Is FPTraffic Still Worth Using In 2019?

Is FPTraffic Still Worth Using In 2019?

A couple of years, almost three years have passed since I first started using FPTraffic. Long story short, I’m still loving it. It’s still one of my favorite little tools out there. If you’re looking to run Facebook pages, probably not so much for clients because the scheduling and sort of collaboration element isn’t there, but if you’re looking to run Facebook pages for the purpose of building them up, driving traffic to affiliate offers or to an opt-in page or something like that … Basically if you’re doing more affiliate marketing approach with Facebook pages or building them up for personal interest, FPTraffic is a great tool.

There’s still a bit of development work going on with it. It could probably do with some refreshing, and I do believe there was supposed to be a professional version of FPTraffic being released at some stage, but that doesn’t seem to have come to fruition. The base tool for $10 U.S. a month. Not very expensive at all. It really is very helpful. When I think about a few Facebook pages I run, and I run quite a few of them, I’ve got a total audience of a billion, million likes across all the pages I manage now. It takes me no more than about five minutes a day to manage those pages using FPTraffic.

I don’t think I could have grown those pages the way I did without that tool. I’ve made some great commissions as an affiliate marketer, promoting products through those Facebook pages. Even despite the fact that Facebook organic reach, especially when you’re promoting things, is pretty poor these days. If you can get the numbers up and you can boost your engagement a bit … I’ll release some videos on how to do this on this channel. You can still have a fair crack at things. It’s probably not going to be a millionaire-maker as it were compared to some affiliate marketing methods, but if you’re looking for a way … A fun way that’s almost like a hobby that makes you some side money, building up niche Facebook pages is still a good way to go in my opinion.

I’ve used those Facebook pages I’ve built with FPTraffic to build really big Facebook groups. I’m seeing some real good results from groups, something else I’m going to discuss more on this channel as I start to launch more educational content focused on affiliate marketing as well as product reviews. Even the lessons I’ve learned from building up big pages with FPTraffic, I’ve applied to my client work on my consulting side and seen some very good results from it. Basically if you’re still considering FPTraffic in 2019, I think it’s worth it. $10 a month is a small price to pay for the fact that you can schedule with so many pages and so much content.

I use other tools like Buffer with my clients. They’re better if you want to collaborate and share across multiple platforms and all kinds of things, but for the purpose of simply building up some basic Facebook pages, FPTraffic is really good. You can then fall back on other direct integrations, like Facebook to Twitter. Post your Facebook page posts to Twitter, build up a Twitter following there. When you buy FPTraffic, there’s some guides around this stuff that are thrown in. I think it’s a great product still. It’s showing its age a little bit, but for the price you pay and the time and effort you save, it’s worth it.

Check out the link in the description below. That’ll take you to my full FPTraffic review, where I show you all the features of the product and talk about it in more detail. If you’re just looking for a high-level review, I can safely say that FPTraffic is worth the money. You don’t have to pay too much. It works well. It’s easy to use. You can do a lot of great things for your websites or Facebook pages, I should say. Yeah. If you want to check out more product reviews and learn more about how you can make money online from affiliate marketing or selling your own services, go to my website, You can also check out my consulting website,

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