How Many Backlinks Do You Need To Build To Rank In Google?

How Many Backlinks Do You Need To Build To Rank In Google?

One of the most important concepts in SEO for affiliate websites is getting backlinks.

If you’ve had any exposure to SEO so far, then you’ll know there are basically two parts to SEO:

  1. On-page SEO – this is what you control on your own site, e.g. your keyword selection, content length, technical SEO, internal linking etc
  2. Off-page SEO or ‘backlinking’ – this is where other websites link to your site. Google sees these links basically as votes of confidence in your website, and can improve your rankings accordingly.

One of the more common questions I get asked about affiliate SEO is how many backlinks you need to rank well in Google.

In my latest video, I dive into more detail on thisĀ  topic, and discuss the truth about many backlinks you actually need to get solid rankings in Google:

If you’re struggling to understand how to effectively use backlinking for your affiliate sites, then hopefully you’ll find this video helpful!

Video transcript as follows:

How’s it going Sam Frost here back with another digital marketing tip. Today we’re talking SEO, and a really common question that I see online and people have asked me in the past, and that’s how many backlinks do I need to get to be number one in Google?

Everyone wants to be number one, right? That’s the best place to be on Google, we all know that. That’s the coveted number one position.

If you know anything about SEO, you know, there’s a couple of different key components.

One is the content in your sort of website, the on page SEO. And the other piece is backlinks. So off page SEO, who’s linking to your site, and if you’ve done much research in SEO, then you know that generally the more links you get, and the sort of better quality those links are all then the higher your site’s going to rank, all other factors being equal. So people will want to try and as human nature put a bit of an arbitrary number on it. So how many do I need to get to be number one? And I know you probably gonna hate the answer. But the truth is that how long is a piece of string question, how many backlinks you need to rank? Number one depends on so many different things. It depends on how competitive your particular keyword and sort of niches, it depends on how good your website is, and your content. You know, it might be easier to rank, a really detailed piece of content with a small number of backlinks than it is to rank a, you know, a really thin piece of content with a whole load of different backlinks. It depends on what your competition is actually doing. So I mentioned general competitiveness, but maybe you’ve got a competitor who’s out there who’s really pushing hard on this particular keyword. It depends on, you know, so many different things, it depends on the relative strength of the backlinks you’re getting. So you might get 500 really average quality backlinks that could be outplayed by a capital of really good quality editorial links from, you know, reputable sites in your industry or, or reputable big, you know, publications like, you know, journals and websites and things like that. So as far as how many backlinks you need to get that coveted number one position, really, there is no strict down. So there was no hard and fast answer, there’s no exact number you can put on it. So don’t worry too much about that instead, worry about making sure that the content you put out there for that particular keyword is really good. So your site is as good as it can be both technically, in terms of things like how fast is it load and how easy it is to read, you know, how well does your content answer the question or solve the problem. And then when it comes to back linking, you know, don’t get too caught up and saying I’ve got to get to a certain number, you know, focus on quality, so trying to get good quality backlinks and you know, focus on that incremental growth. Now, obviously, if you’re a, you know, seasoned SEO veteran, then you know, you’ll have your own approach to how you tackle these kinds of things. And I welcome any feedback in the video comments, but certainly for business owners starting out wanting to know, hey, how many backlinks Do I need to get to rank number one? Well, I’d say Don’t worry too much about that question. Just focus on making your content as good as it can be. Start building links, make sure they’re good quality ones, and you will see results come in over time from there. So hopefully that clears things up for you.

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