Pathway To Passive Review

Pathway To Passive Review


Passive income is a phrase that we often hear nowadays. This is a type of income where you can earn without leaving your full-time job. If you’re looking to earn some extra bucks for that long overdue vacation, then having a source of passive income might be your best option. Who wouldn’t want to earn money even while he sleeps?

There are many ways to earn a passive income. One way is through affiliate marketing. This is where you help sell products by promoting them. The product is made by a partner company which means that you don’t have to invest in making the products you sell. You can promote your partner’s products by talking about them in a blog or through Facebook posts. You can even entice buyers by featuring products in your Instagram page. Affiliate marketing is a low-risk, high-potential means of earning.

What Pathway To Passive Is

Having a steady source of passive income can be tricky. Most just dive right in without the slightest clue what they are doing. This can lead to early failures and discouragement. Arming yourself with the best practices can help boost your chances of becoming successful. This is where Affilorama comes in.

Affilorama is an educational website for entrepreneurs who want to maximize their passive income. One of their products is Pathway to Passive. It is an e-book where readers can get an in-depth guide on how to transform their websites or social media accounts into passive income generators.

Pricing & Options

Pathway to Passive costs just US$37. It costs more compared to other e-books that retail for around US$10. However, it’s more than just a book that you read as a pastime. Consider it as an investment. Shelling out less than US$40 for a lifetime of steady passive income is a great trade-off.

There are other costs that you may incur while you are completing the Pathway to Passive course.

These include domain registration, website building, web hosting, and auto-responders. Affilorama also offers some of these products as well. You can also opt to get these services from other providers. There is really no obligation for readers to get all these services from Affilorama – you can read my review of Affilorama here.

What You Get

Pathway to Passive comes in the form of an e-book. It is not downloadable and it doesn’t come bundled with other freebies.

Good Points

  • Detailed Guide – The course provides aspiring entrepreneurs with an easy to follow guide on how to earn passive income. This makes it quite useful to those who don’t know where to start monetizing their websites or social media accounts. The course is simplified so you won’t have a hard time understanding what you should be doing. The steps are easy to follow. The book doesn’t try to impress you with fancy language in guise of being written by an expert.
    Pathway to Passive also prepares you for almost all the scenarios you might encounter as you go on your affiliate marketing journey. The book doesn’t just tell you about success stories, it also tells you about the things that can go wrong. This is not meant to discourage you but to prepare you so you can face these challenges head on and overcome them.
    If you already have some idea on how to engage in affiliate marketing, there is still a reason why you should consider purchasing Pathway to Passive. Aside from acting as a Beginners Guide, the book also contains solid strategies on how to achieve passive income success. These strategies are sound and well-thought of. We’re not just talking about theories; these are strategies used and proven effective by by the author. The book shares some of the author’s best practices that helped her become successful.
  • Well-Explained Terms – One of the most challenging aspects of getting into affiliate marketing is understanding the terminologies. Unfamiliar terms sound intimidating. What’s great about Pathway to Passive is it makes a conscious effort to explain these terminologies to readers. Easy to understand words are used most of the time. For those instances when technical terms needed to be used, the terms are explained in a way that you can easily understand.
    This is a book that even readers who are not tech-savvy can easily read. The whole process is broken down into information that you can easily digest. This makes for a course that is not too overwhelming to those who are not experts when it comes to computers or digital technology.
  • Reasonable Expectations – The author is a successful affiliate marketing entrepreneur who struggled during her first few years. What is great about this is the book doesn’t try to fool you. It doesn’t promise you instant success from the get-go. We’ve all seen courses or books that promises heaven and earth to whoever purchases them. This is not the case with Pathway to Passive. The book is grounded in reality and sets reasonable expectations to readers. It is also relatable because the author cites real-life experiences as examples. It doesn’t promise readers that they’ll become instant millionaires just by reading the book. An unrealistic promise of an overnight success has a nice ring to it but I’d rather have realistic success.

Bad Points

  • Not Downloadable – My only complaint about Pathway to Passive is the fact that it is not downloadable. You cannot save a copy of it in your tablet or computer. If you need to read it, you will need to log-in to Affilorama. I love reading in my tablet and this is a bit of a downer for me. It also means that you need internet connection to access the e-book. This shouldn’t be such a big deal since you can have internet connection almost anywhere you go.
    With what I’ve learned from this e-book though, this small inconvenience is easy to overlook.


Affiliate marketing is an industry that will continue to grow as our world becomes more digital. This means more opportunities to earn money through websites or social media accounts. If you want to explore this industry, now is the right time to start.

Pathway to Passive is a great guide for those who want to start exploring this industry. It is easy to read and understand. Veterans in the industry should also read it so they can keep abreast of recent trends and new strategies that can help them keep up with competitors.

Pathway to Passive is an investment worth making. The $37 that you will pay for it will be the most well-spent $37 you will ever make.


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