Is Legit?

So you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing?

Good on you!

Affiliate marketing can be fun, interesting, and very rewarding (if you do it right).

However, there is also a massive learning curve to deal with, and you will need to be comfortable with the fact that you’re going to have to do lots of learning and testing before you stand ANY chance of making any decent money from affiliate marketing.

Because of this, chances are you’ll probably be wanting to look at some form of affiliate marketing training.

If so, then you may well have come across a product called Affilorama, or

In this age of shady, untrustworthy websites and people always trying to jack your money, you may well be asking the following question:

“is legit?”

Long story short, definitely is legit.

Affilorama is a free affiliate marketing training platform, that provides a bunch of different lessons around how you can get started as an affiliate.

You can join for no cost, and start learning how to do affiliate marketing.

It is definitely a legit platform, and has been around for a number of year. Thousands (probably into the 100s of thousands) of people have had their first taste of affiliate marketing training through Affilorama.

You can definitely get some training at no cost, and there is a proper company (based in New Zealand) behind it all.

However, you do also need to be aware of the fact that Affilorama’s free membership really is just a way of getting you into the funnel for their premium products like Pathway to Passive or AffiloJetpack.

Now – in my opinion – there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Any business is entitled to try and generate paying customers (otherwise they won’t be in business for very long!) and offering free, valuable content in exchange for contact information so that you can sell to the ‘list’ is basically marketing 101. It works in affiliate marketing AND it works in any other kind of marketing to boot.

So as long as you go into your Affilorama “experience” aware of the fact that you will be sold to on a regular basis, then you are going to be fine. is definitely a legit site and you have nothing to worry about.

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