Source Market Review

Source Market Review

Are you on the hunt for someone to do some SEO, content creation, or other web marketing services for you?

Maybe you want to make a bit of extra side money to fund your next holiday, pay your rent, or save up for something cool.

Enter Source Market. In this review of Source Market I’ll show you what is up with this popular marketplace, and look at it from the angle of both someone looking to sell services, as well as from the perspective of potential buyers.

This should be a really interesting review; kick back and keep reading.

What Is Source Market?

Source Market is basically a gig marketplace, very much like Fiverr or Peopleperhour. It is the brainchild of a guy called Alex Becker, and the site has been exploding in popularity recently.

People from all across the globe – people just like yourself – can join up and then sell their SEO and web marketing services to punters looking for anything from article writing to PBN creation.

Unlike the stupidly popular Fiverr platform, there is no real constraint around how you have to price your gigs. This gives you a lot more flexibility as a service seller, and better options as a buyer. However, there are some caveats around what types of gigs you can actually sell, which I will discuss later.

How Can I Make Money From Source Market?

If you’re not interested in buying services from Source Market, then you’re probably looking to actually turn a profit from the marketplace. After all, the main tagline for the site is “Sign Up and Receive 100% Of Your Sales and 20% Of Anything You Promote. No Fees.” – if that’s not appealing, then I don’t know what is!

According to Alex Becker himself, there are some sellers pulling down over $5k per week selling gigs. Now I’m sure there would be a lot of repetitive work involved in doing so … but where I live $5k per week, especially USD, would be a massive income. I’d love to be pulling in that much money per week!

I actually love doing freelance online marketing for people. Whether it’s working on an hourly basis, or just doing a couple of little keyword research gigs for some extra beer money, there is something deeply satisfying about providing clients with a good value service for their hard-earned money. In fact, one of my dreams is to build up a really successful freelancing business.

So naturally I was interested from the get-go in using Source Market to generate some extra income. I will blog more about my experiences in terms of generating sales in the future. But for this review I will talk more to how the process works for getting a gig set up and ready to sell, as well as pitfalls you need to watch out for.

Selling Your Services

The most fundamental way to make money on Source Market is to sell services. This is the bread and butter of the site. If you’ve got any skills you can offer in the following areas:

  • On-page SEO
  • Link building
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • PBNs
  • Social signals

Then you could potentially be earning yourself a handy extra side income through selling your services on the Source Market. If you already sell on another platform like Fiverr or Peopleperhour, then you definitely should be on here doing work! It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to port your existing services over. And because you’ve got the flexibility to set pricing (unlike with Fiverr where the pricing structure is more fixed with $5 + add ons) you can sell a wide variety of services.

The most popular gigs seem to be those that involve selling permanent links on PBN sites. If you’ve got a bunch of expired domains with good metrics, then you could potentially do quite nicely out of this.

What Do You Need To Sell?

In order to sell your services on the marketplace, you need the following:

  • A registered and verified account. This will take you about 10 minutes to set up.
  • A Paypal account. This is so that you can actually get paid.
  • Something to sell. The main focus of Source Market is on SEO; whether that is on-page, keywords, content, PBN link building, or anything else related to boosting rankings. Remember that you don’t have to do a little micro gig like you would normally do on Fiverr (or rely on gig extras to boost up your earnings). You can even sell hourly gigs on Source Market, although it is a little awkward to do so. I’ve managed to find a way to make it work for myself, which I will discuss more in the conclusion section of this review.
  • A description for your gig. There is a lot more flexibility here than you see on Fiverr. Both WYSIWYG and HTML editing is available.
  • At least one image for your gig. GIFs are allowed, which is neat. Try to make something eye-catching that will attract punters to your gig. You can also add a YouTube embed video, which will help boost conversions if done right.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Gig Approved?

One question I see ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME on the Source Market Facebook Group is “how long does it take to get my first gig approved”.

Your first gig needs to be manually approved. This can sometimes take up to several days to complete. Once your first gig has been approved, your subsequent ones will be auto-approved (at least that what happens on my account).

Source Market Affiliate Program

The other way to make money from this site is to partake in the Source Market affiliate program. This is one of the reasons why I believe that SM has grown rapidly to become a premier destination for getting SEO and online marketing work done. Influential SEO bloggers, online marketing experts and so on are jumping on the bandwagon to promote Source Market gigs for minimum commissions of 20% … and sometimes much more as affiliates can offer custom commissions.

A guy who does an awesome job at promoting his SM affiliate links (and probably earns great commissions doing so) is Frankin Hatchett from Online Dimes. For example, take a look at his most recent post about how he uses Fiverr backlinks. You’ll see him outlining his backlink strategy, including his use of Hatred’s PBN service. People are going to read about Franklin’s success and want to replicate his strategy, and will happily purchase that gig through his affiliate link. Franklin can then earn himself a nice 20% – maybe even more – on every gig purchased!

If you’ve got a list or blog in the web marketing sphere, then you could definitely be earning yourself some extra coin by promoting Source Market gigs as an affiliate.

Source Market vs Fiverr

At this stage, you’re probably thinking that Source Market sounds quite a bit like Fiverr. And, truth be told, you’re probably not too far off the mark.

However, when comparing Source Market vs Fiverr there are some key differences:

  • Fiverr has a much broader array of gigs, with anything from voice overs to SEO to content creation to novelty gigs. From the perspective of online marketing, there is definitely more available on Fiverr.
  • Loads more sellers on Fiverr
  • Much better quality SEO gigs on Source Market
  • As a seller, you can set just about any price you want on Source Market and upgrade your membership to sell recurring subscription products

Can I Hire You On Source Market?

You sure can! I offer a range of high quality SEO and online marketing gigs through SM. In fact, it is where I do the majority of my freelancing as I like the platform so much.

My main gig is where I sell 1 hour blocks of my time to work on any SEO, PPC, or general online marketing project that you have. Check it out here and give me a hire.


Overall, I’m a big fan of the Source Market. It is leagues ahead of Fiverr in terms of getting paid for doing an honest bit of work. You get direct to Paypal payment, and a much better interface for communicating with clients (as you can get away with communicating outside of the marketplace, which is a BIG no-no on Fiverr).

The only two downsides I can find to the Source Market are firstly that it looks and feels a bit old fashioned, and is perhaps not as user-friendly as it could do. Furthermore, there is a more limited range of gigs available. For example, there isn’t a lot going in terms of one-off graphic design or PPC management jobs (two things that are critical for online marketing).

I use the marketplace gig system to take orders and handle payments from my SEO and PPC management clients. We agree on a number of hours it will take to complete an itemized list of jobs, and then I get them to pay me the corresponding number of hours via a basic gig I have set up. 1 gig = 1 hour, and then there are extras for up to 4 hours’ total work. This makes it easy for me to work with international clients.

I really do like Source Market, and highly recommend that you go and check it out and make it a regular site that you visit when looking for quality outsourced SEO and online marketing work – or if you want to start earning some money.

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