Clickbank How To Cancel Recurring Billing

Hey how’s it going? I’m back here with another affiliate marketing video looking at Clickbank again (make sure you read my Clickbank review) and today what we’re going to do is look at how you can cancel recurring billing on Clickbank so this is really more to be honest this video at people who may have purchased a product on Clickbank and a lot of Clickbank products contain rebuilds or sort of recurring subscriptions. Quite often when you buy a product, what will happen is they’ll be like a free trial offered or a $1 trial offered to an upsell. So you might go to buy a, you know, a $30 ebook, and then as part of the checkout process, it’ll be you know, do you want access to a mastermind programme, which is normally $100 a month that you’ll get the first month for $1 or you get the first month for free, and they’ll be somewhere along the checkout process a checkbox. And so a lot of times, you know, often through no real fault of their own customers wind up accidentally leaving those checkboxes checked or cheating And by mistake, we’re not really changing the terms and conditions. I know that the buyer needs to be aware but but some products are quite bad in my experience of trying to hide exactly how they’re going to get you with rebuilds. Not all of them but some of them. So, if you’re wanting to learn how you can cancel a recurring billing on Clickbank, there’s a couple ways to do it, the first thing you should look to do is actually contact the product vendor or directly. So when you place your order and made the purchase, you should have received some documentation including contact details for the vendor. So talk to the vendor first, email them, you know, they might have a support ticket system, depending on you know, the sort of professionalism of the vendor and sort of how big they are. smaller ones usually use email bigger ones often use support ticket systems. And you can always request a refund through there and cancellation of any subscription. Now, depending on the product you’ve got, there may also be an option within the product itself to cancel the subscription. So if there’s a login area to the product,

Login first in the first instance, have a look through Is there any option to cancel subscription? If there isn’t? Then contact the vendor. Say, Hey look, I want to cancel my recurring subscription. And if you don’t get any luck with that, remember that with Clickbank you’re always pretty well protected simply by the way that their refund policy and cancellation policy work. Clickbank pretty much always sides with the customer, which is a good thing for customers, it can sometimes cause some stress for affiliates and vendors because you do occasionally get people buying products who had no intention of ever keeping them they just buy it consuming information and request a refund. But that’s a topic for a different video. But if you are wondering how you can cancel recurring billing on Clickbank for product you’ve purchased and you have tried cancelling through the product interface if there’s an option and you’ve tried contacting the vendor and you haven’t had any luck, well the way you get it sorted finally as you come here and you click on Support, and you hover on support, and you click order support and that will open up A slightly different domain CLK And then all you need to do is if you’ve got the order information in front of you, so the email address you used to place the order and the personal verification so last digits of the put in your order number will last four digits of your payment method or your zip code that will bring up your order. And then what you can do it if you follow the process from them, it’s laid out it’s really simple. And you contact Clickbank and they will basically force the cancellation of the subscription for you. So realistically, whatever happens, you’re going to be covered you’re going to be okay, um, you can always cancel us recurring subscription, what you do want to be aware of, of courses, a lot of people will buy a product that has a sort of free trial of the recurring upsell, and then think I’ll check it out and I’ll cancel before the date. And then you know, life gets in the way and you forget to cancel and you wind up getting charged, if that happens. So if you buy a product and it says, Hey, you know, if you buy today, we’ll give you 30 free days of our premium upsell, and then it’s $100 a month, set a reminder in your calendar, you know, for a few days beforehand, so that you, you can actually check out that product. Maybe you want to keep it I don’t know. But if you do want to cancel, at least you’re not at risk of forgetting that you’ve basically place that order because I when I used to work for a quite a well known vendor on Clickbank and I’d occasionally help out on customer support. That’s where we’d get a lot of complaints from eyes, people who, you know, they purchase the product, they got the free trial of the upsell, and then they’d forgotten to cancel it, they wanted to cancel it, they didn’t want the product or the upsell, but they basically let 30 days expire, and then we charge them automatically. It just happens automatically in the background. And then suddenly they’d say this, you know, $50 or $100 charge on the credit card statement and they’re like, hang on, I didn’t want that in the first place. So really important to bear that in mind as well. But yeah, if you’re wondering how you can solve recurring billing on Clickbank that’s how you do it really straightforward, easy to do. You know, start first with the product and the face if there’s no option then move on to contacting the vendor. And if that doesn’t get you any luck then you can go through the nuclear option which is contacting Clickbank themselves and they will make sure it gets cancelled for you. So thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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