Keyword Shitter Pro – Not Just Your Same Old $hit

Keyword Shitter Pro – Not Just Your Same Old $hit

A while back a did a review of a free online tool called Keyword Shitter (you can read the review here). Despite the bizarre name of the product, this review has become one of the most popular on my site … people just love free keyword research software as opposed to paying a fortune for tools like Long Tail Pro.

There’s now a newer, prettier turd on the block. It’s called Keyword Shitter Pro – and today I’m here to review it in order to determine whether the original is still the best, or whether this new contender is the king of keyword crap.

What Is It?

Keyword Shitter Pro is, as the name kind of suggests, a keyword research tool. Unless I’m much mistaken it’s basically a Google Suggest scraper like the original one.

All you do is load in a seed keyword or two, select some basic parameters, and then go to town with finding loads of keyword phrases.

Here’s an example result:


How Much Does It Cost?

It’s free. Nothing more to say here. No account even needed!

What I Like

  • Pretty, functional layout. If you have ever seen the original Keyword Shitter, then you’ll know that tool looks like the contents of a toilet. This “Pro Edition” is actually really attractive. It’s even mobile-friendly.
  • Seems pretty fast and reliable. I did a whole bunch of searches in a range of niches and gave it a good hammering … nothing broke at all!
  • Good results. Once you get the knack of putting in a good seed keyword, as well as using the prefix/suffix options you will get some great long tail results. You should be able to find some real keyword gold here.

What I Dislike

  • Cannot see more results on page, results are instead “paginated”. This is the one thing that irks me more  than anything else with Keyword Shitter Pro. On the original Keyword Shitter, you would just get this immense cascade of keywords going down the page for thousands of lines. Ugly, disgusting, but actually quite functional. On KSP you have to make do with about 10 results per page, and then sift through with paginated results. The only other option is to download a CSV, which you’ll wind up doing every time.
  • No help or tutorials. Okay, it is quite a self-explanatory tool to use. But maybe a 5 minute embedded YouTube video would be nice? Just explain the basics of what you need to do to get great results, and eliminate that guess work!
  • No CPC or search volume data. This is a minor gripe, as the original Keyword Shitter doesn’t offer this option either. However, seeing CPC and SV data for the found keywords without having to result to a 3rd party option would be great. Although you can see word and character counts, these are largely irrelevant compared to search volume and CPC data!
    • The easiest way around this limtation at the moment is simply to use a plugin like Keywords Everywhere, or to upload your keyword dump back into Google Keyword Planner.


Although OG Keyword Shitter is awesome, I must admit that Keyword Shitter Pro is better. Although the pagination thing drives me up the wall, it is much nicer to be able to get the same great functionality but with much nicer design and layout.

Go give Keyword Shitter Pro a try and let me know how you get on. I think it’s a real hoot to use, and I’ve already found a bunch of useful keywords. Combine the CSV export with something like Keywords Everywhere for volume and CPC data, and then do some manual analysis and you’ll be in keyword heaven!


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