How To Get More Facebook Page Likes – 3 Effective Strategies

How To Get More Facebook Page Likes – 3 Effective Strategies

Do you want to get more likes for your business Facebook page(s)?

I know that focusing on likes for the sake of likes isn’t ideal business practice (primarily because of how weak organic reach is these days). However, there are still a few good reasons to consider trying to grow a big Facebook audience:

  1. It’s a nice ‘feel good’ metric – seeing your audience grow makes you feel great. And there’s nothing wrong with feeling great.
  2. Provided you can keep engagement/reach strong, then a bigger audience is better. More people following your page then equals more people seeing and interacting with your content, hopefully meaning more sales.
  3. A large organic audience can lend credibility to your business, meaning people are more likely to take you seriously.

So how can you get more likes on your Facebook page?

As luck would have it, I’ve just released a new video showing exactly how you can do this:

In case you’d rather read than watch, the three key points of this strategy are as follows:

  1. Make sure that you frequently post non-promotional content. Most businesses make the mistake of always posting highly-promotional content, which destroys the reach of your Facebook page (making it harder to get more likes).
  2. Use your existing channels (such as your website and email list) to more ‘aggressively’ ask for people to like your Facebook page. Don’t be passive about it. Far too many businesses leave this to chance.
  3. Judiciously use the ‘invite’ feature on Facebook to ask people who like your content but not your page to actually follow you. Just be careful of potential blowback here if you do too much of it.


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