Maximizing Your Facebook Page/Group Empire Through “Leeching”

Maximizing Your Facebook Page/Group Empire Through “Leeching”

I know this is mean to be a reviews website, but someone in the private Pagez Facebook group recently asked me to elaborate on what I mean by the term “leeching” when it comes to dominating a particular niche with Facebook Pages and Groups.

I’m going to try and explain this quickly and effectively.

For arguments’ sake, lets imagine that your Facebook page is a page all about Family Guy. There are millions of fans of this show worldwide, and there is plenty of merch and news about the show to justify building up an audience and monetizing. Your page shares quotes, memes, news, pictures & more all about the show.

What many people will do is focus on building up that one Family Guy fan page. Trying hard (and probably spending many $ on boosted posts, page like campaigns etc) to get it to grow.

Let’s imagine that 6 months after you started your Family Guy page, you’ve got a respectable audience of 50k likes, with good engagement. Obviously, you want to keep growing that page and making it bigger and better – so keep posting engaging content, doing boosts on top posts, and running page like ads.

But another way to grow is to try and dominate that niche through the creation of “sub pages” and groups, and then leech off the success of your main page to grow those other ones.

Think about the Family Guy example. You’ve got your main page, which covers the show in general, but what about setting up individual sub-pages for characters like:

  • Peter Griffin quotes
  • Meg Griffin memes
  • Stewie Griffin laughs

Also consider setting up groups, as I believe Facebook is going to reward groups and penalize pages in the future. Groups seem to get far better engagement, and it’s also worth considering that a well-moderated group can basically grow itself. All that is missing to make groups better than pages, IMHO, is the ability for a group admin to boost posts both within the group and in terms of their appearance on members’ timelines.

You can then promote these new pages and groups to your existing audience, and grow them much faster than you otherwise could. Then as they grow, you

Fundamentally, you are growing both vertically and horizontally (if that makes sense). Growing vertically by making your existing pages bigger. Growing horizontally by adding more to your empire.

For example, I’ve been able to use a page of mine with 450k likes to grow a group with 15k members (and growing around 200-300 every day consistently) in under 2 months. Now I can cross-post between the group and the page – and other sub-pages I have set up – and really do some effective leeching!

Basically, it’s all about creating a spider web of interconnected Facebook pages and groups – some will be big, some will be small, some will grow quickly, some will grow slowly – and then using this structure to maximise your reach and get more opportunities to hit the timelines of your audience.

Of course you’ll want to use an automation tool like FPTraffic to make this process as easy as possible.

Here’s a diagram I created quickly to explain the concept (imagine all those arrows as being multi directional, rather than flowing one way)

And if you’re wondering why I’ve branched out underneath the Family Guy section to feature American Dad, the answer is simple: Once you’ve got a good leeching network going in one niche, you can use it to grow pages and groups in a totally new niche – provided that new niche has a strong affinity with your existing one.

Now I know that American Dad and Family Guy are made by the same creator, and there is a great affinity between the two shows. However, if I didn’t know what other niches might have affinity, then I could always open the Facebook Audience Insights tool and use that to find other related niches!

Hopefully this helps you to understand the concept of leeching. Basically, it’s all about picking a niche on Facebook, and then trying to dominate it like a boss.

Feel free to leave a question in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to help!

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