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Constant Content Review

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What’s up everybody? It’s me back with another review. Today I’m looking at a content marketplace platform. Kind of in the vein of things like Higher Writers, and iWriter, only a lot more high end. Sort of I guess the aim is of this platform is to provide better quality content for people, and also give writers better jobs, and I do have to make it clear that I haven’t been active much on this platform in a long time now, but I did use to do quite a bit of work through it, and earn some decent money back in the day.

I still, I actually thought of doing this review, because is till get this sort of a writer call up emails from the people who run this particular market place, and I thought, “Actually you know what? I’m gonna give a review of this service.” So anyway the platform I’m talking about today, and going to be reviewing is called Constant Content. So just click the link here if you want to go and check it out.

And Constant Content, I wouldn’t call it a content mill, because it’s not for cheap sort of a $5, 500 word garbage articles. The content on there is slightly more expensive. Actually it can be quite a lot more expensive, and it’s really aimed at a higher class of content buyer, and writer. So if you’re the sort of person who’s used to buy articles off, or other content mills, you’ll probably find that Constant Content is a little bit too pricey for you.

But there is quite a bit of interest in this platform. So I’m gonna talk about it really quickly from the perspective of both the buyer, and of a writer. I’m gonna focus more on the perspective of it as a writer, because that’s what I did, and talk about the platform in general. I will keep this review short. It’s not gonna be a long one, so I’m just gonna cover the facts.

So look the way the platform works is really simple, you signup as a writer if you want to write, and you have to go through a little qualification process. If I recall correctly, it involves writing an article on a topic, and you actually get that article edited, and approved by a real editor. So it’s quite different to places like iWriter, and, which any Tom, Deckle, Harry can write for those sites, and they have no interest in quality control whatsoever. It’s just about getting the max number of jobs through.

Constant Content is quite fussy. I mean I’m a good writer. The articles on this blog might not appear it, because they’re transcriptions of audio I’ve recorded by and large, but yeah I mean I’ve got a degree in history, and political science. So I mean there was a lot of writing in that, and I always got good marks for grammar, and all those kind of things.

So and the crazy thing is, the first time I applied to Constant Content I got turned down, ’cause I made a couple small mistakes in my articles. And then I was approved when I fixed them. So yeah they are quite strict if the process is still anything like that, then that’s what it’ll be like. So this is gonna sound pretty harsh, but if you’re not a native english writer, if you just sort of writing …

Platforms like iWriter, most of the writers as far as [inaudible 00:03:34], aren’t native english speakers. They’re based in places like India, and the Philippines with five US dollars for an hours work, writing an article is really good rate of return. Which Constant Content does have a lot more high tier writers on it. So yeah, if you’re good at writing, and you back yourself, and you can write accurately, and precisely, then do apply.

And once you’ve signed up, there’s basically a couple of different ways you can actually earn through the platform. So one is that you can just write an article, really on almost any topic you want. There’s sort of presets, I used to write about internet marketing for example, because it was reasonable demand. And then you can set your own price for that article, which is pretty cool. So you could write a thousand words, and so right I reckon that’s worth $100, and you put it on a marketplace.

And what happens is that basically there are buyers browsing that marketplace and they go, “Oh I’m looking for a blog post about internet marketing, I’ll check out that category. Oh that one that Sam’s written there that’s $100, and it’s a 1,000 words. Wow that looks pretty good.” And they can see a preview of it, and then to actually access the full article they have to purchase it.

And then obviously Constant Content takes a cut, and you get the lion’s share. So there is opportunities to make some pretty good money from it. I mean when I was active, and this is quite some time ago now, I was fairly frequently selling articles. And you can do interesting things like you can make your article exclusive. So once it’s bought, no one else can buy it. Or for less money you could make it so that multiple people could buy it, and try and make up the money on volume.

So there are a lot of options. If I recall correctly, there’s an option for a buyer to make a counter offer. So they think, you’ve said your article’s worth $100 and they go, “No I think it’s worth 50.” And you might agree on 75, or whatever. So that’s pretty cool. That’s my favorite part of the platform. Both for buyers and sellers, ’cause it’s a genuine sort of marketplace, which is really nice.

