Can You Trust Clickbank?

Hey how’s it going it’s Sam Frost here from reviews boss calm back with a another Clickbank video today I’m asking are going to be answering the question whether or not you can trust Clickbank so I’ve seen a few people ask this I’ve had people ask me this through comments on my website and contact form messages and all sorts of things like that basically can you trust Clickbank

so what I’m going to do in this video is cover really

sort of key angles from which we can look at this because there’s actually a few different ways you have to look at Clickbank you’ve got to look at it as just Clickbank as a whole. So can you trust the whole sort of business model they’ve got? You want to look at Clickbank from the perspective of affiliates. Can you trust the platform as an affiliate? Can you trust it as a vendor? And also can you trust it as a customer if you’re buying a product on there, so this will be a slightly longer video, but hopefully you’ll find it helpful. As with all my videos in this channel, it’s largely me talking with some screen recording in the background, but hopefully you’re cool with that concept. So as far as the bigger picture goes Can you trust Clickbank? I think you can, you know, long storey short that’s been around for a long time. You know they’ve been in business for number of years now and I don’t think you get to be as big as you are. So this is successful as you are if you’re not a trustworthy business. Now that doesn’t mean that people don’t have complaints and what I’ll do in this video is talk a bit more about where some of those complaints tend to come from. But as a whole, I think Clickbank is a trustworthy platform. You know, if you’re looking to buy a product or sell a product or be an affiliate, you can trust Clickbank, you know, to not sort of rip you off that they’re set up in an honest and ethical fashion in terms of how they operate. Now, what I do want to do is preface that by saying there are some things you need to be aware of as to how the platform works, and a lot of that is where some of the accusations of Clickbank being untrustworthy have come from. So what we’ll do first to start by looking at whether you can try Clickbank from the perspective of a customer so but customer owning the end user is buying the product. So you might find yourself in the position of asking this question if someone’s recommended you a product maybe you’ve gone to a website you’ve clicked on a link and it’s taking you to product Oh use you know, let’s say you’re trying to learn French and then as part of learning French someone has recommended that you buy rocket languages or you’re trying to learn how to sing and someone’s recommended that you get Superior Singing Method. And so you’ve seen that the product is sold through Clickbank probably when you’ve got to the checkout process. You will have seen that it takes you off to a Clickbank page and maybe you’re sitting here thinking Oh, can I trust Clickbank are they going to take my payment details are they gonna you know, relieve me of money any of that kind of thing? Well, truth is no you can definitely trust Clickbank in this regard. You know, they’ve got a good secure payment processing gateway you don’t need to worry about that. I mean, Clickbank for customers is very trustworthy in terms of how the platform operates. You always want to be careful with anytime you’re buying anything online or handing over personal information. So you know, you want to make sure that you check for the security symbol in the top left corner of the screen. You know, you want to make sure that you know you’re sort of progressing through a legitimate Clickbank interface you know, not that I’ve heard of that happening but I guess they would possibly be people out there who might fake a sort of Clickbank you know, checkout process and then actually use it to steal your details. So just because Clickbank is a Trusted Platform as a customer doesn’t mean that common sense doesn’t fly, you still need to think about these things and sort of use your common sense head that you should use when you’re operating online because there are people out there who want to get you with bad stuff. You know, the another reason you can trust Clickbank as a customers, they do have a very generous refund policy that’s pushed on the vendors. You know, you have to offer a 60 day money back guarantee on your products. You can’t you know, sell them With a shorter refund window, at least that’s my understanding. I don’t think there’s any way around it. So if you’re sitting there thinking all what if I buy this product and it’s not good and then the vendor doesn’t want to refund me? Well, the first port of call is always to go back to the vendor and ask for a refund.

