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Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Sam Frost here from Reviewsboss.com and in this review I’m taking a quick look at a an SEO tool called HitTail. You can check it out at Hittail.com. Right off the bat I want to say that at the moment I’m just using the free version of HitTail. I’ve actually used it a few times in the past and sort of forgot about it, to be honest, until I saw it mentioned on a forum I go on. I triggered my memory to go back and check it out and basically see what HitTail is up to these days.

Basically, if you haven’t heard of HitTail, it’s a website or a platform that’s focused on long tail keywords so it’s sort of implied in the name. The original bit of HitTail and what I want to focus on in this review is a piece of technology they’ve developed that basically tries to identify what you would call underperforming long tail keywords for your website.

If you know anything about keyword research and ECO, you obviously know that long tail keywords are generally the most valuable and often contribute the vast majority of the traffic your site gets. There are all sorts of crazy stats out there, like 15% of searches, I think it is, every single day are ones that have never been made before on Google so there’s an almost endless number of long tail keywords out there. There are a lot of people who’ve done really, really well in affiliate SEO and client SEO and all sorts of other things like that just by building up content around long tail keywords ranking for it, doing the basic SEO in link building. Creating, I guess, life changing businesses through that which is really, really cool.

One thing I’ve always been interested in is trying to identify what long tail keywords actually hold really good potential for my website so basically what I’m looking at here is HitTail.

What it does is hooks into your Google search console. That used to be called Google Web Master Tools in case you aren’t down with the play and the changed name. What it allows you to do is basically identify potential keywords.

Once you’ve set up your account, which takes almost no time to do, there’s a free version available. You get a pretty heavy limitation on the data and I will be trying the premium version in the next day or so, I just want to do an initial review to start with. Once you install, you log into your HitTail account and you can say something like this.

There’s keyword ideas in HitTail which is, it’s just like a generic code of keyword research [inaudible 00:02:42], it’s nothing amazing. I loaded up some examples, it’s not really what I’m focused on either but it’s a useful little thing to have. It’s got a little bit of extra data you can see, because I’m on a free subscription you basically get very little information. Well, you don’t really get any at all in terms of the search volume. You can almost make it out there actually, that looks like 5,400 search volume in about 23 million indexed URLs or something like that for keyword research as a keyword. Once I’ve upgraded my account I’ll revisit this and talk about it but it’s just a toll for finding for finding long tails.

What I want to talk about specifically is this bit, my hot keywords. What this does, and this is the classic functionality of HitTails, is it taps into your … Basically, the keywords you’re ranking or and driving traffic from and then tries to help you identify keyword suggestions so I’ll explain the toll trip here. Keywords suggested by this toll already bring traffic to your website but you’re still not in Google’s top 10 with them. Getting into Google’s top 10 with these keywords were bringing up to 10 times more traffic so basically what HitTail was doing here is it’s finding keywords. While you’re not on the first page we are receiving traffic and they’re long tail keywords.

Then what it’s doing is suggesting those keywords to you so I found a few reviews about Crytocurrency exchanges so, for example, Bitcoin’s market. I found a bit of posting about Thecoinsmarkets.com Cryptocurrency Exchange where it looked like an exit scam, now there’s potentially a chance it’s coming back. Who knows? That’s not relevant to this video but obviously people are searching there and I must be on page two or three or something, probably page two I’m guessing, I haven’t actually checked. Basically, that was driving traffic to the site, reviewsboss.com, but I’m not on page one.

What HitTails is suggesting here, I should go out and create a piece of content about that. Now, I’m not going to create content about this particular keyword because Bitcoin Talk is another website, they were looking for information on another website but something like this. What is Cryptopia? Well, I’ve got a review of Cryptopia or Cryptocurrency Exchange, it’s not going to be hard for me to whip up a few hundred word article about what is Cryptopia specifically optimized around that keyword and then link back to my main review or even add a more detailed section with an H2 tag to my main review.

Let’s have a look at other things. Okay, here we go, Smart Sheet review, this is a good one. Smart Sheet is a product I use working with a client of mine, a local business that I work with on a regular basis and they use Smart Sheet for internal communications. I’ve done a review of it. What that’s saying is that people are actually clicking on my Smart Sheet review even though it’s not in the top 10 so if I could that into the top 10, people are already clicking it and viewing it now, I’m going to get a lot more traffic.

There’s a sense, I guess, that HitTail tells you the obvious but it is useful just to see these ideas, really always doing or showing you ideas. It’s prompting you how to think about potential topics you could write about. You can see … I mean, obviously the data is fairly limited and when I upgrade to the paid version and test it out for a month or two I will come back and redo this video and redo my review but it is useful to see.

For example, what’s another one, the Affilorama review. I have a review of Affilorama, I know it doesn’t rank on the first page yet, I’m working on that. That tells me, “Okay, I should really, really work on it.” The score, you could order by the score and what it’s saying there is the higher the score is the easier you can get into Google’s top 10, and potentially the more traffic you can get. You can do things like add as a to do just so you know … I guess a portfolio of keywords you want to try and rank for.

Basically yeah, you’re just looking for long tail keyword opportunities and you can see your to do list here and you can mark it as done once you’ve done a specific content piece or section of content with an existing article. You can even order outsourced articles direct which I haven’t tried, I don’t know if they’re any good or not. Yeah, HitTail, I’m only using the free version at the moment just to test it out, see what the functionality is like.

I like what I see so far so I am going to order the premium version just for a month and try it. Then I’ll come back and do a full review. If you’re already driving traffic through SEO I do recommend you try something like this just to get a feel for what other keywords are out there that you could add to your mix on your website and drive additional results.

HitTail Review
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HitTail is an excellent tool for identifying long tail keywords that have high potential for your website. Setup is beyond easy, and with a usable free trial available there is no reason not to try it out!


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