Where Do I Spot Check SERPS?

Where Do I Spot Check SERPS?

Another short post from me today as I’m busy and actively working on writing some big reviews. A question people sometimes ask me is where I go to spot-check SERPs (as opposed to actively tracking them). Not every keyword needs to be actively tracked … and sometimes you just want to get a good idea of where you are sitting for any particular keyword.

For this purpose, I prefer to use a SERP “spot checker”. This is a simple web-based tool – there’s loads of them, mind you – where you enter your keyword, any search parameter like Google location, and then find out where you, your client, or your competitors are ranking.

So what tools do I use for spot checking SERPs? Well, there’s one main one that I like to use:

Whats My Serp

Whatsmyserp.com SERP checker is a bit of an old-fashioned, ugly looking tool to use. However, it is nonetheless very functional and seems to return accurate results.

All you do is enter your domain name, pick where in the world you want to search from, and then add each of your keywords to the keyword entry form. From there, you just hit “check all” and let it run!

The biggest problem with this particular tool is that it displays positions 1-10 for a keyword, and then skips to wherever your site is in the rankings. Here’s an example of what I mean:


This can be kind of annoying as you don’t get as much context about the results around your position (unless you are within the top 10).

You can load in up to 3 competitor sites to compare against, as well as export your results to CSV.

Click here to check it out. I really like whatsmyserp.com and use it on a daily basis.


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