Dynadot Review 2019

Dynadot Review 2019


At the heart of every good website lies a domain name. Because nobody wants to spend their time navigating to websites based off numerical IP addresses, the modern miracle of the domain name was invented.

There are a million and one domain registrars out there, but today I am talking about the one I use the most. In this Dynadot review (all updated for 2019) I’ll be taking a quick look at the key features of this platform and whether or not it is a good choice for your domain name registrations.

What Is Dynadot?

Dynadot is a domain registrar, hosting provider (they may just be a reseller themselves, I’m not actually sure) and provider of other associated services like SSL certificates.

The company has been operating under various guises since 2002, and is currently headquartered in San Mateo, California. One of Dynadot’s claims to fame is being an early registrar for Wikileaks.

How Do I Use Dynadot?

As mentioned above, Dynadot offers a broad array of hosting and domain registration services. However, I only use Dynadot for the purpose of registering domain names for my affiliate websites, ecommerce sites and so on.

I haven’t actually used their hosting, SSL, or website builder service. Next time I build an affiliate site I might give their hosting a try and then update this Dynadot review.

How Much Are Domain Registrations?

This depends on exactly which TLD you purchase. However, Dynadot’s current prices are available here. As with all good registrars, you save quite a bit of money by purchasing multiple years at once.

  • ICANN fees are included with your registration price.
  • Bulk and super bulk pricing available if you register large volumes of domain names.
  • All top TLDs available, including all those crazy new ones you’d probably never use like .pizza
  • Sometimes there are some great discounts on specific TLDs, like Buy 1 Get 1 Free on .info and so on.


Is Dynadot a worthy choice for your next domain registrar? I certainly think so! I have been using Dynadot exclusively for the past few years with no real problems of any substance to report (excluding NZ domain names where I use 1st Domains – I will be reviewing this particular registrar soon).

I cannot comment on their hosting or website builder options, but from the perspective of getting domain names registered for an affordable price, I don’t think you can go far past Dynadot. Their prices are reasonable, service is good, and a variety of payment options are available including Paypal.

Go give Dynadot a try today … you won’t be disappointed!

Dynadot Review
  • Pricing
  • Service & Support
  • Ease Of Use


Dynadot is an excellent domain registrar. Good interface, reasonable prices and fast to use and get set up with. If you're after a new domain registrar, then I highly recommend you give Dynadot a try today!


34 thoughts on “Dynadot Review 2019”

  1. Had a disappointing experience with dynadot. Their payment process takes for ever as it was processing even after 12 hours! They Wanted me to update same account info for the third domain registration!? chat person was so arrogant, instead of resolving the issue they cut the conversation by saying have a good day. Over all not a reliable and customer focused company to deal with. Never again.

    • Hi Kulavali, thanks for your comment.

      Sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience with Dynadot – I have generally found them excellent to deal with.

      What payment method were you trying to use?




    You place an order, they take your money, don’t register the domains, steal your time, keep you waiting and still don’t register the domains!!! Even in the small chance they register the domains after repeatedly telling them to they cancel the order so it is still the same as not registering the domains in the first place!!!

    DYNADOT = BS!!!

  3. DYNADOT do NOT register domains straight away!!!

    You register domain names @ Dynadot and they will still be unregistered and left for ANYONE to register more than 24 HOURS LATER!!!

    The last thing you need!

    Every single time you register domains @ Dynadot you have to then contact them directly to ask ‘permission’ to register domains. EVERY TIME!

    Absolutely NOT user friendly or domainer friendly!

    Totally unbelievable that Dynadot does NOT register the domains straight away in 2019 !!

  4. Dynadot blocked my account and called me a paki

    That’s racist isnt it?

    I’m just a humble disabled family man trying to create a website for my 5yr old daughter

    – Muhammad

    • Hi Robert, thanks for your comment. Can you elaborate further? I.e. how do they steal the domain? I’ve had a few comments to a similar extent so want to learn more.

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