And then as a writer you can also respond to job requests, so there’s a basically where clients have said, “I need five articles written about horse shampoo.” Or things like that, and there’s all sorts of projects that are available. I’ve honestly never had any luck getting into this projects. Some of them seem to have very, very stringent requirements. They’re often pretty specific that you need industry experience in the industry that’s being written about. Or you need an actual qualification in the industry, or you need to be in a specific location like if the buyer was requesting a series of articles about Toronto based dentists, you’d need to be living in Toronto, or Canada, or whatever.

So I never had much luck with that, but other people do, and those really the requests, they’re the main ways, requests in the marketplace are the two main ways you can earn money with constant content. And as a buyer, well I mean as you’d expect the process is pretty much the flip of it. If you’re buying on constant content, you’re probably looking for a higher class of content writer, and output. You’re certainly a number of steps above the people who are buying. I mean just cheap junk off places like iWriter.

And there are some people who write for Constant Content, or write on Constant Content, and sell their articles through there, who by the looks of things, have had some pretty successful writing careers, and they just do it for some extra side money, or whatever. So as a buyer, the platform works really well, and it’s efficient, and you can certainly find someone, whatever your requirement is, you’ll be able to find someone who can help you.

You’ve just got to bare in mind these aren’t people who write 1,000 words for $10. If you could get a 1,000 words for $75 you’d be doing all right there. And what I wanna do before I wrap this up really, because it’s gonna be a short review, I guess I’ll just do a big sort of talk through what I think about it. The actual nature of the platform itself, and how it’s setup is really quite good. It’s a lot better than any of the other content mills out there. There’s a lot of promise.

The big problem I can see, especially from a writer’s perspective, is it seems fairly dead. I mean even when I, in the time I used to write not extensively, but a decent amount for constant content, even I noticed it dying off, and it’s been a coupe of years now. And if you’ve gone back and looked, and it’s still around, and there’s obviously still volume going through it, because I still get a lot of writer call up emails. They come through saying, “We need a writer who can write about scaffolding in New York.” Or something like that.

Those come through fairly consistently. So the platform’s still alive and kicking, but certainly if you sign up as a writer and you go look at the forums, and you go look at the writers section, you’ll see a lot of people complaining about they haven’t sold stuff in a long time. And I think in many respects, Constant Content, the issue with it is the platform itself is great. I really recommend it, the problem is it’s a bit of a ghost town, unless you’re able to get in those job requests, or you sort of crack the code on how the marketplace works.

But I think that the problem with writers is the marketplace started to die off, and really unless you’re getting request gigs, you just weren’t gonna be doing well enough out of it. And I think partly this is because of how Constant Content is setup. People who want cheap crap will go to iWriter, or go to Upworth, or freelance, or any of those kind of sites and just they’ll put a request for a quote out, and they’ll pick the cheapest they’ll want.

They wanna do a 100 crappy blog posts for a click bait website, and they just get the cheapest, crappiest writer to do the work, ’cause they don’t care about the content. Constant Content, it’s kind of a no mans’ land. Organizations, businesses, websites, whatever that want really, really top notch content, they’ll probably go one step further and actually find someone who’s not necessarily in house, but a independent freelancer they can work with on a regular basis. Who might be getting $100 for every 500 words, or something like a really good rate like that.

Constant Content it’s like it’s not cheap enough to appeal to a volume of people who are out there buying, well crappy articles. And it’s not expensive enough that it’s gonna sort of I guess, not expensive and exclusive enough that it’s gonna work for people who really are dedicated to buying the best quality content. So I think in many ways it’s a sort of victim of it’s own genius.

It’s a great idea for a platform doing a content marketplace that works for buyers, and also provides a place for good writers to sell their content. So I mean look it’s a bit of a ghost town, but it is worth giving the try. If you want to buy content, you’re certainly gonna be able to get something on there, because there are people who are actively looking for work. If you’re looking to sell your articles, do give it a try.

You’ll probably find as I did that there’s just not enough going through on there. Some they will probably do really, really well on it, but other’s don’t. But yeah overall constant content, I review it as a decent platform that’s well worth checking out. So give it a try. Just don’t be disappointed if you don’t get many orders as a writer.

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Constant Content is an excellent idea for a high-quality content marketplace. Buyers can get great content, and sellers can get far better rates than general content mills. However, it is a bit of a "ghost town" these days ... so be aware.


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