But in most vendors are really good at just giving you the money back because the marginal cost of making a digital sale is not very high. Some though some less scrupulous ones are sometimes a higher value products, you know, they will try and keep you, I guess, you know, rectify the situation. Maybe if you didn’t quite like the product, they might offer your bonus or something like that. And, you know, sometimes people will complain there they’ll say, all vendor on Clickbank tried to, you know, stop me from getting a refund, if that happens, and you really just need the refund, just come here and go to support and go to the order support, which is this piece here, you know, and that will help you get your refund or your cancellation of a rebuilding subscription or anything like that. So from a purely end user perspective, Think you know if you’re buying a product that is sold through Clickbank you don’t really have anything to worry about it is a good platform that should look after you you know it enables smooth and efficient delivery of the product it you know it helps keep your payment data secure all that sort of stuff you know you’ve got good support if the vendor falls through so definitely Clickbank is good in that regard now where the sort of trustworthiness of Clickbank you know, arguments of common and sort of you know, some people are not so funded it is from a couple of different angles mainly looking at vendors and affiliates. So if we look at vendors one bone of contention with indoors has always been the 60 day refund policy that Clickbank forces now the reason Clickbank does this is because especially going back a while but even now Clickbank products that there’s some niches that have horrendously high refund rates for various reasons. The best example is the make money online niche so there’s tonnes and tonnes of products on Clickbank About a business and a marketing. There’s just just heaps and heaps of them just, you know, endless numbers. And the problem with a lot of these products is a lot of them aren’t that good. I think Clickbank has done work to clean up the marketplace, but there’s a lot of crap on the marketplace to be honest. You know, especially, I mean, when I first started on Clickbank from about 2007, I mean, some of the trash that was being sold on here was just unimaginable. And even today, there are a lot of these products especially in make money online space that that promise a huge amount. You know, we’ve all seen the overhyped claims, you know, copying anything that’s like copy and paste method to make, you know, thousand dollars a day passively. Part of the problem is people buy into the hype and the whole way that a lot of the vendors operate. Now who was selling these products is they know they’re going to have massive refunds. But as long as the sales pace outstrips the refunds, you know, this selling the up sales on the back end and all that kind of stuff. They’re making bank, you know, They’re doing really really well and people make money like you wouldn’t believe on Clickbank selling some of the stuff but one area where people say can I trust Clickbank or can you trust Clickbank is if you’re a vendor and you’re selling a legitimate product a really good one. And then basically you’ve got this problem whereby you know you often you’re selling an information product and because of the 60 day refund period, most people will have consumed that product within 60 days. Like if I buy an E book, I’ll generally read it within a day. You know, often I’ll buy something before I’m getting on a plane for a couple of hours flying over to Australia for work or something like that. I’ll read it on the flight and then I’m done. Now what was happening and what still happens a lot of specially in some of these niches like make money online health and fitness, self help. You know, the big sort of big money making niches is people know how Clickbank refund policy works, especially people who bought multiple products as end users. And so they’ll buy your product for 100 bucks, 50 bucks, whatever. They’ll consume it and then they’ll refund it and get their money back because ultimately Clickbank requires you to give a refund. Now the reason they require that refund is because the refund rates are so high and if they didn’t do that it basically cuts down on chargeback. So any merchant platform you know Clickbank being one hates charge backs because charge backs basically threaten the they almost threaten the viability of your business because obviously most people pay online with credit cards and because Clickbank can get a whole lot of charge backs and if their refund policy wasn’t so tight, you know if someone buys a product for $500, a master class on copy and paste online, immediate profits, buys it realises it’s a load of crap. You know, can’t get a refund so issues a chargeback through their credit card company. well enough of those could get Clickbank shut down. So my understanding is basically the arrangement Clickbank has there’s still the old chargeback here and there, but basically the arrangement they’ve got with credit card companies is look You know, we forced this really long refund period onto the indoors and therefore onto affiliates as well. And in exchange that that, you know, we cut down the risk of challenge packs and therefore you’ve got to keep giving us payment processing facilities. Because you know, most platforms most businesses don’t allow for products like this you know, it’s not normal to allow such a long refund period you know, I do see people do it on other platforms. I mean, I’ve bought info products where you have a year’s refund you know, lifetime refund, but Clickbank you know, with the volume of business that doing this is one of those real buttons of contention because as a vendor you can make all these sales of a really legitimate good product that some people are just unscrupulous and refund that for no good reason. And the thing is, Clickbank doesn’t discriminate between a legitimate refund request, and one that’s like I bought the product and I’ve used it and now I just want my money back. It’s a bit like going to you know shop buying a shirt to wear out to a party on the weekend and then taking it back on the Monday because you don’t want to wear that shirt again it’s really no different now with physical products that’s harder to do but with with Clickbank I did make it easy so a lot of vendors wonder, can you trust Clickbank because of this refund system and ultimately, that’s just something you have to be comfortable with. If you aren’t comfortable with that concept, look to a different platform. You know, if you don’t need affiliates, maybe you just want to sell a product online to your own audience. I would probably say don’t use Clickbank as a vendor. You know, if you don’t see affiliates being a big part of what you want to do that you’re better off with your own system. You know, even things like Shopify now make it super easy to set up an online store for info products or software or anything like that. There’s heaps and heaps of options. Things like gum road are super easy. And you can specify your own refund policy and all that kind of stuff. Because I do agree that if you have a legitimate product, you know, you shouldn’t have to offer a refund. Just because someone has changed their mind after 60 days you know I think Clickbank would Copley’s hate here if if they said Hey, you got 24 hours or 48 hour refund window for any reason and then up to 60 days thereafter if you know, but maybe there’s like a dispute process or something like that, but that’s never going to change because Clickbank has to reduce the risk of challenge packs because that has a massive risk on a business model. So can you trust Clickbank from the perspective of a vendor look, you can but you just have to be aware of how this refund thing works and what it can do to your business. Because obviously, it’s really frustrating you make a whole lot of sales and then you know 59 days later they will get refunded and you haven’t made the money you thought you’re gonna make me maybe you’ve already spent it I don’t know. Now that leads us on to the last piece for this video, which is can you trust Clickbank if you’re an affiliate, and this is generally where most of the sort of, you know, anchor, an anchor anxiousness comes from around Clickbank So once again, as I mentioned with the vendors The refund policy on Clickbank can really affect you as an affiliate, I have had it so many times, there’s a couple of, you know, high end info products that I recommend, you know, that are up sort of, you know, 567 801 of them’s about thousand dollars and some good products, you know, I only recommend products that I actually genuinely recommend. But of course, with an expensive product like that, especially anything in the make money online space, people will buy it, they realise that spending $1,000 doesn’t mean that they’re going to click their fingers and start making a grand a day every day. There’s actually work goes into it. It’s hard, hard work seriously hard work. And so what happens is, you know, you see that nice juicy commission come into your account, and then lo and behold 50 days later, 35 days later, whatever that money is refunded. And as an affiliate that can actually cause a whole lot of problems because you can wind up in a situation where Clickbank paid you out for some sales, but then you get refunds like later on in a sort of now the payment side And depending on the value of the product you sold and was successfully paid out on versus the value of the products refunded you might actually want to owing Clickbank money now my understanding is they don’t sue you for the balance but they’ll keep harassing you saying that you know you need to square this off with accounts and then what they can do is actually shut your account down as well you know, it’s it’s really frustrating I personally don’t really think that’s that’s okay I think the way it should work as as an affiliate your balance should not be able to go below zero dollars just should be right you know, if people have if people have refunded the products you know, in Clickbank your clickbank account balance goes below zero dollars as an affiliate because you’ve you know, been paid out on some sales and then refunded on more later. Well, Clickbank, I think you’d have to wear that difference. You know, that’s, that should be the punishment they should have to face for their ridiculous refund policy. You know, or the fact that there’s no ability to sort of fight back against some of these lists. Genuine refund requests but that’s just my opinion. You know, obviously I welcome any other opinion that may come along as well. But yeah, can you trust Clickbank as an affiliate? Well, you have to be comfortable with the way that refund system works. Now, if you’re not comfortable with that, look at a different platform, maybe something like JV Zoo that be similar products on there, you know, and vendors have a bit more control or maybe in house affiliate programmes as well. Another thing you want to be aware of is a Clickbank affiliate as to whether you can trust the platform or not, is some people do have issues with vendors. It’s not so much Clickbank fault, but vendors

