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Hey guys, it’s Sam here from Reviews Boss again. Just coming at you with a really, really quick review today of a product … I’ve only started using it just in the last 24 hours, but it’s so cool I have to share it with you. It’s called Repurpose. The URL to access it is If the “.io” domain name extension means anything to you, then you’ll probably have guessed that this is a software as a service. That “.io” extension is often really popular with software as services.

But anyway, what is Repurpose? It’s a really simple little platform that allows you to turn podcast audio or just audio in general into videos that can then be posted automatically to YouTube and to Facebook pages and groups and even other places like Dropbox and Google Drive. You might have read on this blog and places that basically what I do to create my content is I narrate a review using either my PC or just talking into my phone. I’m parked up in the car right now, actually, and I’m literally just talking into my phone recording with the mobile app. Then I upload that to Rev and I have that transcribed and post it on

The next thing I wanted to get into was turning those audio review files into videos as well. So currently I just upload the audio file to SoundCloud as a sort of podcast, but I also know that YouTube is a place where a lot of people go for information and reviews of products, and YouTube videos rank really well. But what I was looking for was a time saving solution. I just happened to stumble across this doing some Google searching.

Basically is very, very simple. You register an account; you can get a free trial account that’s actually got some fairly detailed features in it. You connect up your SoundCloud RSS feed or you can use a different feed, I think, but I’m using SoundCloud. I’ll have to double check and I’ll add a comment to the review in written form. But yeah, I upload all my podcasts and review audios to SoundCloud, grab the RSS feed. There’s a little bit of work involved in just ensuring that each podcast episode or audio track you upload to SoundCloud is actually allowed to appear in your RSS feed.

Then what you do is you take that RSS feed and you plug it into Then once you’ve connected a YouTube account, you’re basically able to automatically tell Repurpose to turn those audio files … Repurpose them into videos. The videos, you’ll see one embedded in the transcript of this audio they’re pretty cool. I mean, they don’t really have moving pictures, what you get is a template that shows a picture … My one is a picture of myself embedded in a frame that looks like an iPhone or smartphone. You get the little moving audio frequency bar as well. It’s really basic stuff; it’s not super attractive or anything but it gets the point across. The main thing is it allows me with no almost no additional effort to turn podcasts and audio files into YouTube videos.

What’s more, I can also now post them directly to Facebook pages as well. So I’ve got a Reviews Boss Facebook page that I’ve just set up, and now as soon as I upload a audio track to SoundCloud, so a new review, it will become a YouTube video and it will automatically also become a Facebook video that’s posted to my Reviews Boss Facebook page. I can even do this with say a Facebook group as well, so if I decided to make a Reviews Boss Facebook group and invite people to join and discuss their favorite products. Guess what? They’ll automatically get new videos in that group as well, which is pretty cool.

There are a few other things you can do as well, like you can pull content or repurpose it into say Dropbox, Google Drive. I think you can also turn a YouTube video into an audio file as well. I haven’t tested that.

Pricing-wise it’s very reasonable; I pay $12 a month US for the middle tier plan, which allows me to basically do enough for one brand really of the Reviews Boss brand. For $20 a month there’s the current special pricing you can go unlimited, which I think is actually capped at five different accounts. So something like that. I’ve added a screenshot of the pricing into the transcript of this review anyway, so you won’t miss out.

Basically, … If you’re looking for a way to syndicate audio content to video and post that video automatically to YouTube and even to Facebook, then also create backup copies if you’re interested into Dropbox and Google Drive, it just doesn’t get easier than this. Yeah, these audio-generated videos they aren’t as good I guess as a properly made custom video, but if you just want to have that extra exposure that YouTube brings, the chance to rank organically with parasite SEO from YouTube videos, well then you’ve got to be trying One of my reviews within I think about two hours of posting, my video was already on the first page of Google about halfway up for the particular keyword I was targeting, and now it’s at position three. That’s just amazing. How easy is that? It takes no additional effort. is very reasonably priced; I’m paying $12 US a month. I’ll probably bump up to the advanced plan as I start to expand for content on my other websites as well. Basically what I’m trying to do is get into a flow of saying, with one recorded piece of audio how can I turn this quickly and efficiently into a video? Into a blog post? Into a podcast? Into whatever syndicated across the internet and basically try and get as much reach as I can out of it.

If you want to turn your audio files into videos, Go check it out. It’s absolutely awesome. Review
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Summary is one of the best SaaS platforms I have ever used. The ability to turn audio files into YouTube and Facebook videos automatically (as well as back them up to Google Drive and Dropbox) is incredibly powerful. Other advanced features include being able to convert Facebook Live videos into YouTube videos. For a low monthly price you can supercharge your content curation efforts - you'd be crazy not to try!


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