Likeability Blueprint Review 2019

Likeability Blueprint Review 2019

Likeability Blueprint…it’s a pretty cool name huh? Well today Im going to review this product, and we will see if the quality of the product itself matches up to the quality of the name!

First of all, lets break down what this is. The Likeability Blueprint is a digital information product and it resides within the niche of personal development. So if you are a person who thinks they will benefit from personal improvement and want to be more successful in life, you should read this review keenly as this may be able to help you do just that.

This product teaches people how to become more likeable. Not just likeable, but to become a magnet. Someone who can captivate people just by entering a room. Having this kind of ability, that makes people naturally gravitate towards you, can be hugely useful in business and in your personal life. And the Likeability Blueprint helps you develop just that.

The main part of this product is its core eBook. The eBook is where the bulk of the information you are looking for will be situated. Also they do add accompanying audio tapes, if you would prefer to listen to the information instead.

The product is currently available for $47 USD. This is the standard price for a product of this type these days. You can buy it by paying via Paypal. All major credit cards are also accept.

Payment is taken through Clickbank, the number 1 online marketplace for digital information products. They are very reliable and very popular, so there is no worry there.

If you want your own version, press here to go to their page and see a video on the project. If you like that, instructions to buy will be right there.

Below you can see the pros for this product, as well as the negatives.


The information is presented in a way that makes it very easy to pick up, and to implement. It gets straight to the point. It also does not require huge effort from you. Everything is broken down into manageable steps, so it is simple to progress through.

It also really emphasizes how likeability can impact your life, and how many positives it can bring to you. Understanding these advantages is the first step to managing to harness them for yourself.

If you are a person who finds social situations difficult, or even purposely avoids them, this product is perfect for you and will definitely help you change your habits and your behaviours into something more positive. This course is a great confidence booster and really helps you get to grips with social anxiety and helps you combat it.

One final, great pro is the fact you have a Total Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked, and they stand by it completely. So you always have a way out if you change your mind. Nothing to lose.


It can be difficult at first to completely alter your behaviour, especially if its not a way you were originally used to behaving. Also, some people may think its disingenuous to change your behaviour to draw in others, rather than just being yourself.

Also, there is no physical copy, there is only online features. So if you want to hold a book or get some hands on experience, there isn’t really a way.

The price of the initial product is fine, but the optional bonuses can be a little on the high side.

Overall there are very few cons, and more pros for sure.

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