What I’m Up To – Introducing Numerik

For my regular readers, you have probably noticed that I haven’t been particularly active on this blog for a while. I do apologize wholeheartedly for this (and do promise to start doing more reviews in the near future, as well as providing more updates about the affiliate/Internet marketing strategies I’m using at the moment).

There is a good reason for my prolonged hiatus. I’ve been working on an extremely exciting project for the past few months that  I am now ready to announce to the world. As of March 2019, I have officially started as Marketing Manager for Numerik.

We are currently in the process of developing a cutting-edge SaaS for sales reps to help you hit your targets/quotas. Numerik isn’t just another CRM – our application works alongside the data from your existing CRM to help you put your target at the forefront of all sales activities, and provide an actionable plan based on your existing results to help hit that target.

If you’re a B2B sales rep or manager looking to hit and exceed your sales targets, then I want to hear from you as a potential candidate for our Early Access program that will be launching later this year. If you know anybody else who might fit the bill as well, then I’d really appreciate it if you referred them on to me!

Go here to learn more about Numerik and find out how you can become part of our Early Access program.



Reviews Boss Is Changing

To quote the eternally awesome Professor Farnsworth from Futurama, “good news everyone!”.

Reviews Boss is evolving into something bigger and better!!

For the past year this site has been dedicated to giving honest reviews of top selling or just-released Internet marketing products (software, courses, ebooks etc).

I’m going to be continuing with this, but will also be rolling out reviews for other categories of products. I’m really interested in reviewing top-selling info products in the following “niches”:

  • Health & fitness
  • Self-help & improvement
  • Business & employment

I will also continue to review Internet marketing products as I see fit as well.

All my reviews – regardless of industry – will continue to demonstrate my core principles, which are:

  • Detailed reviews that tell you what you want to know (not just re-hashed pitch pages)
  • No affiliate links unless I truly believe in the product
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Disclosure as to whether I paid the product or received it as a freebie

So keep an eye out for upcoming reviews and feel free to submit your requests – or products of your own that you would like reviewed!

Review Updates Coming Soon

This is a quick note to say that in the coming weeks I’m going to be releasing numerous updates to reviews, including some big products like AffiloJetpack, Long Tail Pro, Aweber and more.

I’ve been wanting to update my reviews for a while now, but simply haven’t found the time.

There is also a whole swathe of exciting new reviews in the works as well.

Finally, there are a few new types of content coming to this humble site as well:

  • Guides – These are posts that aren’t about products in particular, but instead show a step-by-step process that will help you get more traffic, leads, sales etc.
  • Head-to-heads – Where I compare two products directly to each other, e.g. “AffiloBlueprint vs AffiloJetpack
  • Roundups – In-depth coverage of a category/type of product, e.g. “best keyword research software for affiliate marketers”

I look forward to helping you find the right products for your needs!

Remember, you can email me at any time on sam@acedigitalmarketing.net

Upcoming Software Alert: Numerik

I just wanted to give you all a quick heads up on a software project that I am actively involved in. It’s called Numerik, and it’s a software application for B2B sales reps and managers that makes it easier to track your performance and hit demanding sales targets. This is achieved through unique data insights and tools like our customer scorecard, which makes collaborative selling much easier than ever before.

Go here to learn more about Numerik. And if you’re a sales rep or manager please consider registering your interest so that you can get free, early access to the product!

Upcoming Reviews

Thought I’d share a bit of an “inside scoop” on some upcoming reviews I’ve got in the works:

  • LinkedIn Premium
  • SaleHoo
  • Shopify
  • TradeMe Stores (NZ-specific)

I’m also going to be reviewing a few physical products I use for my day-to-day work, such as my Yeti Pro etc.

Stay tuned … these reviews are bound to be good!

Sorry For The Hiatus

This is just a quick message to say sorry for the recent dearth of new reviews on Reviews Boss. I’ve been crazy busy with work and setting up my new project – Ace Digital Marketing.

However, I can say that Reviews Boss is going to be hitting the ground running again as of now. So keep your eyes peeled for more great reviews.

I’m also going to be launching a new type of review, where I purchase and evaluate Internet marketing services from sites like Source Wave Market.

Christchurch SEO

Running a business based in Christchurch, New Zealand (or maybe you’re based somewhere else in the world but you just really love the Garden City)?

If so, then you’ll probably be after a good Christchurch SEO service, right?

After all, it’s only normal to want your business to perform better online. You want to get to the top of Google for those crucial terms that are key to the success of your business – and you want to stay there.

Because the barriers to entry are so low, there are a huge number of different companies offering SEO services at all manner of price points. From people offering “guaranteed first page rankings” for some unbelievably low sum, through to super-premium agencies charging many hundreds of dollars per hour; the choice is almost limitless.

However, if you’re after an SEO company that offers great value for money and excellent results for its clients (with a real focus on helping them to make more money from their web presence) then you’ll want to check out Christchurch SEO.

With SEO packages to suit every business type and budget, you’ll be looked after like you won’t believe. Don’t fall for the hype of agencies promising the world for pennies … instead get ahead with www.christchurchseo.co.nz and do things right the first time.

Upcoming Reviews

Just a quick heads up here on the upcoming reviews for this website:

  • AffiloJetpack – a high end affiliate marketing training product/”business in a box”
  • Aweber – a popular email service provider
  • Mailchimp – same as above
  • Mail Monitor – a service for monitoring and improving how your marketing emails are performing in terms of deliverability
  • Traffic Travis – SEO software
  • Amplifire – a plugin for creating welcome mats and popovers for your site
  • JVZoo – an online marketplace for publishing digital information products, software etc
  • Affilorama Premium – an upgraded version of Affilorama with additional features
  • SaleHoo – an online directory of wholesalers and dropshippers for people looking to make money from eCommerce
  • Google Sniper – affiliate marketing training product. Of all the reviews mentioned here, I’m the most excited to do this one as I will be doing a live review on video and then backing it up with a detailed written review. There is huge interest in Google Sniper, but I’ve heard some things about this product that make it a must-review product.

I aim to have all of the above reviews completed by the end of March. This is an ambitious target as my reviews are very detailed, but I hope I can do it. Once these reviews are all complete, then I will start a new batch.

I will also be doing some shorter reviews/guides on tools that aren’t really products per se, but which can have a useful application to your web marketing business. Examples include Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, and Facebook Insights.

Also coming soon will be the official social media presence of Reviews Boss, as well as a newsletter that keeps you updated on all the latest reviews.