FPTraffic Pro Coming Soon

FPTraffic Pro Coming Soon

Good news everyone – FPTraffic Pro is coming soon. Luke recently released a post in the FPTraffic group (on Facebook) indicating that Pro is almost here. I’ve been excited about this for a long time – FPTraffic has been my #1 recommended tool for quite some time for anyone looking to grow and monetize Facebook pages, and Pro promises a number of improved features.

I’ll be doing a full review as soon as it drops, but for now here’s what I would like to see from FPTraffic pro:

  • More image sources from within the app (Google Images, anyone)?
  • Ability to see top performing content and re-cycle and schedule “winners”.
  • Ability to copy an entire queue to another page and then recycle – this would be KILLER for owning a niche with 10,20,30+ pages.
  • Better mobile compatibility

Fingers crossed, eh?!

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