Goals On Track Review

If you talk to someone who has been successful in their chosen field, one of the things that you will most likely hear is how they have a particular goal and how they worked hard to achieve that goal. Imagine that goal as a lighthouse that guides you to where you want to be. Setting a goal is easy. The hard part is maintaining your focus and not losing sight of that goal.

If you often have a hard time achieving or setting goals, Goals on Track may just be what you need.

What the Product Is

Goals on Track is an application created to help individuals who want to set goals and hit them. The creators of this application know that properly setting a goal is a vital part of reaching one’s dreams. We often set goals that are too broad or too unrealistic. This makes them hard to achieve and can often lead us to failure. Goals on Track can help you set goals that you can achieve.

What makes this application special is it doesn’t just help you set your own goals. It can also help you keep your focus so that you don’t lose sight of what you are aiming for. This is another challenge that can prevent you from realizing your goals. Most of the time, we have our goals properly set but we lose the momentum required to achieve them. On some instances, we are unable to efficiently manage our time and we fail to beat the deadline that we have set. Just like its name, Goals on Track can help you ensure that you have enough time to complete your goals.

Goals on Track Discount

If you want to use Goals on Track, you will need to pay an annual fee of $68. This fee covers the use of the application and all the productivity tools that comes with it. Subscribing to the application also provides you access to other online resources like productivity e-books that you would otherwise need to pay for.
If you are not yet convinced that you will be needing Goals on Track, you can choose a 30-day trial of the application. You will still need to pay the annual fee but you can cancel the subscription within 30 days. Canceling the subscription within 30 days entitles you to a refund of the annual fee that you paid.

Goals on Track Download

Goals on Track can be installed in your PC or Mac. You also have the option to install it as an application in your Android phone or on an iOS mobile device. This is very important since it lets you access your goals wherever you are. You can review your progress while in front of your laptop or even while commuting.

Good Points

Wide Variety of Productivity Tools

The strongest point of this application is the wide array of productivity tools that it employs. Aside from its goal setting tools, there are other tools that you can take advantage of. Goals on Track can break down your goals into smaller and easier to achieve goals. This is a great way of making sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself with a goal that seems unachievable.

Another great tool is the Habit Tracking Tool. This feature allows you to track your habits to ensure that you execute them on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if the habits are meant to be executed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It can help the amount of time that you spend working or exercising. It can even help you keep track of the number of glasses of water that you drink each day. This tool is aimed towards enabling you to establish a regular pattern so that you can stick to a schedule.

Easily Customizable

This application can be customized to whatever goal you have. Your goal doesn’t have to be something that concerns financial or professional gain. You can even use this application to help you lose weight or finish a particular task. It is even possible to use the application on something as simple as decluttering your room.

Free Access to Other Online Resources

I am a sucker for freebies and the amount of free resources that comes with an annual subscription to Goals on Track is incredible. There are a lot of free e-books that you can download. These e-books cost a lot if you purchase them from online shops. Make sure that you take advantage of these free e-books when you subscribe to Goals on Track. They can be a great help towards achieving your goals.

Bad Points

May Be Too Expensive for Some

At $68 per year, this application may be too expensive for some. However, the benefits that this application provides make this amount seem like small change. You cannot put a price tag to achieving goals on time and with excellent results all the time.

Takes Getting Used To

There is a bit of a learning curve to using this application. Due to the number of features of this application, it may take you a few weeks to master all of its functionalities. You need to make sure that you get accustomed to these features to ensure that you are using them properly.

Due to the complexity of the features of this application, it may even be harder to master for those who are not tech savvy. The features can be confusing if you’re not used to using digital devices.


All of us have goals and it is important to not only properly set them but to keep track of them and realize their completion. When you have a long-term goal, you may lose sight of it or falter as time goes by. Goals on Track can help you in achieving these goals.

In this age of digital technological advances, there are many products that can help make our lives easier and more productive. One of these products is Goals on Track. With the help of Goals on Track, keeping sight of your goals is within the reach of your digital fingertips.

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