In Demand Career Guide Review

In Demand Career Guide Review

If you are just getting started in digital marketing, you are probably wondering “how do I get my first job in it?”

There are plenty of college courses out there, however, they can be overly complicated and by the time you finish, all the information you learnt will be outdated. Additionally, employers looking for five or ten years of experience in the field probably don’t know what they are looking for as things change so rapidly in the world of digital marketing.

So, what do you do? There is so much information out there on digital marketing that it can be a bit overwhelming. You need something that brings all the important information to you in one place and teaches you how to get your first job.

That’s where In Demand Career’s Guide comes into play.

What Is In This Guide?  

You are probably wondering what this Digital Marketing Career Blueprint is all about. In essence it is a course that will give you the information you need to get a start in digital marketing.

There are five main sections of the course that give you an overview of how to break into the field:

  • Introduction to your digital career
  • In demand Skills 101
  • Bootstrapping your experience
  • Starting your career
  • Working from home & remotely

All five of these areas cover a different point about digital marketing and really dig deep down.

What It Teaches You

Let’s take a look at what each section contains and how it can help you gain knowledge.

Introduction To Your Digital Career

This section is pretty self-explanatory. It introduces what the content of the guide is about and gives you an overview of how you are going to learn it.

The introduction section also covers the type of jobs you can expect in the field and what your first and future jobs may involve (and of course, pay).

There are a total of three videos in this section and you are looking at nearly an hour and a half of content. It teaches you some of the words, acronyms and information you need to understand the content in later sections.

We also learn why digital marketing is such an important part of the internet and how it can improve websites.

In Demand Skills 101

This section of the guide contains seven videos and is the bones of what digital marketing is about. You are going to learn some of the essential skills needed in the digital marketing world and it gives an overview of what tools you may be using.

There is information about getting traffic to websites, using Google Analytics, and understanding SEO and social media marketing.

Bootstrapping Your Experience

Once you have gone through the skills part of the guide and learnt the main components of digital marketing, it is time to build those skills and learn how to use them. This guide goes through solving the experience problem, getting certified and working with clients.

It also covers generating your own experience and working on your own website to build skills.

Starting Your Career

Now that you have a bit of experience, you are going to learn what it takes to get a job and how to land your first gig. This section has a wealth of information on what jobs you can find and how to produce a great digital marketing resume. Additionally, you will learn about interview techniques and how to search for digital marketing jobs.

Working From Home & Remotely

This is a new section of the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint and it focuses on working from home and remotely. It covers working as a freelancer vs your own clients, remote work and how to get your first clients.

How Does It Work

The Digital Marketing Blueprint is broken up into a series of videos, each containing a different topic. Videos run from under ten minutes to over 30 minutes, and you watch them in succession. The dialogue is overlaid onto the video and then there are text boxes and examples that further explain the content.

There is also a forum where you can ask questions relating to the course and share your experience.

Who Makes It?

The content of the course has been put together by Seth Hymes. Seth has a wealth of experience in the digital marketing world and gives some good examples of his own work experience.

Is The Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Any Good?

You are probably thinking “Is the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint any good?”

The short answer is yes. Seth has put together so much information in this ten-hour guide, that you should have all the information you need to get started in the digital marketing world.

We feel that the content is explained in a way that makes it simple to understand, yet informative. The videos are a good length as well and you can easily return back to them if you want to revise any information.

The content covers the main points of digital marketing and we love that Seth has included information on getting experience and your first job. Many guides fail to include this sort of information, which is a big turn off. Landing your first job is obviously incredibly important and is where you will learn the most.

We also like that Seth has covered freelance work, remote work and information on client work. This is vital information to many people in the digital marketing world, however, it can often be overlooked in other courses.

There are also plenty of links to various products or tools used within the videos and they are explained in detail. This gives you an understanding of what you will be required to do in a digital marketing job and how to do it.

How Does It Compare to A College Course?

While digital marketing courses aren’t as readily available as something like programming or engineering at colleges, many places do offer them. College courses are typically going to be a lot more expensive than something like the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint, but are they better?

We feel that they are not going to be better. This is because the information you learn in a college course will probably be outdated by the time you finish it. The Digital Marketing Blueprint seems to be focused on landing your first job, which is where you will gain most of the experience you need to further your career.  

At 10 hours long, the Digital Marketing Blueprint can be easily finished in a week or even a couple of days if you are dedicated. It is also much cheaper at only $97 a month, compared to hundreds or even thousands of dollars that college courses can cost.

If you are looking to get your first entry into the world of digital marketing, we feel the Digital Marketing Blueprint is a much better option than a college course.

Is The In Demand Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Worth It?

Now for the real question. Is the In Demand Digital Marketing Career Blueprint worth your hard earned dollars? At $97 a month, the guide is certainly something we can recommend for somebody who is looking to break into the world of digital marketing.

While it is not the most in depth guide, it has all the information needed to get your first job, which is the important part.

For those who already have experience in digital marketing, you are probably not going to see many benefits from taking this course.

Summing Up

Things We Like About The Digital Marketing Career Blueprint

We love that the Digital Marketing Blueprint gets straight to the point. It teaches you what you need to land your first job in digital marketing, and it also gives you an overview of the tools you may be required to use.

The content is clearly laid out and is easy to follow, even if you have no knowledge of digital marketing prior to taking the course. Each video is full of informative content and they are not too long.

We like that Seth has given a whole load of information on putting your resume together and taking an interview, which often overlooked on most courses. It also has information on getting your own clients and working as a freelancer, which is a big part of many digital marketing careers.

The forum is also fairly active and Seth seems to contribute and answer peoples questions regularly. This is great if you have any burning questions after finishing the guide.

Things We Don’t Like About The Digital Marketing Career Blueprint

While the videos are full of great content, we did feel like simple text with dialogue overlaid onto the video was a bit boring. There are plenty of pictures and examples, but we did find ourselves losing interest on the longer videos. This is only a minor complaint however, and if you were only watching one video at a time we don’t think it would be a problem.

We would love to see a more in-depth section to this guide with more information on the tools and software that are used in the digital marketing world. However, we do understand that this is a basic guide to getting your first job, which is where you will learn to use many of those tools.


Overall, we really like the In Demand Digital Marketing Blueprint. It has all the information you need to get started in the world of digital marketing and won’t break the bank. The course does not take long to finish and you can always return to the videos later if you want to revise.

It seems to have a fairly active community and Seth answers questions on the websites forum regularly. The overview of landing your first job is particularly useful and is perhaps the most important part of the guide.

We don’t really have any issues with the Digital Markting Blueprint, only that the videos are not the most exciting or flashy. Still, they get the point across and that’s the most important thing.

If you are looking to start a career in Digital Marketing, this guide is definitely going to give you a helping hand.

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