trying to do all sorts of unscrupulous things with overriding affiliate cookies. So a classic example where you say this is you a landing page for a product that has some kind of newsletter opt in. So you know, the landing page should be selling the product, but then the vendor will say I’ll get our free secret, you know, seven day report or something like that seven day email course. And when the user signs up for that basically what happens is the link that comes out in the first email when someone clicks that goes back to the product sales page, it overwrites your cookie with one of their own, you know, or friends one or something like that. And then you’ve driven them the traffic that you actually get shot out of the sale. So you need to be wary of that. I’ll do a video on how you can spot some of these scams. They’re not that common. They’re not as common as they were, but it’s just something to be aware of. Some affiliates have claimed that Clickbank themselves sort of shave conditions. I don’t know if there’s any evidence for that, you know, I don’t want to accuse Clickbank of something that they haven’t done. I mean, I certainly know way back when I first did affiliate marketing, Clickbank and sort of did more than I do. Now. To be honest, most of the affiliate marketing I do through Amazon these days, um, you know, there was, I mean, I can definitely remember a time where I was making really, really consistent sales and most people who’ve claimed Clickbank shaving, or sort of, you know, put out official holds on your account or something like that. Most people have had a similar experience. You know, I was making really consistent sales every day hundred and 5200 bucks in commissions a day. And all of a sudden same level of traffic, same level of clicks, it would slow right down to, you know 20 $30. And what I did was just shut down that account open it shut it down, but I opened another one changed my links over and lo and behold, straight up to the same figure I was making. And some people theorise that what Clickbank is possibly doing is, you know, once you reach a certain level, maybe you know you’re making some sales, but you’re not quite a super affiliate, as some people call them. We’ve got good influence within the platform. Basically, they’re trimming a little bit of money here and they’re swapping out some hops. Who knows what goes on in the background. I don’t think they do that. It’s probably just you know, random coincidence, but it is something to be aware of some people do complain of that. So you know, be aware. The other thing that you do need to be aware of as well. And this is not just for affiliates, but it’s also for customers to is it as I mentioned other points in this video. There are a lot of crappy products on Clickbank it’s not as bad It was, but you know, ultimately there is a lot of junk on here, you know, people will create a product very quickly listed for sale, you know, a lot of the top selling products in my experience, more hype and marketing and they are substance and you know that they tend to lead to big refunds, you know, all sorts of problems. So, you know, you do want to do your research into the product you promote, ultimately, it’s, you know, let the buyer beware. But the problem with that if you’re a customer looking for reviews of a Clickbank product, it’s almost impossible in my experience to find a genuine review because if you search for, you know, product nine plus review, so if we search for it, you know, mobile monopoly two point O review, almost all of the top links you’ll find on Google will be affiliates of the product, who you know, you just read the reviews and they just usually the affiliate price release content, tweaked up a little bit and linking you straight through. So finding genuine reviews of Clickbank products can be very, very difficult. One way To find a piece of advice I can give is if you look for the product name and review and then go plus read it so read it is an online discussion board but what read it’s quite good at doing is is the way it’s set up you know people can still scan it but relatives tend to be pretty diligent at filtering that out so you can often find more honest reviews of products on there you know any kind of forum as well it’s probably easy to find a genuine review but my experience pretty much any Clickbank review even if you search almost Clickbank review you know honest product name review

7580 maybe even 90% of the reviews out there are just people who will say anything positive about the product to try and get a commission now I you know, I review Clickbank products I’ve got, you know, I’ve done it for years, but I do try to keep relatively honest reviews, obviously I want to make commissions as well. But you know, if I see a product that I really don’t like and don’t think it’s good, I will, you know, avoid using my affiliate link for it. So you You can get a good feel for whether that product is trustworthy or not. Because if it’s not good, I won’t try and make money off your purchase of it. But anyway to read this up, can you trust Clickbank? Yes, I think Clickbank is a good platform, they provide a useful service, you just have to be aware of the issues most of the issues to be honest stem from the fact that, you know, they’ve allowed selling of products and niches especially make money online health and fitness and relationships that just have a tendency to probably overhyped things a lot because there’s so much money to be made. And off the back of that you get tonnes of refunds. Because of that they need to avoid chargeback. So they have this really over the top refund policy which is great for customers that badge of indoors and affiliates. Like any affiliate network, there’s always gonna be accusations of shaving and thing I don’t think Clickbank is anywhere near as dodgy from an affiliate perspective as some of these you know, little second tier CPA networks which are really shady a lot of them. You know Clickbank is a genuine business not I think it’s just part of their perhaps tarnished reputation, if you will call it that simply comes from the fact that, you know, they, they’re relatively democratic, they you know, they allow people to buy and sell the products they want to buy and sell within reason. And you know, they sort of come along for the ride and they then they make a cut in the process. And you just have to be aware, you know, let the buyer beware let the affiliate beware let the vendor beware. And as long as you do that click banks have legitimate platform and I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble with it. So thank you so much for watching. If you’re interested in learning how to make money on Clickbank as an affiliate, click the link in the video description below and you can go and check out my recommended free training programme on Clickbank affiliate marketing. It’s called a filler Rama. Now filler Rama does have up cells up but you don’t have to buy them you can still get some good training for free, which is why I recommend it and it’s a good place to start. That’s my affiliate link if you click that, and then you buy any of the premium products. I’ll get But you don’t have to spend anything if you don’t want to. There’s good free training.

So thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

What Products Does Clickbank Sell?

Hey how’s it going? It’s Sam Frost here from reviews back with another Clickbank video. Once again I’m just here with a quick video helping you understand the Clickbank platform and basically how you can start trying to make some money online with it as an affiliate marketer or possibly even a vendor. Now you might be asking the question what products does Clickbank sell? So in this video, I’m going to quickly cover the sort of ins and outs of that so the first thing you need to understand is that Clickbank themselves don’t really sell products. They do Clickbank University which I think is their own product perhaps it’s collaborated with someone else. But basically, Clickbank is just a marketplace. They provide the back end that the affiliate marketplace the affiliate tracking system, the payment gateway, all that kind of stuff, you know, the label support as well. You know, payment processing all those things. That’s what Clickbank does. That’s their business from there as far as what products is Clickbank, so it’s kind of up to you or kind of up to the vendor or I should say So this holiday k category so if we open up the marketplace, basically Clickbank is known, you know, pretty well for being focused on some fairly specific categories of products. So these are all the different categories. Obviously there are products that have done on Clickbank you know, illegal content straight up scam content like I’m sure if you created an E book on how to you know, steal people’s credit card information and you know, live live the life of Riley doing that they would probably not allow that on the platform. But basically Clickbank it focuses on Clickbank vendor was I should say and affiliates tend to focus on some pretty key areas. So there are a whole lot of different categories you can see here. arts and entertainment, baiting systems, computers, blah, blah, blah. And the big ones are a business and E marketing which is sort of making money online health and fitness is really really big, self help personal development and sort of role of spirituality, new age. beliefs, there’s quite a few sports products, a lot of them focused around how you do better at particular aspects of sport. Like there’s a few popular products about how you can jump higher and basketball or get a bit of drive and golf. There’s quite a few cooking related products, things like sort of paleo cooking guides and everything. But the big ones are those sort of evergreen niches, which makes sense because that’s where the money is. The biggest one is definitely, in my opinion, make money online, like a business and a marketing. There’s just so many products in there. You know, just heaps and heaps and heaps of products, a lot of product launches in the space happened through Clickbank that’s because there’s tonnes of affiliates for these vendors. A lot of them, you know, people like working with the platform as affiliates, because they know it and they trust it. You know, so if you’re a vendor in the space, especially if you’ve already got a reputation a lot of these products are relatively small cohort of gurus or companies that create these products. Boxing sort of launched them and then they fizzle out over a while and then the next one comes out and they’re all promoting each other’s products and all that kind of stuff to a business in a marketing health and fitness relationship self help is quite a bit of Pitts related stuff as well. Those are the big categories as far as what does Clickbank sell, you know, it’s generally all information products, some software, Clickbank does have some physical products now but it really is a small amount of the marketplace. The biggest thing is generally info products when I first started out, you know, mid 2000s 2007, something like that. It was all ebooks. Now videos quite common as well. So video products that might have an accompanying ebook, and you know, then you’ve also do have software products as well things like you know, Traffic Travis is an example of a software that

