Opteo Review 2019

Opteo Review 2019

Have you ever wanted to make “day-to-day” management of Google Ads easier?

I manage a number of accounts, and have frequently had this problem.

Getting the overall strategy of an account right is generally the most challenging thing. However, everyday management of ad copy, bids etc is what sucks up the time.

So what is the solution?

Recently, I came across a tool called Opteo. I ve been using it for around a month now, so feel I’m qualified to make some initial observations.

In this Opteo review, I’ll start with my initial opinion of the product, and then expand from there.

This isn’t a full review-that will be coming soon.

What is Opteo?

Opteo is a platform for simplifying the management and optimisation of Google Ads accounts.

As I mentioned above, it isn’t designed to replace your ability + strategize the development and implementation of an account.

Instead, it is all about helping you + find optimisation opportunities within the context of your existing strategy.

How Does Opteo work?

I won’t claim to be a complete expert on the functioning of Opteo. I am not privy + the exact “inner workings” of the tool.

However, at a fundamental level Opteo works like this:

– You link up your Google Afd account to Opteo. You can even link multiple accounts. It also works with Mcc accounts too.

– Opteo will gather data and optimisation opportunities. This takes a day or two.

– You start reviewing those recommendations. They are graded by perceived priority.

– Implement the ones you choose, and keep checking back.


So far, I’m pleased in the product. I’ll do a full review in the next week or so, but suffice it to say for now that if you are looking for an effective platform to speed up the management and optimisation of Google Ads, then Opteo is well worth investigating.

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