SaleHoo vs Alibaba

In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at the difference between SaleHoo, and Alibaba.

SaleHoo is a product that has been around for quite a long time now, and a lot of people come to me and asked me what the difference between SaleHoo is in and Alibaba is. So what I’m hoping to do really is just clarify a bit around the difference. So, SaleHoo fundamentally is a directory of wholesalers and drop shippers. So you pay a membership fee, which I will confirm the exact price of that you pay a membership fee with SaleHoo. And then what you do is you basically get access to this curated directory of wholesalers and drop shippers. So if you’re looking to start an e commerce business, you know you want to bring in products and import them or you want to drop ship them or whatever you trying to do in that e commerce context. The whole idea behind SEO is basically that you know you’re getting this list of sort of proven and trusted suppliers. You know, it’s all gated behind the SaleHoo login system. Now, the difference when it comes to Alibaba is Alibaba. In some respects is actually kind of similar Alibaba is a platform that allows you to get in touch with wholesalers, but it’s sort of like a combination there of wholesalers and manufacturers. So, most of the activity Alibaba is about connecting Chinese manufacturers or sometimes Chinese wholesalers to businesses looking to purchase their product, so you don’t have to pay to use Alibaba. It’s free to go on anyone can go on at any time and anyone can start browsing around and looking for manufacturer. So if you wanted to look for a manufacturer of say, coffee mugs, you could go on Alibaba and search coffee mugs, and then you can have all these options of different factories that actually produce these coffee mugs, now the biggest difference with in my opinion between SaleHoo and Alibaba SaleHoo sort of pitch behind it. The idea is that you go you pay your membership fee each year. And then you get sort of easy access to relatively straightforward sourcing of products but ecommerce wholesaling and drop shipping. Whereas Alibaba is quite a bit more complicated. You know, the whole idea behind Alibaba is kind of like, you’ve got to find a supplier, you’ve got to vet them you don’t know if they’re trustworthy or not. There’s a lot of pitfalls with importing products and met on mess from China. You know, people can get themselves quite stuck with the process. So I guess really as far as SaleHoo vs Alibaba goes when it comes to the two products they are quite different. There is some crossover there’s certainly some crossover. But basically, you know, if you were say looking to have a white label product created so what I mean by white label is let’s say that you want to find the electric bike manufacturer, based in China, and then you might want to get a specific logo slap on the side of an electric bike and slept on the side of the box, and then shipped over to you you know get a container load of them and sell them, you know on your local buy sell Facebook pages or sell them through a website or whatever, you would probably use Alibaba for that SaleHoo was more about sort of dipping your toes into e commerce and wholesaling their pitches that they try to, I guess, vape or eliminate the risk of some of the process. You know that is a little bit more complicated when you use Alibaba. So if you’re looking at sales. And if you’re looking at Alibaba and you’re wondering what is the difference between the two. Hopefully that clarifies as I said there is crossover between them, but they are substantially quite different platforms SaleHoo is something you join you pay for membership. you get this curated or beta list of wholesalers and drop ship is now if you read myself who review, you’ll see that there’s some contention around how well vetted, the site wholesalers and drop shippers are. But, certainly. The concept is relatively straightforward to get your head around when it comes to Alibaba and state. It really is a bit more like the wild west of online commerce. You know you’ve just got people claiming they’ll do anything for you. Product wise. It is a great place to go, you can find some fascinating stuff. What I really enjoy on Alibaba is finding products that you can see in local stores that have obviously been bought in and had a logo slapped down so white labeled. But yeah, really, really interesting place to visit. So if you haven’t checked out Alibaba yet. Definitely do. Hopefully you found that helpful – make sure you read my full SaleHoo review, and thank you so much for your time.


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