Mass Planner Review 2019

Mass Planner Review 2019

September 2019 Update

Bad news everyone – Mass Planner is permanently discontinued:

In fact, Mass Planner was first shut down in May 2019, when Instagram decided to go crazy with the “ban hammer” on software that was botting the follow/unfollow and comment process on Instagram. Instagress was another popular victim.

It’s unlikely that Mass Planner will ever be back in any way, shape or form. Botting Instagram has got a lot harder, meaning a lot of upset affiliates who were doing “game hacks” or “free iPhone” CPA offers with large numbers of accounts.

There are a few salutary lessons here for Internet marketers:

  1. Never build a business that relies on a single tool to succeed. Don’t believe me? Go look on at the number of people whose income streams were destroyed overnight by the collapse of Mass Planner.
  2. Know the difference between a business and a cashflow opportunity. This follows on from the point above. People who used Mass Planner to help them automate the development of a legitimate Instagram following are probably still okay – they could, after all, just manage their account(s) manually. On the other hand, if you were using it to create spam accounts and flood Instagram with your offers, then you would have been wiped out. People doing this weren’t building a business – they were just creating a short-term cashflow opportunity. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you need to be honest with yourself about the difference. If you are just creaming off some cash from a “method” before it gets over-saturated or shut down, then make sure you are squirreling some away for a rainy day.
  3. Be an early adopter. People who got into Mass Planner BEFORE it was turned into a churn-and-burn CPA offer spamming tool probably saw the best results from it. Internet marketing is a great case study in the “tragedy of the commons”. Effective methods or strategies to make money are often ruined by an influx of people imitating the early adopters. Just look at the whole Aliexpress drop-shipping + Shopify industry, I suspect that is heading the same way.

Original Review Here For Reference

What’s up guys? Reviews Boss here again with another interesting and detailed review for you to chew over. Today we are looking at a popular product called Mass Planner.

Keep reading my [eafl id=834 name=”Mass Planner” text=”Mass Planner”] review to work out whether this is the right program to manage your social media needs.

What Is It?

Mass Planner is a social media marketing software that allows you to to automate and perform en masse almost every interaction you could normally do on social networks like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Lets imagine that you want to build up a following on Instagram (by this I mean amass a decent quantity of followers, who will hopefully go on to interact with the content you post and eventually click on your affiliate links). A popular and well-proven method to get followers on Instagram is the “follow/unfollow” method. It’s simple … all you do is sit on your phone and follow as many people in your niche as you can. Those people will get a notification saying you have followed them, and then many will choose to follow you back in turn. After a while you then start to unfollow accounts in bulk as this doesn’t send a notification. After consistently plodding away at this method, you should wind up with a decent batch of followers who are hopefully interacting with your content.

But there’s a problem with this method. It’s time consuming. You have to use valuable time that could be spent doing other things just mindlessly hammering away on your mobile phone. And even if you have a good monetization strategy in place, each one of those followers you pick up using this method is probably only worth a fraction of a cent in terms of the time you spend versus profit. Throw into this mix the fact that you may well need to build dozens of accounts to see really decent profits, and you could be on a hiding to nowhere.

Now wouldn’t it be handy if you could have a software that ran in the background 24/7, performing this exact same operation but not costing you any time beyond initial setup and occasional progress checks? In fact, you could have multiple Instagram accounts

And wouldn’t it be even better if you could automate and scale just about every boring social media process possible (so that you can spend more time walking your dog, or making deals, or hitting the gym, or whatever you like to do).

I’m talking about things like:

  • Finding and joining Facebook groups
  • Auto posting comments/new posts in groups and pages
  • Liking and reposting on Instagram
  • Following people on Google Plus, as well as joining relevant communities
  • Pretty much anything like that

Well, that dream is what Mass Planner promises. But does it deliver? Let’s find out.

What Does It Look Like?

Because Mass Planner is quite a complex piece of software, I decided that I can’t really do it justice in terms of giving you a feel for the software without doing a video walkthrough. I’m currently trying to find the time to do this, but in the meantime I’ll leave you with a few captioned screen shots so you can get a feel for what Mass Planner looks and feels like.