spelled it wrong. But yeah, that’s a software product. For example, our thing longtail Pro is another one. Yeah, so that’s quite a popular products and online software. So SAS product you know so there’s a whole breadth of stuff on Clickbank but basically it’s largely info products and software focused on those really big niches make money online Relationship Advice self help with personal development, health and fitness I like tonnes of weight loss related stuff there are a lot of health and fitness products that in my opinion are probably a little bit shady on Clickbank lots of one’s about trying to cure you know common diseases like I think the stuff like diabetes for example I don’t know if they’re cracked down on it. There you go reverse type two diabetes you know, some of these products have been click clamp down on dark compared to when I first started working with Clickbank but there’s quite a few products that relate to you know, health concerns that maybe aren’t. I guess I gotta be careful what I say but, you know, if you’ve got a health problem, you’re probably better off to go to the doctor than buy some ebook online from some Probably not an expert you know, you’ll often see these products promoted with those weird banner ads you see online like a doctors amazed at this one weird trick to cure diabetes and you’ll click on a ad that’s got a really weird looking image and strange looking text and you’ll hit something that looks like a news page and then you click through here I mean people make money like you wouldn’t believe of these products but me I have a little bit of an ethical opposition to them purely because I mean, I guess if they work they work but I would hate to see someone hurt because of them. But yeah, if you’re wondering what click products, Clickbank sells, you know, just bear in mind, they don’t sell products themselves. They’re just a marketplace, providing all the affiliate tracking and everything but there’s a huge breadth of products, loads of different spaces. They do tend to congregate around a few particular areas, especially make money online personal development and health and fitness. And yeah, that’s really all you need to know. So hope you found that video helpful. If you’re looking to make money online, from Clickbank as an affiliate, maybe you want to get started as an affiliate on Clickbank What you can do is click the link, I’ve got the video description for a free product called a filler Rama. So fill around that is a Clickbank product itself. But it’s all about making money online as an affiliate with some free training. It’s really good quality, a little bit outdated, some aspects of it, but a good starting point. Now that’s my affiliate link. And if you click it, and you decide to buy one of the upsell products, they’ve got some premium products. Yes, I will make a commission. But the truth is that I recommend this product because I think it’s a good place to start. And you don’t have to pay for anything premium, you know, I think it’s just a good way to begin and sort of dip your toes in the space. So yeah, click that link if you’re interested and give it a try. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

What Is Rebill On Clickbank?

Hey how’s it going? It’s Sam Frost here from the reviews YouTube channel back with another quick Clickbank video. Today I’m going to be looking at what Clickbank rebills are – you’ve possibly seen people talking about rebill on Clickbank before you know maybe you’ve you’ve

purchased something with a rebill and you’re not quite sure what it is.

But basically, let me give you the quick rundown. So there’s two types of product or two types of sale

on Clickbank ones are just a

standard buy at once and you get the product sale. And another one is recurring subscription. So a lot of vendors like selling recurring subscription products, because you you get customer once and they keep paying you money over and over again. You know, so a common sort of implementation will be that there’s a base product that you pay, you know, a one off price for and then there’s a upsell, which is a recurring subscription. So I’ll use an example of a product I know If we look here at product could fill aroma, there is a basic product. You know the basic product is those actually a free version of filler Rama then they were premium products like Philip blueprint, for example a pathway to passive or a fellow jet pack. So these are all sort of add on products that you buy one off cost, but then there’s a thing called a filler I’m a premium and that’s actually a rebill product. So each month there’s a charge I can’t remove what the charges off the top of my head, but there’s a ongoing subscription if someone signs up to a filler. I’m a premium. And you can see here a few stats around this. So you get a average rebill percentage of 50%. So of the subscription that occurs each month if someone stays subscribed the filler on a premium, you get 50% of the value and the average rebill total is $1,687 and 62 cents, which is Quite impressive indeed. So, rebill basically, it’s just Clickbank language for recurring subscription. So if you are a potential customer and you say something relating to rebill, it means that you’re going to be charged on a monthly basis for a ongoing subscription, you can cancel those, you know, much as with anything on Clickbank, you can cancel, you can’t, you know, you do need to be a little bit careful with rebills because where a lot of people get caught out, is they’ll buy the base version of a product heaps, heaps of products do this actually, heaps of vendors, in my opinion are a little bit naughty. But what they’ll do is they will have the basic version of the product, say a $50 ebook course. And then in the sales process and the sales sort of sign up sequence. There’ll be some kind of checkbox that says, hey, do you want our mastermind course or you know, monthly premium subscription, I will give you 30 days for free, and you can cancel before that and of course, people will hit the checkbox or sometimes the checkboxes even enabled by the Felt although I think Clickbank might crack down on that. And then what happens is you wind up getting that free trial to the premium product forgetting you’ve signed up for it and then hitting the rainbow. It’s a little bit like gym memberships right a lot of the ways that gyms make their money as people sign up and almost like forget they’ve got the membership and hardly use the product. And then, you know, most gyms my understanding is that will have heaps and heaps of members who basically never use the product never go there but they’re just paying money each month, sort of forgetting that they’ve got a subscription, maybe seeing the money eight go out and saying all I should cancel but keeping forgetting to do it. So really, that’s what rebills our subscription, repeating subscription products, affiliates library, those oftentimes because of the fact that they can make a sale and keep making money. There’s some discussion or contention around with our higher initial sale price, or sort of better rebill terms or advantageous, you know, because oftentimes who don’t hang around on the rebill for that long For information products in a little bit different for things like web hosting or software, where you have to keep paying the bills and sort of get the value, but some of these mastermind things that get up sold are often not that great and my experience and you know that they tend to rely on what I discussed before, which is someone buying subscription getting a free trial, you know, forgetting to cancel and sort of shifting over like that. So your Clickbank rebels, if you’re wondering what they are, they’re just recurring subscriptions. You know, vendors can like recurring subscriptions to their products for up sales, anything like that. You can even make it the default sort of purchase method of your product if it is something that needs a recurring subscription. And so just be aware of that if you do see people around you now know what it means. So thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

