Shopify Review 2019

Just a quick announcement at this stage that I’m going to be having a live/case study review of Shopify, all updated and uber-relevant for 2019 starting soon.

I am looking at getting into the Shopify dropshipping game, and figured that this is a great opportunity to also get a quality review of the platform all made up for you guys to enjoy.

For starters I will be looking at how Shopify performs on my 14 day free trial. From there I will probably be upgrading and diving deeper into the platform.

Stay tuned for my Shopify review!

Reviews Boss Is Now On YouTube

Want to get the original audio versions of my reviews but don’t like using Soundcloud? Now you can (thanks to the amazing power of, which I recently reviewed).

All audio reviews will automatically be uploaded to the new Reviews Boss YouTube channel here.

You can then listen at your leisure using the YouTube app on your mobile or on the main YouTube website.

I will also be releasing some screen capture and “vlog” style review videos in the near future, so stay tuned for those as well.


Live Chat Now On Reviews Boss

Just a quick update about this site – I’ve enabled live chat (you’ll see it in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen). If you want to get in touch and ask me any questions about a product or service I’ve reviewed – such as whether it is suitable for a particular situation you’ve got – then live chat will help you get answers faster.

If I’m not available/online for live chat, you can still leave a message on the system and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

I’m happy to answer any and all questions related to products and services for digital marketing professionals. Don’t be afraid to speak up – all questions are important, and this is part of my dedication to helping ensure that you get the products and services you need to be awesome at what you do.

Pagez Is Coming Back

Good news everyone – Pagez appears to be coming back! A few weeks ago I blogged about the fact that Pagez had been suspended by Facebook due to undisclosed violations of Facebook’s rules. At the time it didn’t seem hopeful that Facebook would reverse this decision, and Pagez seemed doomed to never come back.

However, when I logged on to Facebook this morning I saw a message from Pagez saying that Facebook has overturned their original decision, and that they will be coming back again in the near future.

Exciting stuff! Stay tuned for more info, and in the meantime go check out my Pagez review. I think it is one of the best ways to get started with monetising Facebook traffic.

Selling A Niche Facebook Page With 5.5k Likes

This is just a quick message to let you guys know that I am currently giving away a niche Facebook page with just about 5.5k likes. The page is called “Bender Quotes” – I’ve spend over $200 on Facebook ads to build the likes and engagement of this page, and I have made money from Amazon Associates in the past.

If you’re interested in buying this Facebook page (maybe to grow it with FPTraffic and then monetize it) then send me a message on samfrosttesting @ – remove the spaces!