Does AffiloJetpack Work?

Does AffiloJetpack Work?

One question I get asked a lot on this blog is “does AffiloJetpack work?”

I could do the most detailed and in-depth review of the product ever (oh wait, I already have – you can read it here) and people would probably still want to ask me the same question.

On that basis, I thought it appropriate to write a completely separate article examining whether or not AffiloJetpack actually works as a genuine, bona-fide way to make money online.

So, does it work?

The honest answer is that it totally depends on you.

I want to let you in on a little secret here: There is literally no “guaranteed” method to making money online (whether from affiliate marketing, product creation, freelancing, consulting or whatever).

There are many products that teach methods that do work for other people.

But what really counts is YOUR ability to take a method and put a spin on it that works.

Far too many people expect results to be handed to them on a plate. The truth is, that simply won’t happen.

When I started out trying to make money with affiliate marketing over ten years ago, I followed a method called the “bum marketing method: Basically, it involved writing articles focused around specific long-tail keyword phrases, and then submitting them to article directories like At the bottom of the article I would have a call-to-action, encouraging people to click on an affiliate link for a product that would solve their problem.

I spent over 6 months working on this method without success. But then I started to think slightly outside of the box, ensuring that I wrote my content in such a way to not only rank but also “pre-sell” the product I was promoting.

Within a few weeks, I had made my first sale. Within 12 months, I was making thousands a month while only working on this part time (I was still at high school).

So what’s the moral of the story? And what’s the relationship with AffiloJetpack and whether or not it works?

Long story short – you need perseverance and the ability to think a bit outside the box in order to succeed with affiliate marketing (or any form of Internet marketing, in fact).

AffiloJetpack is actually a bit different, in the fact that it is really a set of resources designed to fast-track your success rather than a method per se. However, this is a bit of an advantage. You can take these resources and then come up with your own approach, rather than taking someone else’s approach and coming up with your own resources (if that makes sense).

As long as you are willing to work, then AffiloJetpack will work as well.

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