Can I Sell Clickbank Products On Amazon

Hey, how’s it going? It’s Sam Frost here from reviews back with another video in my Clickbank series and today we are asking the question of whether or not you can promote Clickbank products on Amazon. So I’ve seen a few people asking this question, they want to know whether they can somehow promote products on Amazon. Maybe you don’t have a website of your own. Maybe you just really like Amazon, you want to give Jeff Bezos more money because he doesn’t have enough of that? I don’t know. But can you actually promote Clickbank products on Amazon? Well, there’s a couple of ways to look at this in terms of just taking the product and listing it on Amazon. My understanding is no you can’t, you know, you’re going to struggle to get away with that. So, you know, it’s not like you can probably you can probably buy surf strength coach, burn it to a DVD listed for sale on Amazon and then you know, Bob’s your uncle, it’s not going to work like that. So, actually reselling Clickbank products on Amazon is there may be some way to do it. I’m sure someone probably tried it and if you have Feel free to comment below how you do it, but my view is, you know, advising you from my perspective Don’t even try. But what about selling Clickbank products on Amazon as an affiliate? Well, there is one way to do it that I know of that can actually be relatively successful and I’ll show you how it works. So basically, we’re going to open up Amazon here. So this is the standard Amazon thing but what we’re going to look at actually is the Kindle marketplace, we’re going to look at ebooks. So let’s let’s look up an E book let’s let’s go Dog Training book at Doug trading Kindle will go on the Kindle marketplace. So what we can see here and I’m just going to open up this first example so we’ve got

Dog Training smart way number one guide for any age of breed, Kindle edition. So we’re in the Kindle marketplace. Now looking at Kindle books, we can see here that I can buy that book for $5 69 or as that as a New Zealand dollars now $10 trillion, because our currency so weak, we can sell these other books. Now, the cool thing with the Kindle marketplace so there’s a couple of cool things. One is that you can sign up and you can create your own books and you can sell them on Kindle. It’s not as popular as sort of making money online method as it once was a few maybe four or five years ago a little bit longer. This was like super super hot although I’ve seen more and more ads again, doing the rounds on Facebook for you know, Kindle promotion, webinars and all that kind of stuff. But basically, you can sign up to Amazon’s Kindle publishing programme, you can create your own books and you can sell them on Kindle which is really really cool. But you obviously make the money off the sales there you know, so if I if this guy Robert Wolf, maybe it’s a pen name, if he’s selling this book, you know, he’s going to be getting a good portion of that money from the Kindle programme. But as far as promoting Clickbank products on on Amazon goes, or you can actually backdoor Clickbank products into your Kindle ebooks. And this was quite a popular strategy for a while and it there’s no reason why it still wouldn’t work today. I think you just need to be better quality about it. So what people were doing for back in the sort of the golden days of this method is people were launching endless numbers of these free or low price Kindle ebooks, targeted around keywords like you know how to train my puppy or how to train a Labrador a bulldog training guide, all that kind of stuff. We’ll just use the dog training example. They would launch heaps of these books and in the books the whole point was get as many people downloading the book often for free. So you can enrol your books and the Kindle programme that I can’t remember the name of it. I think it’s Kindle unlimited or something like that. You do use the free promotion options. So you hear it up periodically be allowed to sell your book for free so people could download it. And the whole idea was inside the book, you have affiliate links off to Clickbank so someone’s got the book for free or they’ve got it for a buck they read it and then you say if you want to learn more about dog training, go and buy dog eat dog training which is a popular product on Clickbank or what you would do is you would build an email list out of your Clickbank book or your Kindle book. So you might do something like offer a, you know, deluxe version or a video version or you know, a premium version. At the end of the book you’d say something like hey, thanks so much for downloading the Kindle version. You know, I’ve got an premium or upsell or upgrade version of this book available for free go here and sign up with your email address and I’ll send it to you and you build your list and the sell your Clickbank products off the back end. And now the reason this is popular and the reason this can work selling Clickbank products or any kind of affiliate products or Amazon is is twofold, really one is that there are people actively browsing the Kindle marketplace. So for example, I’m really interested in business you know, I like reading books about marketing and sales and all that kind of stuff. So often come in here and to search something like a sales book on Kindle, you know, so Kindle books on sales. You know, if Something like this here, right? I’m interested in selling, I might look at this book and think, Hey, this looks pretty good. And, you know, I want a new book to read. It’s only eight bucks and I’ll buy it and then I’ll read it. And, you know, this is something that legitimate authors do, not just affiliates, you know, any author you buy a book from on Kindle or even physical version these days, will often have some kind of promotion within the book as as another upsell. Often the cheap Kindle book is just a lead into some kind of premium product, whether it’s a video course or a one on one training or something like that. Exactly. The same concept applies with promoting on Kindle. But the the advantage of doing it on Kindle marketplace is that there are people like myself and thousands, hundreds of thousands, probably millions of other people browsing this marketplace every day looking for information. People trust Amazon, they trust Kindle, you know, they’re probably far more likely to buy a $5 book on dog training from kindle the now to buy a $50 ebook off Clickbank where they you know, have to pay 10 times the price. And they can’t see all the customer reviews that they trust on Amazon. And they’re not buying it through that trusted Amazon interface. So you’ve got the advantage to basically get your message out in front of people who are actively browsing. And the other reason you might want to use the Kindle marketplace as well to promote low priced ebooks or possibly free ebooks, depending on how you structure it, and then sell Clickbank products on the back end as the Amazon product pages rank quite well and Google. So I did quite well with this for a while I ran out of time, and my studies got in the way and everything. But way back about 2013 I think I was doing quite well with this, I would create Kindle ebook under a pen name. And each one would be targeted to a really specific keyword. So you know how to find buyer keywords on Google was the title of one of my books, I think, or something like that. But I ranked for a long time right at the top of Google for that really specific keyword. It wasn’t huge traffic, but people would come through and I’d usually get you know Taking people a day getting that book for really low price, sometimes free if I had it on free promotion, and then they would read through and then I would upsell them to a software on Clickbank on the back end. And then they would obviously, you know, not everyone would buy but the great thing was, I was making a little bit of money on the front end through Kindle, and then all this extra money on the backend for the affiliate sales. So if you’re wondering, can I promote Clickbank on Amazon can sell Clickbank products on Amazon, trying to list them as a regular sort of marketplace products probably not going to get you very far. But doing this Kindle type approach could work really well for you. You’ve got to be diligent edit. I think the marketplace is matured a lot as well. People aren’t so tolerant of crappy products. There was a period of time where people were just churning out the biggest piles of junk, you know, buying private label rights content and you know, slapping it up there with a different cover on and changing the pen name and it really did negatively affect the platform but now I think it’s mature and stabilise the So if you’ve got good information you can add, let’s say you are an expert on dog training. There’s nothing stopping you creating some simple books, you know, people will accept them in my best selling book I did on Kindle number of years ago, I think it only had about 25 pages, 30 pages, it was really a long report. And I sold it for about $3 I think was the average price it was sold for and people in the in the comments would say Hi, it’s a short book, but I could say before they bought it that it was short, and they would have knocked me down on the reviews. I averaged, I think four and a half review styles. The cold thing bankable knew it was going to be short. And the feedback was, Hey, I learned the information I needed without too much waffle. That’s one of the advantages you know, you don’t have to a lot of people, myself included. I would much rather write a 50 page book than a 500 page book. It can communicate the same message in that few a number of words different if you’re talking about fiction writing, which is something I have no experience and but certainly nonfiction you if you Got a area of expertise that aligns with the Clickbank product or category of Clickbank products that you want to promote so using the dog training example once again if you’re good at Dog Training have a go you know pick some keywords or some titles you’d like to create, write them, sell them on Kindle through the publishing marketplace, and potentially you might do quite well in terms of selling some product on the front end and then hopefully on the back end, you’re able to build a list and sell your Clickbank products as well. So if you’re wondering how you can make money on Amazon with Clickbank or can you sell Clickbank products on Amazon, I recommend the Kindle approach, you know, I don’t think it’s as easy as it once was. But the truth is, nothing’s as easy as it once was in terms of making money online. At least that’s my view. Hopefully found this video helpful. If you’ve got any questions, please leave a comment below. Otherwise, I’ll see you next time. Thank you so much for watching.

