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Hi guys, how’s it going? Your humble host here again, with another review of a keyword research service. You’ve probably read some of my other keyword finder reviews in the past, and I’m really excited about this one as it’s a topic I enjoy writing about.

Anyway, I digress. Let’s take a closer look at

What Is It?

As the introduction of this review suggests, is a keyword research tool. It’s a website that you load up, and then use to find keyword suggestions.

This is as opposed to something like Long Tail Pro that is a downloadable software.

What’s Different To Other Keyword Research Tools?

Right now you’re probably thinking “why would I bother to switch from a proven tool like Keyword Shitter to”

Well, there is one HUGE thing that you might want to consider:

Trending Data Search

This is something I haven’t yet seen incorporated into any other keyword research tool. Basically, can run a search that identifies trending keywords based on your seed keyword. From what I can tell, this is based off of Google Trends data.

Here’s an example of a search using the trending feature:


So you can open up any of the long tail results found and check its trending data.

This is a great way to get some insight into trending searches that you can capitalize on.

What I Like

  • No download or install needed. This means is compatible with just about anything that can connect to the Internet. You also save hard drive space and bloat.
  • Finds some good results. This is always a fairly subjective thing to say, but I’ve found that there are some good long tail keywords turned up from my seed keyword searches. The depth isn’t as good as Keyword Shitter, but it’s also faster and not really designed to be exactly the same thing.
  • Trending feature is awesome. Is it the be-all-and-end-all of trending data? No … but it sure is a good way to get some ideas of potential search and social trends that you can tap into for better promotional efforts.
  • Emails for new keyword updates. To be honest, I haven’t yet tested this feature myself. However, it does appear that for deep scraped keywords there is an option to receive an email update every day with more long tail results. I’ll report back when I’ve had the chance to test it myself.

What I Don’t Like

  • Not as many suggestions as some tools. From what I can gather, the max keywords you’ll find is 2000. This is plenty enough, but it’s also a lot less than something like Keyword Shitter.
  • Needs better instructions due to more complex features & different search types. For example, I still don’t understand the true difference between fast scrape and deep scrape (in terms of how it actually find results).
  • CSV report has an annoying bug. Every time I download the CSV dump of the keywords I find, I open it up and the “date terms added” field is merged into the keyword itself. I just use .txt export now. Hopefully this gets fixed in the near future.


As I mentioned above, you don’t get any keyword volume or CPC data with this particular tool. But that’s no big issue! Just make sure you have Keywords Everywhere browser extension installed, and then copy the text file dump into it. Voila, you’ve suddenly got volume and CPC info for all the keywords you found!

You can thank me later 😀

Conclusion is seriously cool. The fact that it helps you tap into trending data is freakin’ sweet (I bet you said that in a Peter Griffin voice, didn’t you?). Tapping into trends can be a great way to stay ahead of the game when it comes to SEO. If you’re doing things like selling trending products on Facebook via Aliexpress drop-shipping, then KWalert can probably help here as well.

It’s free, it’s fast, and it works well with some unique features, such as trending data and ability to email new results.. What’s not to love? Although it doesn’t provide the most in-depth terms, it’s nonetheless an awesome addition to any web marketing arsenal and well worth your time. I suggest you head over to, bookmark it, and give it a try.


I was approached by the owner of and asked to review it. I agreed (obviously lol). However, the fact that I was asked to do the review has not had any bearing on my opinion. I’m always happy to review a product, service, or website if asked … but even if I’m given comped access I don’t let that influence my views. 

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  1. Great review, this tool is really helpful for bloggers like me to find out new keyword opportunities to craft content. It would be superb if we can calculate the competitiveness of keywords along with daily search volume with it.

    • Hi Aman,

      Thanks for your kind comment about my review. I agree that being able to see the keyword competitiveness score would be helpful, but to be honest those kinds of scoring systems are usually a bit contrived anyway, so not always particularly helpful. Also if that feature was added it would certainly push the price up a lot.

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