How To Scrape Competitor Facebook Pages For Top-Performing Posts


Okay, so this site is really a reviews site. But sometimes I come across a method that is so good, that I need to share it (especially when it relates to my favorite Internet marketing application ever – FPTraffic).

If you’re trying to build up big Facebook pages with targeted audiences, then you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges is finding good content that gets a high level of engagement. The more engagement your content drives, the more people will see your page in their timeline and hopefully hit that all-important like button.

So how do you find good, high-engagement content?

Take “inspiration” from competing/existing pages in your niche!

This doesn’t mean you need to manually scroll through hundreds, potentially thousands of posts on many different pages to find top performers. Instead, there’s a much easier way to do this using the magic of Python and a pre-written script.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make this happen. I’ve tried to illustrate this as best as possible with a big focus on screenshots rather than

What You’ll Need:

  • Windows or Mac computer (you can use Linux too I believe). NB that I am a Windows and ChromeOS user, so screenshots and instructions are based on Windows only.
  • Python – FINISH
  • Python “” script – available here
  • Spreadsheet software, preferably Excel
  • Facebook Graph Explorer API access token (NB – these expire after a set amount of time, so get this just before it’s needed as per instructions below).

Now let’s get down to business:

Step X – Sorting The Posts

Click to open the exported file in your preferred spreadsheet application (I use Excel – the patrician’s choice).

You’ll be greeted with something that looks a bit like this:

Now all you need to do is sort by the “num likes” column (or you could sort on reactions, comments, publishing date or anything else) and you get a full list of their top performing content.

You can now go through this list, open up the post links (EXPLANATION) and then grab those sweet, glorious, high-engagement posts to share on your own page.

Of course you need to be aware of copyright issues etc (this is especially the case if you’re copying videos) but for meme-type posts I think you’re pretty much always safe. I am not a lawyer, however, so do your own due diligence.

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