Where Is My Clickbank Affiliate ID?

Hey how’s it going Sam Frost here from reviews boss calm back with another really quick video looking again at Clickbank and in this video we’re basically going to show you or answer the question where’s my Clickbank affiliate ID I’ve covered this a couple of times in this channel but just want to cover it again because it’s still keep saying the same question so if you’re wondering where’s my Clickbank affiliate ID or where is my Clickbank ID and you’re not really sure what that means Allow me to explain so here’s Clickbank com homepage of the platform I’m going to assume that you’ve already created an account so when you created an account you would have created a username and that username becomes your Clickbank affiliate ID. So whatever your username is for Clickbank when you go to login so you can see here that the one that’s safe for me is this one here at MKTG. That is my Clickbank username which is also my Clickbank, affiliate ID or Clickbank ID so if you want to know where is my Clickbank ID all you need to know is that it is your Clickbank username. If you can’t remember what That is go back and look through your emails from when you signed up because it should be listed there somewhere and if you’re still stuck if you’re still not sure you can actually contact support as well and basically say hey, here’s my email details can you look it up for me but you shouldn’t need to do that. So just remember that when you sign up for your clickbank account you create your account they’ll prompt you to give a username net username becomes your Clickbank affiliate ID. So if you’re ever asked for your Clickbank affiliate ID if you’re wondering where is my Clickbank affiliate ID, all you need to know is that it is your Clickbank username,

hopefully found that helpful. Thanks for watching. See you next time.

Clickbank How To Cancel Recurring Billing

Hey how’s it going? I’m back here with another affiliate marketing video looking at Clickbank again (make sure you read my Clickbank review) and today what we’re going to do is look at how you can cancel recurring billing on Clickbank so this is really more to be honest this video at people who may have purchased a product on Clickbank and a lot of Clickbank products contain rebuilds or sort of recurring subscriptions. Quite often when you buy a product, what will happen is they’ll be like a free trial offered or a $1 trial offered to an upsell. So you might go to buy a, you know, a $30 ebook, and then as part of the checkout process, it’ll be you know, do you want access to a mastermind programme, which is normally $100 a month that you’ll get the first month for $1 or you get the first month for free, and they’ll be somewhere along the checkout process a checkbox. And so a lot of times, you know, often through no real fault of their own customers wind up accidentally leaving those checkboxes checked or cheating And by mistake, we’re not really changing the terms and conditions. I know that the buyer needs to be aware but but some products are quite bad in my experience of trying to hide exactly how they’re going to get you with rebuilds. Not all of them but some of them. So, if you’re wanting to learn how you can cancel a recurring billing on Clickbank, there’s a couple ways to do it, the first thing you should look to do is actually contact the product vendor or directly. So when you place your order and made the purchase, you should have received some documentation including contact details for the vendor. So talk to the vendor first, email them, you know, they might have a support ticket system, depending on you know, the sort of professionalism of the vendor and sort of how big they are. smaller ones usually use email bigger ones often use support ticket systems. And you can always request a refund through there and cancellation of any subscription. Now, depending on the product you’ve got, there may also be an option within the product itself to cancel the subscription. So if there’s a login area to the product,

