Serplab Review 2019

Serplab Review 2019

If you’re doing affiliate marketing or client SEO (or anything that involves building and ranking a website) then one of the most important things you can do is have good insights into how you are ranking.

If you don’t know your ranking stats, then it can be very tricky to make any data-driven decisions about where you need to focus your on-page SEO, link building, or branding efforts.

Therefore, you’re going to need a reliable system for checking your search engine rankings.

Enter, stage left, Serplab.

What Is Serplab

As you might have guessed right now, Serplab is a SERP checking tool.

It’s an online/cloud-based platform – rather than being an installable software – that allows you to load up your domain(s), desired regions, and then keywords and see how you are ranking.

How Much Does Serplab Cost

Serplab has a rather unique (and cool) pricing structure.

The whole platform is based around this concept of SERP Bots. Basically, one SERP Bot is capable of doing a certain amount of work. When you sign up, you get a single SERP Bot for free.

This is probably enough if you just need to track a single website and a handful of keywords. You might even get away with a couple of small sites with your free bot.

But if you’ve got a bigger site with many keywords, or you want to be tracking multiple sites (such as client sites) then you’ll want to add on more bots. Normally, these bots are $10 USD per month each, but I have often seen specials where they are reduced to $5.

I have just one extra bot and it’s enough to track three websites and about 100 keywords.

This pricing system is great. It allows you to scale nicely with your needs, rather than having to spend more than you need to to get on to some kind of “tiered” plan.


All things being considered, I’m a massive fan of Serplab. It’s a great service that is easy to use and seems to provide very accurate SERP tracking for a fair price.

I like the ability to be able to issue reports to clients through an access link. That way they can log in and check any time (very handy if you have the types of clients who always want to be on at you to update them on rankings).

I also like the fact that Serplab is web-based, rather than being an installed solution like Traffic Travis. I like to keep my machine as clean as possible, and cloud-based means it can be accessed on any device. This is especially important for me as I find I am starting to work more frequently on my Chromebook with Chrome OS than I am on Windows.

Go here to sign up to Serplab and give their excellent service a try.

Serplab Review
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money
  • Accuracy Of Results

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