Digital Marketing Consultant Christchurch

Here’s a fun fact about me – the Reviews Boss – I’m also a digital marketing consultant, based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In fact, it’s actually my “day job” (I run this blog for fun and because I love telling people about great product that I’ve used, and saving them from buying inferior products that won’t help them to achieve their goals/objectives).

So what exactly does a “digital marketing consultant” do?

Here’s how I help businesses:

  • My biggest focus is on digital marketing strategy development. Whether your business has no existing plan in place (or you’ve got a strategy that just isn’t working) I help develop a plan that works for the needs of your business and your target audience. This usually takes the shape of a step-by-step gameplan, which you can then implement with your in-house team OR get me to do the “tool work”.
  • I also do marketing consultancy in the sense that you can come to me with questions you want answered and problems you need solved, and I’ll help with that.
  • As alluded to above, I can also look after the day-to-day implementation of that digital marketing strategy. This includes SEO, PPC/Adwords, social media marketing etc.
  • I can also help train and develop in-house capability for your business.

Basically, I help your business to become more profitable through the power of effective digital marketing. Unlike a conventional agency, I don’t have a big fancy office or lots of staff, so you get a better deal. I work with clients worldwide (despite being based in New Zealand) and can travel internationally to work with you!

My consultancy business is called Ace Digital Marketing – you can find out more about my services there or on my LinkedIn profile.