Login first in the first instance, have a look through Is there any option to cancel subscription? If there isn’t? Then contact the vendor. Say, Hey look, I want to cancel my recurring subscription. And if you don’t get any luck with that, remember that with Clickbank you’re always pretty well protected simply by the way that their refund policy and cancellation policy work. Clickbank pretty much always sides with the customer, which is a good thing for customers, it can sometimes cause some stress for affiliates and vendors because you do occasionally get people buying products who had no intention of ever keeping them they just buy it consuming information and request a refund. But that’s a topic for a different video. But if you are wondering how you can cancel recurring billing on Clickbank for product you’ve purchased and you have tried cancelling through the product interface if there’s an option and you’ve tried contacting the vendor and you haven’t had any luck, well the way you get it sorted finally as you come here and you click on Support, and you hover on support, and you click order support and that will open up A slightly different domain CLK And then all you need to do is if you’ve got the order information in front of you, so the email address you used to place the order and the personal verification so last digits of the put in your order number will last four digits of your payment method or your zip code that will bring up your order. And then what you can do it if you follow the process from them, it’s laid out it’s really simple. And you contact Clickbank and they will basically force the cancellation of the subscription for you. So realistically, whatever happens, you’re going to be covered you’re going to be okay, um, you can always cancel us recurring subscription, what you do want to be aware of, of courses, a lot of people will buy a product that has a sort of free trial of the recurring upsell, and then think I’ll check it out and I’ll cancel before the date. And then you know, life gets in the way and you forget to cancel and you wind up getting charged, if that happens. So if you buy a product and it says, Hey, you know, if you buy today, we’ll give you 30 free days of our premium upsell, and then it’s $100 a month, set a reminder in your calendar, you know, for a few days beforehand, so that you, you can actually check out that product. Maybe you want to keep it I don’t know. But if you do want to cancel, at least you’re not at risk of forgetting that you’ve basically place that order because I when I used to work for a quite a well known vendor on Clickbank and I’d occasionally help out on customer support. That’s where we’d get a lot of complaints from eyes, people who, you know, they purchase the product, they got the free trial of the upsell, and then they’d forgotten to cancel it, they wanted to cancel it, they didn’t want the product or the upsell, but they basically let 30 days expire, and then we charge them automatically. It just happens automatically in the background. And then suddenly they’d say this, you know, $50 or $100 charge on the credit card statement and they’re like, hang on, I didn’t want that in the first place. So really important to bear that in mind as well. But yeah, if you’re wondering how you can solve recurring billing on Clickbank that’s how you do it really straightforward, easy to do. You know, start first with the product and the face if there’s no option then move on to contacting the vendor. And if that doesn’t get you any luck then you can go through the nuclear option which is contacting Clickbank themselves and they will make sure it gets cancelled for you. So thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

Who/What Is Hop.Clickbank.Net?

I’m back again with another quick article looking at Clickbank, and today what I want to do is really quickly answer the question I’ve seen asked online which is “who is” or “what exactly is”.

Long story short, it’s just part of the Clickbank affiliate link.

If you’ve watched any of my other videos or if you’ve done any research, then you’ll know that the way Clickbank works is that a vendor can list a product for sale and then affiliates can promote that product. Each affiliate gets their own unique link and it’s called a Clickbank hop link.

And basically the way it’s structured or works quite simple; e’ll open up the Clickbank affiliate marketplace and I’m just going to pick the first product I can find which is this one here.

And this will create a hop link generator.

Then I can put in an account nickname so let’s say my account nickname, which is my clickbank account. Id or Clickbank username that’s it was john smith, and that would generate an encrypted hop link. So this piece here you can see the hop And this first piece is like an encrypted version.

Back in the day, the way it used to work is that this piece here at the front was just your username. So “”

But now they when you use the affiliate link generated on the marketplace, it actually encrypts it for you just to try and reduce the risk of someone coming along and deciding “hey, I’m going to buy product through my own affiliate link or swap out to a friends link or whatever” so you don’t get your commission.

But if you’re an end user, if you’re a customer looking to buy a product and you’ve clicked on something insane, this hot You don’t need to worry it just means that the products being sold through Clickbank obviously it means that someone’s probably getting a condition that that Clickbank commission doesn’t cost you anything,

The only reason you might not want to buy through an affiliate link is because you don’t like the idea of y buying a product that someone’s incentivized to sell, but I guess if that’s how you operate, you know, you probably wouldn’t buy very much because everything’s really incentivized to sell in one way or another!

But yet if you are wondering who is or what is hopefully this explains it for you. It’s just part of an affiliate link on the Clickbank network. If you found this video useful, please hit the like button, please subscribe.

Thank you so much, and I’ll see you next time! Make sure you read my Clickbank review for more advice on the platform as well.

What Is Clickbank Affiliate Marketing?

Hey how’s it going it’s Sam Frost here with another affiliate marketing article, and today we’re looking once again at Clickbank.

