SaleHoo vs Shopify – What’s The Difference?

Do you want to know the difference between SaleHoo and Shopify?

In this article I’m going to really quickly explain the differences between SaleHoo and Shopify, so you know which product is right for you.

What is SaleHoo?

To start with, let’s look at that product SaleHoo – it is a curated directory of wholesalers and drop shippers.

What you do is you pay an annual subscription to join SaleHoo, and then you are given access to a list of wholesalers, and drop shippers broken down by categories and you can search for them and they’re all sorts of stuff. If you read my full sail whole review here you can see exactly what is included. But basically yeah you’re paying in order to be able to access drop shippers or, or wholesalers so if you want to start an e commerce business. Maybe you want to import dog toys. Well, you can go on SaleHoo, and you can look up pet products suppliers and hopefully there are some good ones there who can supply you with product that you can import, or you can have drop shipped and you can basically start your business because obviously if you’re doing e commerce, you’ve got to have products to sell. Now, let’s take a look at Shopify because Shopify really is quite different Shopify is not a directory of wholesalers, or drop shippers Shopify is an e commerce platform. So, with SaleHoo you’re finding the products to sell, and you could sell those products in a physical sense you know you could bring products and and sell them in a physical retail store, take them to a car boot sale whatever it is you want to do. Shopify on the other hand does one thing and it does a really good job of that in my opinion it allows you to build an online store. it’s an e commerce platform. So, back in the day, like when I was starting out doing online marketing it was much harder to actually go about creating an online store there’s all sorts of different things you have to worry about like payment processing and, you know, inventory management and all those kind of things you know you needed quite a bit of resource or technical knowledge to actually create an online store Shopify is kind of flip that on its head. It’s made the whole process simple and accessible. Now Shopify has exploded in popularity recently, both with sort of legit. Big time, businesses, you know, businesses that have been around for a while, who want to sell online, but also it’s become really popular with people looking to do things like Ali Express drop shipping so you find something on Ali Express, or a similar kind of site and you know you might find like a bulldog Nicholas, the new sell it via Facebook ads to someone who’s interested in Bulldogs, and you buy the product and have it shipped for $5 and you sell it for $10 and, you know, if you can get your conversion rate good, then you’re making money so Shopify for various reasons has just exploded in popularity, but it is a totally different thing to sail who as I said SaleHoo is a directory of wholesalers and drop shippers, whereas Shopify is a platform that is going to allow you to build an online retail site so the two can kind of work in harmony in some respects, you might create a Shopify store an online store, and then you might stop that online store with products that you’ve sourced through SaleHoo, but they are two totally different things it’s not really a case of, I’ve got to pick between the two. They’re complementary products in some respects, but they have no real crossover apart from the fact that both tie into their e commerce and retail space. So if you’re sitting there thinking, what is the difference between SaleHoo and Shopify maybe you’re not quite sure

Make sure you read my full SaleHoo review here as well I think you’ll find it quite interesting.

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