Hirewriters.com Review 2019

Hirewriters.com Review 2019

NB: This review is largely re-published from my original here (linked for your convenience). I have made some updates relevant for 2019, and re-worded the content just to avoid any duplicate content problems. I also talk a bit more about the user comments I received on my original review … and you’ll notice that my conclusion is quite a bit different.

Hirewriters.com review begins here:

Following the success of my popular iWriter review, I’m coming at you today with a detailed, honest, and accurate review of a content writing service called Hire Writers (I will refer to it variably as Hirewriters.com as well).

Full disclosure as well … this review is only written from the perspective of actually buying content. I haven’t done any writing for Hirewriters.com in order to try and make extra cash. However, later on in the piece I will chime in with some information supplied to me by people who have written articles for Hirewriters.com.

Way back in 2013 I heard about Hire Writers after receiving an email from a guy called Brandon, who was one of the founders of the platform. He had read my old iWriter review and was keen for me to give his new service a look over. I agreed to. I was given a $10 credit with which to buy an article to evaluate its quality and the ease-of-use of the platform. However, this did not sway me in terms of providing an accurate and honest review of Hirewriters.com

Now let’s begin with my Hire Writers.com review, and see if you can get good quality content for decent prices. Remember that content is the foundation of all good websites, and writing your own content takes a heck of a long time (heck, it will probably take me about five hours to write this one blog post… so you had better damn well enjoy it).

Now that I’ve got all that housekeeping out of the way, let’s get down to the main business of the review and see whether or not it is actually possible to get any decent content for the kind of prices that Hirewriters.com claims. As we’ve seen in the past with my iWriter review, big promises are made but generally these “content mills” simply don’t deliver the goods very well.

If you’re interested in signing up for Hire Writers.com yourself, then you can do so here. You will get a bonus on your first deposit, in order to help you get more content for your money.

Back in 2013, I commented that the interface for Hirewriters.com was quite professional and slick. However, the past three years have not been overly kind to it, especially when you bear in mind that the site’s design basically hasn’t changed in literally years (iWriter is the same … I just don’t know what it is about these content mill sites that prevents them from having modern, clean interfacew).

But it is fairly easy to work your way around. All you need to do is select either “Register Now” or “Get Content Written Now” and you’ll be able to register your account and get underway.

Once your account is created and approved, you can go through the motions of setting it up with your preferred payment option and such like.

If you’ve ever used Hirewriters’ main competition – iWriter, then you’ll probably feel immediately at home. In fact, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it turned out that Hirewriters.com and iWriter were using the same CMS or something like that. This really is quite an easy interface to navigate your way around.

So, once you’ve got your account credited, it’s time to actually get some content written. In order to do this, start by clicking the button that says “get content written”. Then you’ll see a screen like this:

Once again, if you’ve ever used iWriter, then you should find this system extremely straightforward to use. All you need to do is enter the key project information and you’re away. I’ll break this down for you:

  • Project description. What the potential writers are going to see when browsing the available projects page. Something descriptive like “niche name + articles” works well enough here.
  • Article category. Not really that important.
  • Article length. Very important … this directly influences how much you pay. Remember that content mills are focused on articles around the 500-1000 word length as a general rule.
  • Language. Does this need explaining?
  • Writer’s time limit. What is the max amount of time a writer should be allowed to complete an article for you to approve? The longer you leave this, the more likely you are to find that the writer
  • Writer skill level. Once again, this is a very important. The better the writer ranking, the more money you will actually pay to get the content. Of course the trade off is that you *should* get better, more readable articles. The cheapest tiers on these content mill websites are invariably GARBAGE … unless you’re lucky enough to get an up-and-coming writer who is trying to grind their way to the higher tiers.