Mass Planner log in screen. By default the software will start up when your PC boots. This can be annoying if you like a fast start (but also good if you’re likely to forget to use it).


This is the Mass Planner home screen, which will show you all sorts of useful information (most notably recent actions the software has taken)
This is the Mass Planner home screen, which will show you all sorts of useful information (most notably recent actions the software has taken)

more screen shots & video coming soon – check back regularly. I just need to install it on to my new computer. 

What I Like

  • Feature rich. One of the best things about Mass Planner is that there is just so much you can actually do with the software. It really is quite impressive how much power is under the hood.
  • Good spread of social networks. There are plenty of social media automation tools out there, but many of them only focus on one platform such as Facebook or Instagram. Mass Planner has all the key networks covered (including that worthless piece of crud known as Google Plus 😉
  • Easy enough to use. You don’t need to be a genius or have a degree in astrophysics to use Mass Planner – it is certainly easy enough to use for just about everyone. Although the interface can be a bit ugly at times, it is functional and all the different parameters and options available are nice and clear. I reckon it will take you an hour to get comfortable with the software’s interface and feel acquainted with setting up campaigns quickly.
  • Lots of options and customization. This customization is extremely important when it comes to making your automated activity look at least semi-natural. Make sure you use the options for randomization (e.g. following between 15-30 accounts per batch, with a 1-4 hour gap on Instagram). They WILL save your ass in the long run.
  • Fair base price. $10 per month is undoubtedly reasonable, and gives you access to a lot of functionality. However, please note my point below about having to pay for extras to get full use of the software.
  • Good tutorials. The Mass Planner website has some nice and detailed tutorials that will help you to get the most out of the software. Although I recommend “learning by doing”, it can certainly be useful to consult a tutorial or two to get the best possible results.
  • Regular updates. The development team behind this product regularly release new updates to ensure it runs well and hopefully stays ahead of the game with regards to social networks liking to crack down on the use of automated software.

What I Dislike

  • Paying extra for additional modules. You have to pay extra for additional access to modules, which unlock new functionality for the software. You also have to pay extra to be able to use more than a handful of accounts on each platform. If you’re planning on going spam-heavy (such as doing that Instagram account follow + CPA method that everyone talks about on Blackhatworld, for example) then you’ll need to shell out additional dollars for these upgrades.
  • No lifetime access option. Some people (myself included) generally don’t monthly billing because it’s annoying having lots of small transactions all over the place. It would be cool to be able to buy a “Mass Planner Ultimate Edition” for a higher ticket price that gives you lifetime access to the product.
  • No Mac support. This is a no-brainer … Mac access is really important these days as so many people are using Mac. I know that you can work around this limitation by running something like Parallels, but it really isn’t an ideal option! Mac support is lacking on a lot of Internet marketing software so this isn’t too surprising, but it is still annoying.
  • Reasonably ugly interface. While it is very functional, I must admit that the interface for Mass Planner isn’t exactly attractive. This is a minor gripe because function is always more important than form, but the interface isn’t the nicest place to work!

How Much Does It Cost?

There are two different pricing options for Mass Planner. What I’ve chosen to do is take a screen capture of the pricing table, and have published it below:


I personally just pay for the monthly option. I should really get around to changing to once every six months … it would save some money (although I’m also worried that social media automation is becoming harder to do properly, and I’ve got other projects that I would rather spend time on).

Please note that you can also [eafl id=834 name=”Mass Planner” text=”get a 5 day free trial”] – which will rebill into a paid option if you forget to cancel. This should give you plenty of time to get your head around what Mass Planner does, and whether or not you’re actually likely to use it.

You also have to pay specific one-off fees to unlock certain functionalities. This is most notably the case when it comes to running multiple social media accounts on the same platform. With the base subscription, you can currently have 2 accounts per platform. In all honesty, that isn’t enough if you’re looking to go CRAZY with the automation. This means you need to pay to unlock additional accounts. So, for example, you can buy an additional 8 accounts per platform for $15 (so you could have a total of 10 Facebook accounts blasting away). It’s $25 for an extra 15, or $70 for unlimited. You need to factor this in to your purchasing decision!

