving traffic to them from Facebook, Instagram etc. This was really interesting to me, and I read the pants off each of those threads. However, the problem I found was that there simply weren’t enough new threads on these topics that I like to keep me interested. I read everything on this topic in an afternoon, saved the best bits, and then found there wasn’t much more for me to go on with.

Similarly with Clickbank (the affiliate network where I first got started). There are some good threads, but they aren’t particularly fresh. All the new stuff is generally about CPA + mobile/PPV traffic.

I want to stress once again that I’m not saying Stackthatmoney is bad. I think it is great. But you need to be interested in the type of affiliate marketing that the majority of STM’s userbase is discussing. If you’re interested in other strategies, then spending $97 per month is a big ask for information you may never use.

For now, all I’m gonna say is that if you are genuinely interested in having a crack at paid traffic affiliate marketing with a focus on CPA (and the thought of spending $X,XXX+ just in order to generate a positive ROI doesn’t scare you too much) then you NEED to be on Stackthatmoney. It’s just such good value even if you join for a single month, read the case studies and guides – maybe download them to your computer – and then cancel your membership.

Go here to learn more about STM and to join for yourself. If you’re serious about affiliate marketing, then you won’t regret joining. Review
  • Value For Money
  • Quality of Training
  • Features
  • Support


Overall, I cannot recommend Stack That Money UNLESS you are specifically interested in the "paid traffic + CPA" genre of affiliate marketing. It is starting to feel like quite a stale forum - fine if it's free, but not when you're paying a decent chunk of change each month for access, which could better be put towards something else. I will revisit in the future, but for now this isn't worth your money


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    • Hi Jerry, thanks for your comment.

      I think they are – certainly the promotional material of the forum is based around the fact that there are many affiliate marketing experts “of note” in there. However, I’m not sure how active they are to be honest.

      I’ll probably revisit STM in the near future again just to see if it is more active than it was when I last checked.

  1. Totally agree, I was a STM member too, the platform is decent but I didn’t really like it personally because the strategies they talked about weren’t of my interest. Like you said, it all depends on your goals and interests.

  2. Thanks for this review, I joined STM but didn’t really like the platform, was way too expensive for my liking. You can find decent information on the internet for free if you know where you look and have the time to do some research.

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