Keyword Shitter – A Polished Turd?

Keyword Shitter – A Polished Turd?

As I promised in an earlier post on Reviews Boss, I will be bringing some attention to free platforms and mini tools that can be used to help you get ahead with your web marketing endeavours. These are tools that aren’t deserving of a full review (usually because there is no paid option available) but are worth mentioning because they can really help you take your marketing to the next level.

Today we are looking at the hilariously-named Keyword Shitter.

This is one of the most basic looking tools I have ever seen:


It’s almost beautiful in its simplicity. Note the awesome toilet graphic as well. Lovely jubbly stuff right there.

So how do you find keywords with Keyword Shitter? It’s just too easy! Simply throw in your seed keyword(s) and hit the aptly-named “Shit Keywords!” button. You can leave this tool for hours and it will find keep scraping around to find more keywords. However, the bulk of the keywords will come very quickly:


Here’s a list of almost 4000 keywords based off my seed keyword that came back to me in under 1 minute:


The only other feature available is the positive and negative filter.

With the positive filter your list will be filtered down to only contain phrases that feature the keyword(s) you add. E.g. if I add the word desk into the box, here’s what happens:


Pretty self-explanatory, right?

And as you might expect, the negative filter will remove any line that features the keyword you want to filter out. So if I want to get rid of any keywords that contain the word “review” I would add that to the negative filter:


Keyword Shitter truly is a polished turd – and I mean that in the best possible way. It is something that costs nothing to use, works fantastically well, and can provide you with masses of long tail keyword variations in next to no time. Start incorporating its results into your keyword research campaigns (or adding them directly into your content as relevant phrases) and watch yourself rank for more terms and pull in more organic traffic.

This thing is free and better than Long Tail Pro … why wouldn’t you want to use it? Especially when you combine it with another free tool, which I’ll show you in another post soon.

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Keyword Shitter is a fantastic tool for doing long-tail keyword research. Try it today - you won't regret it!


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