A Note On Proxies

If you plan on doing any serious, heavyweight work with Mass Planner (basically if you want to use it to follow any of those Instagram + CPA or Facebook Groups + CPA methods you see on sites like Blackhatworld) then you’ll need to use proxies with this software. Otherwise the social networks are going to see you coming from a mile away, and it’s a huge red flag to have multiple accounts in different niches all running off the same IP. The aim of this “spamming” game is to ensure that you have everything set up as best as possible to avoid getting your accounts caught and banned. This is especially important if you’re doing things like paying for Phone Verified Accounts or purchasing aged social media accounts.

You can probably pick up enough proxies for $20-30 per month. I can’t remember who I use for proxies off the top of my head, but I will update in due course. Mass Planner supports HTTP and SOCK proxies so just about any provider should work.

I don’t know enough about scraping private proxies to make an informed comment on this option. However, my gut feeling would be that public proxies are unlikely to be sufficiently reliable, which would result in less-than-optimal results from the software. Best just to stump up the cost for private, paid proxies. Hopefully you’ll be making more than enough money to cover the cost!

Who Is It For?

Ostensibly, Mass Planner is aimed at anyone who wants to have an automated means of posting to and managing their social media profiles on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter.

However, in the real world, software like Mass Planner is almost exclusively the domain of affiliate & internet marketers looking to do things like:

  • Automatically find and join public Facebook groups, and then smash the crap out of them with auto-comments that usually link to a CPA offer, Clickbank offer or whatever.
  • Follow/unfollow people on Instagram “en masse” in order to get follows back and maintain a decent ratio .
  • Mass like photos on Instagram with the hope that people will click through your profile.
  • Basically anything you’ll find in the social media marketing section of Blackhatworld.

The real power of Mass Planner – at least based on how I understand many other people to be using it – is not so much in its ability to automatically post pictures/posts to your Facebook page and effectively emulate manual interaction … instead people like Mass Planner because it enables them to get their affiliate links in front of lots of people, or to build a large Instagram following quickly.

Mass Planner Review Conclusion

Let’s wrap up this review – is Mass Planner worth buying?

Yes, I think that it is. For $10 per month (or less if you opt for 6 monthly billing) you get access to a program that unlocks a whole new world of being able to automate repetitive tasks on social media. Let’s be realistic; if you’re using this program seriously, then you’re probably looking at it from the perspective of hammering Facebook groups with your CPA offers or whatever. If that’s what you’re into, then this has got to be one of the best tools out. Mass Planner + burner domains + PVAed accounts + proxies (you WILL need proxies if you plan on doing anything serious with this program) + some decent offers and you could be making yourself a nice little semi-automated side income.

It’s just so feature rich, and so stable that I cannot think of a situation in which it isn’t worth having in your toolkit when you consider the low price. Although there are additional features that you may need to pay for depending on how you intend on using it, these aren’t too badly priced either. Probably the biggest drawback of Massplanner is the fact that you have to pay extra money to be able to use more accounts/profiles on each social network. If you’re really planning on going in “big league” then you’ll need to stump up an extra $70 in your first month.

The one thing I will say is that because there is so much to do with this software, and because there are so many ways that you could potentially monetize with it, I think that you need to be fairly focused and diligent to get the most out of it. Otherwise you could find yourself frittering away $10 per month on something that you may not derive sufficient value from. If you’re not actively trying to make the most of it, then save yourself the membership money.

Now I have to admit that I’m really just a beginner at using tools like Mass Planner. The most automated thing I have done to date is use FPTraffic to schedule posts on my niche Facebook pages (and I will continue to use FPTraffic for this purpose as I really like its interface). However, I can see a lot of appeal in using Mass Planner to run some good old-fashioned, slightly scummy affiliate campaigns. Lovely stuff!

[eafl id=834 name=”Mass Planner” text=”Go here to get your own copy of Mass Planner”] – grab a 5 day free trial and see what you can do with it!

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  2. dude I am also using mass planner but the main problem which I face in Mp that it cost too much ram and internet data .That is the reason I am not using it form last 1 month .
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