The Most Detailed AffiloBlueprint Review In The World

The Most Detailed AffiloBlueprint Review In The World

I’ve just released a new, updated version of my AffiloBlueprint review video on YouTube. I believe this is the most detailed, honest and accurate review of this product in the world.

Watch the review here:

I’ve got a full review of AffiloBlueprint here, but I’ve also added some cliffnotes below that will help you to understand whether or not this product is right for you:

  • AffiloBlueprint is a step-by-step guide to building long-lasting, profitable affiliate websites (or at least that’s what it claims to be … keep reading on to see if that’s actually the truth).
  • At a high level, the method it teaches is as follows:
    • Find a niche (this is something like dog training, weight loss, home gym workouts etc)
    • Find products you can promote in this niche, which pay you commissions as an affiliate
    • Find keywords that people are searching on Google and other search engines, in order to identify pain points and problems, as well as content opportunities for driving traffic.
    • Create content around those keywords – either write it yourself or outsource it to a third party.
    • Add the content to your site and optimize the site for on-page SEO.
    • Start promoting your site – link building, social media, maybe even paid advertising.
    • Create a newsletter sequence/email funnel (this is where the real magic happens).
    • Convert website readers into newsletter subscribers, and then ply them with great content that also pre-sells them on your products.
    • Start selling affiliate products for commissions through those newsletter funnels.
  • This particular system is nothing new or particularly innovative – but that’s the whole point. AffiloBlueprint is much more focused on a proven, scalable system than any form of “cutting-edge” method.


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