Rewst Review 2019

Rewst Review 2019

One Internet marketing strategy that I’ve been focusing on heavily these days is building up social media profiles with a big following, and then using those profiles to drive targeted, relevant traffic.

My needs for this on the Facebook side of things has been met perfectly by FPTraffic – it’s one of the only tools I use that I consider essential to the day-to-day operation of my business.

Luke Kling, the founder of FPTraffic, is back again with another social media tool called Rewst (if you follow this link, you can get 30 days’ free virtual assistant service with Rewst to help run your account for you).

Whereas FPTraffic is all about helping you build and monetize Facebook pages, Rewst is focused on Twitter.

Now I’ve got to make a confession at this point – I don’t really like Twitter. I think it’s just about the worst social network out there, and the domain of journalists, boring tech experts and politicians.

However, I also believe in the concept of “don’t hate the player, hate the game”. What I mean by this is that if there is an opportunity out there, then you need to go for it.

So as much as I hate Twitter, I can also accept that there is huge potential on the network for savvy Internet marketers to make money.

With that in mind, I am obviously interested in finding any way possible to enhance my ability to grow and monetize Twitter accounts. And Rewst looked like the perfect tool to achieve this aim!

What Is Rewst

It’s an online application designed to help you build and grow Twitter accounts with large followings. Basically, you can “supercharge” processes you would normally have to do manually (like following relevant accounts).

The biggest focus of Rewst is on following and unfollowing.

If you’ve ever done anything on Twitter before, then you’ll know that one of the most effective ways of growing a following is to follow lots of other accounts – especially those that are relevant to your business/service/offer.

For example, if you’re in the B2B sales software space, then you might want to follow the accounts of B2B sales reps, thought leaders etc.

As part of this, you’ll also want to periodically unfollow accounts that aren’t adding anything for you. For example, people who you’re following who aren’t following you back.

Normally this would all be a time-consuming process to manage, but Rewst makes it a whole lot easier and faster to do. The app also helps keep you within the “safe zone” for daily follow/unfollow activity by limiting you to 300 follows and 1000 unfollows per account. Furthermore, it isn’t truly automated as you (or your VA) has to manually hit the “follow” button or “unfollow” – this helps keep things much safer.

How Much Does Rewst Cost?

Rewst is currently $15 USD per month. You can pay via Paypal or Credit Card with a monthly, recurring subscription. You can also sign up for one year for $150, which means you get two months’ free access.

I just choose to pay monthly, and I pay by Paypal as well.

Now let’s move on to the fun part of the review – the pros and cons of the product.

Things I Like About Rewst

  • Great price – $15 per month is nothing. It’s like 50 cents a day … what a bargain!
  • Easy to use – I had most of the features worked out within 20 minutes of joining. The basic follow/unfollow options are simple and effective.
  • Good results – On one account I tested, I got 55 new followers (and counting) within 24 hours of starting with Rewst. The effort required to get this work? About 2 minutes. If I could do this every day for a year, that account would have just over 20,000 followers. However, it’s likely that there would be a snowball effect and even better performance.

Here’s what one of my Twitter accounts looked like after 48hrs of using Rewst:


Things I Don’t Like

  • Average interface – Although the application is easy enough to use, it doesn’t have the most polished or slick interface. It has some strange graphical bugs from time to time, and doesn’t have much of a coherent design. It’s functional and utilitarian, but could be improved in this regard. I have also had a number of loading and crashing errors.
  • Missing a couple of features – For Rewst to really be the best in its game, I think it needs to have some extra features added, such as:
    • Ability to set an automated message that is sent to new followers
    • Ability to upload/paste in a list of accounts whose followers you want to copy
    • Better mobile integration


For the low price of $15 USD per month, Rewst really is a no-brainer if you’re looking to grow effective, engaged Twitter accounts. You could do everything Rewst does yourself (without the tool) but it would take you at least ten times as much effort.

Another way to think of Rewst is like this – can you extract more than 50 cents a day worth of value out of this product? I believe so!

Luke Kling is a legend in my opinion. With Rewst (much like with his earlier tool, FPTraffic) he has developed a simple, effective, and extremely affordable solution to a common problem. There are more fully-featured and complex applications out there for developing Twitter followings … but they often cost a bomb. Luke’s tools are utilitarian and perfectly suited to the task at hand.

Go here to give Rewst a try and see just how easy it is to grow targeted Twitter accounts with big followings. Then put that potential traffic to good use and make a success out of it!

Rewst Review
  • Value For Money
  • Ease Of Use
  • Effectiveness
  • Support


Rewst is an excellent Twitter automation and follower-growth tool. It isn't as good as its Facebook equivalent (FPTraffic) but then again Twitter is a fairly average social network anyway. If you're interested in growing big Twitter profiles, then Rewst can help you to do it faster. Well worth joining for a low monthly price.


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