Reviews Boss Is Changing

Reviews Boss Is Changing

To quote the eternally awesome Professor Farnsworth from Futurama, “good news everyone!”.

Reviews Boss is evolving into something bigger and better!!

For the past year this site has been dedicated to giving honest reviews of top selling or just-released Internet marketing products (software, courses, ebooks etc).

I’m going to be continuing with this, but will also be rolling out reviews for other categories of products. I’m really interested in reviewing top-selling info products in the following “niches”:

  • Health & fitness
  • Self-help & improvement
  • Business & employment

I will also continue to review Internet marketing products as I see fit as well.

All my reviews – regardless of industry – will continue to demonstrate my core principles, which are:

  • Detailed reviews that tell you what you want to know (not just re-hashed pitch pages)
  • No affiliate links unless I truly believe in the product
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Disclosure as to whether I paid the product or received it as a freebie

So keep an eye out for upcoming reviews and feel free to submit your requests – or products of your own that you would like reviewed!

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