Hire Writers & Writer Treatment

After I first published my review of this platform back in 2013, I caught a lot of shade from pissed off writers who claim they had been mistreated by the Hirewriters.com management … notably being denied their rightful earnings and having accounts terminated for no reason:


Although I have never written for Hirewriters.com myself, I think this does warrant a great deal of attention. And, if you are thinking of writing for them, then you need to proceed with caution. Don’t allow too much money to pool in your writer account – as soon as you are able to make a withdrawal to Paypal, you need to go ahead and do it.

As I discussed in my iWriter review, I’m not really a fan of writing for content mills anyway. If you are a native English writer, and live in a Western country, then it’s going to be a monstrous grind to actually be able to earn a decent amount of money (unless you find some clever way to game the system … in which case your account will probably just get banned anyway).

You are always better off to try and find clients an independent manner, so you can give proper quotes for jobs and negotiate your rates. If this scares you, then even selling your services on a platform like Source Market or the Warrior Forum Warriors For Hire section is a better idea.

If you’re a remotely competent writer, then steer clear of these content mills for your own sake. Leave them to overseas (usually Indian or Filipino) writers who are willing to grind out 500 words for just a couple of bucks. Especially steer clear when it seems very apparent that there are issues with actually getting paid, and accounts being terminated with zero good reason.


Hire Writers Review
  • Quality Of Writers
  • Earning Ability (For Writers)
  • Quality Of Platform


It's a crummy content mill. Enough said. Don't waste your time writing here (low rates and risk of not getting paid). And don't buy content here as it won't be very good!


45 thoughts on “Hirewriters.com Review 2019”

  1. Great site you might have got here.. It’s hard to find
    top quality writing like yours nowadays. I seriously appreciate individuals like you!
    Be careful!!

  2. Hi Sam,
    I am Sam George Deya, a writer.
    I happen to have gone through your review on hirewriters, and I must say I loved it.
    I don’t come from the west, but would love to have an account with Hirewriters. Can you create an account for me with them, then send me the details.

    If you don’t mind please.


    • Hi George, thanks for your comment.

      Unfortunately, I can’t help you with that request.

      Firstly, it would be against the TOS of HireWriters. Secondly, why the hell would you want to write for them? It’s clear that writers can’t trust this platform.


  3. What an awful company! I highly recommend you avoid HireWriters. Every writer I tried on there was terrible. When I repeatedly request a refund of my balance they ignored me. Very shady. If you check reviews elsewhere I hear of them doing this to many other people. Apparently they do this on the writer side too. With how they run their business it’s nothing but pure theft.

  4. Just came across this review and I must say my opinion is quite different than yours. I’m a client there, and regularly purchase content. Yes, there are writers that sometimes submit sub-par material, but you quickly come across writers that are very talented and an extraordinary reasonable price. Once you do, you just keep rehiring those writers. I have to say, I have purchased content from iWriter.com and it is full of non-native speaking writers… that’s what caused me to use hirewriters in the first place… they only allow native english speaking writers to write for them.

    You have to understand, if a writer is banned, it is not going to be for “no reason”. It is because the broke the terms of service. HireWriters is very strict when it comes to controlling quality. They give their writers a grammar test, as well as an essay to write before they even let them join from what I gather.

    • Hi Jason, thanks for your comment – I always appreciate hearing alternative points of view.

      I actually do agree with your comment about sticking with one or two good writers once you’ve identified them. My comments on Hirewriters about writers being banned for no reason come from a number of pieces of feedback I’ve recevied over several years.

  5. Hirewriters are scam. The writer just write whatever they want without following the instruction. Stay away from this site !!!!!

  6. First and foremost, I would like to appreciate Hirewriters for providing a platform where clients can meet writers.

    However, my disappointment with this site is the frequent ban or talented writers. I got content from the site severally, and after locating two writers and adding them to my favorite writer’s list, I couldn’t find their names after some time. That is quite disappointing since it takes much time to locate a talented writer and banning writers with a lot of positive reviews doesn’t make sense.

    My advice to clients is that you try and locate great writers and contact them in person so that you can create your pool of favorite writers. Otherwise, you will get disappointed if you rely on the writers by using the Hirewriters account.

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