35 thoughts on “Coinsmarkets.com Exit Scam Update”

    • Hi Ben.

      As I allude to in the video, I really do not think that Coinsmarket is going to come back. I think it’s “lights out” for investors on the platform unless something drastic changes.

      There are simply too many signs pointing to this being an exit scam.

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    • Hi Pradesh,

      Still no update. In fact, it’s looking worse than ever now as the site doesn’t even load any more – just throws a constant hosting error.

      My opinion remains unchanged. Coinsmarkets.com has exit scammed and nobody is getting their money back.

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    • Hi Jake,

      It still looks like there are a few true “$hitcoins” available for withdrawal, but I’m waiting to see some better stuff able to be withdrawn.

      I’ll do an update shortly.

    • Hi Waleed, thanks for your comment.

      Unfortunately, chances are that yes – all your coins in Coinsmarkets are gone.

      This had all the hallmarks of an exit scam from day one.

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