Pagez Is Back!

Pagez Is Back!

Good news everyone – Pagez is back!

One of my favourite platforms for making money online is back in action after a relatively brief hiatus.

If you haven’t heard of Pagez (check out my full review of it here) it’s a neat platform that allows you to publish articles and monetise them with Facebook Audience Network Ads, but without the hassle. Setting up your own Audience Network Ads is an absolute pain in the ass (even on a WordPress site) so Pagez is all about getting you in the game faster.

You can also do other cool things with Pagez like share other people’s content and get a cut of the proceeds.

However, Pagez had to shut down due to too many people spamming low quality (and potentially plagairized) articles. Some unscrupulous people were literally copying and pasting sections from other “viral style” articles and passing them off as their own. And many others were posting absolute junk and spamming it all across Facebook, in groups and on the comment sections of other pages.

Pagez had its access to the Audience Network shut down and it looked like game over. However, the owner of the platform (Luke) has put in the hard yards to get Pagez back in the game … and he’s been successful.

There is a big change, however, and it means that all new articles published on the platform will need to be manually approved before going live. This is a step in the right direction and should significantly improve the quality of the platform.

Go here to learn more about Pagez and to sign up.

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