I’ve been doing on a number of videos recently on this channel and we’re going to be answering the question “what is Clickbank affiliate marketing” so maybe you’ve been browsing the internet you know interested in making money online or someone mentioned something to you you know you’ve seen something on social media about Clickbank maybe you’ve started exploring the concept of affiliate marketing and you’re just sitting there wondering you know what exactly is affiliate marketing on Clickbank what’s it all about? How does it all work? So in this video, I’m not going to go into the sort of specifics of how you actually start doing affiliate marketing, you know, with Clickbank in terms of the you know the process for making money from that, because that that’s really far more in depth. But what I am going to do is really answer the question of, I guess a helicopter view of how it all works. So what I’ve got here is the website opened and basically to give you a quick rundown. What Clickbank is is a plan. form that brings three different parties together. So there’s a vendor or a vendor, or a publisher is someone who has a product that they want to sell. So for example, you might be an expert on basket weaving. And so you might create a video tutorial series on how to do basket weaving yourself at home. And then you might want to sell that online to people. And you want a system that allows you to, you know, securely give people access to the product and take the payment details and all that kind of stuff with Clickbank and do that but also bolted onto the side and a key feature of the platform is that Clickbank has affiliate marketing built in our affiliate functionality. So I might have a website about basket weaving and I want to monetize my traffic. And so what I will do is I’ll come along and say, okay, you’re selling a basket weaving product for $50. You know, you’ve decided to offer a 50% Commission. So every time someone on my website buys that $50 basket weaving tutorial product, I get 25 dollars and you as the vendor get $25 we both share sort of share the proceeds a little bit of money goes to Clickbank as fees and in the customer the end user who buys the basket weaving guide they get the product they want as well. So all three parties are winners, you know, fantastic it’s all pretty straightforward. So vendor was like to use Clickbank sometimes because of that easy access to affiliates because the whole system of being able to supply you know, supply against the requirements to get affiliates on board is all sorted affiliates like using Clickbank because it’s been around for a long time that pay on time they’re generally pretty reliable and trustworthy. Whereas there can be some shady operators in the space and from the customers perspective you get a secure payment processing facility. You also get with any Clickbank purchase, you get 60 day money back guarantee, I’ll go into more detail on that in a different videos to why that’s a thing and also the contention that can cause the both indoors and affiliates. But long storey short it’s all to do with coming Protecting the end user, the purchaser of the product. So with that in mind what is Clickbank affiliate marketing? Well, it’s really quite simple. As I mentioned before, it’s all about you as an affiliate or a potential affiliate promoting vendors products in exchange for Commission and the commission rates can vary on Clickbank but they generally go anywhere from about 25 to 75% a lot of info products, a lot of vendors are happy to give 75% away even if it’s $1,000 info product like $1,000 course, you know, you might be happy to give someone 750 of that 1000 because if they’re making sales that you wouldn’t have made otherwise, and there’s no real additional time requirement and delivering it. That’s the big thing. You know, my day job is as a consultant, I run a marketing consulting business in New Zealand and I work with a whole load of different companies now I could look to recruit affiliates to help me sell my services. But if I you know if I’m selling my service say I’m doing a you know consulting package for thousand dollars Then I offer someone 75% of the head, you know that revenue in exchange for selling it will then suddenly, I’ve still got to put the same amount of work. And I would have to put in, you know, potentially hours of work, but I’m getting 75% leave money. That doesn’t make sense. But if I created an info product, you know, or a software product or something like that, and all the works already been done, and then when I stopped promoting it, it’s like, okay, you know, if you can make another sale that I wouldn’t have got, and it takes me no extra time to deliver the product, maybe there’s a little bit of customer service as you ramp up your number of customers. But really, these marginal sales are all much no extra cost. Well, if you’re making almost 100% margin, and that’s really what the margins are, and most info and software products, if you’re making almost 100% margin, it doesn’t matter if you give 75% of it to an affiliate, because that’s still an extra 25% of the sale value you would otherwise not have had. That’s really the whole concept and the other reason as well a vendor’s licence. In the affiliates tab on the back of it is simply because of the fact that, you know, as a vendor, if I’ve got an info product, and affiliates are promoting it, I’m only paying them when they make sales. It’s like performance based marketing. It would be like having an army of salespeople working for you, you only pay on commission, you know, if if a guy you know, if I’ve got a sales person, you know, working for me, you know, or an affiliate working for me, and I’m paying him, you know, a million dollars a year well, and I must be making more than that, because you know, even if I’m giving him 75% Commission, I’m still making you know, a whole lot of extra money I would not have otherwise had so I’m not going to mind giving him that money, but I haven’t had to pay anything without seeing results first. So that’s why that sort of symbiotic relationship between affiliate and vendor is so important. So once you’ve got your head around that concept, as far as the nuts and bolts of how it works, firstly, you have to create your clickbank account as an affiliate. Once you’ve gone through that process, you’re able to go into the Clickbank marketplace and and here you can find products promote. So for example, let’s say I have a dog training website, dog training for some reason, there’s always us is an example when talking about niches, you know, I’ll type dog in here and here we go, there’s a whole load of products, you know, I can start finding, I might order them by, say average dollars per sale. And, you know, if we have a look here don’t breeding secrets, I mean, you know, there’s some products that are sneaking for that aren’t relevant. But this is just an you know, an interesting exercise and how it all works. So maybe as part of my dog training website, I might have a section about dog breeding, while I can potentially earn $398 a sale on average by selling this product or I might look at products that are really popular with other affiliates so we’ll use this thing gravity score and you can see here brain training for dogs so this brain training for dogs product, it’s going gangbusters, you know, loads of people will be selling this and I could be making best part of $32 us a sale, getting a 75% commission we can see here so what I would do is I would promote this product, click promote set up my affiliate link, and I might promote it on my website on my email list on my YouTube channel on my Facebook pages of groups. However I choose to promote it as long as it complies with Clickbank Terms of Service and the vendors requirements. Then when I send people to that link, they buy the product, I get a nice juicy commission. The vendor gets sales they would not have otherwise made and they’re only paying on performance and the end user gets a product that they hopefully like so if you’re wondering what is Clickbank affiliate marketing well really that explains the concept quite simply, hopefully found it helpful. I do have a lot more content coming. I’m really aiming to roll out probably a couple of videos every single day on affiliate marketing focusing quite heavily on Clickbank as well. I’m trying to give away as much information as I can for free. All I ask and support is a couple of things. Firstly, if you find this video helpful, please like and subscribe. Secondly, if you do want to learn some affiliate marketing for free, I recommend you have a look at a platform called affiliate Rama that offers free affiliate marketing training. I’ve left a link in the video description and you can go sign up there and you can actually learn how to do affiliate marketing on Clickbank for free. You know They’re up cells and then you know to be 100% honest with you, you sign up for free you obviously learned some really useful stuff and then you know as any business is going to try and do, they’re going to try and sell you premium training but the free training still helpful, you know, and it is worth having a look at so yeah, if you want to learn how to do Clickbank affiliate marketing, do check out that link for filler on that as well. So thank you so much for watching. I hope you found this video useful and I’ll see you next time.

SaleHoo vs Shopify – What’s The Difference?

Do you want to know the difference between SaleHoo and Shopify?

In this article I’m going to really quickly explain the differences between SaleHoo and Shopify, so you know which product is right for you.

What is SaleHoo?

To start with, let’s look at that product SaleHoo – it is a curated directory of wholesalers and drop shippers.

What you do is you pay an annual subscription to join SaleHoo, and then you are given access to a list of wholesalers, and drop shippers broken down by categories and you can search for them and they’re all sorts of stuff. If you read my full sail whole review here you can see exactly what is included. But basically yeah you’re paying in order to be able to access drop shippers or, or wholesalers so if you want to start an e commerce business. Maybe you want to import dog toys. Well, you can go on SaleHoo, and you can look up pet products suppliers and hopefully there are some good ones there who can supply you with product that you can import, or you can have drop shipped and you can basically start your business because obviously if you’re doing e commerce, you’ve got to have products to sell. Now, let’s take a look at Shopify because Shopify really is quite different Shopify is not a directory of wholesalers, or drop shippers Shopify is an e commerce platform. So, with SaleHoo you’re finding the products to sell, and you could sell those products in a physical sense you know you could bring products and and sell them in a physical retail store, take them to a car boot sale whatever it is you want to do. Shopify on the other hand does one thing and it does a really good job of that in my opinion it allows you to build an online store. it’s an e commerce platform. So, back in the day, like when I was starting out doing online marketing it was much harder to actually go about creating an online store there’s all sorts of different things you have to worry about like payment processing and, you know, inventory management and all those kind of things you know you needed quite a bit of resource or technical knowledge to actually create an online store Shopify is kind of flip that on its head. It’s made the whole process simple and accessible. Now Shopify has exploded in popularity recently, both with sort of legit. Big time, businesses, you know, businesses that have been around for a while, who want to sell online, but also it’s become really popular with people looking to do things like Ali Express drop shipping so you find something on Ali Express, or a similar kind of site and you know you might find like a bulldog Nicholas, the new sell it via Facebook ads to someone who’s interested in Bulldogs, and you buy the product and have it shipped for $5 and you sell it for $10 and, you know, if you can get your conversion rate good, then you’re making money so Shopify for various reasons has just exploded in popularity, but it is a totally different thing to sail who as I said SaleHoo is a directory of wholesalers and drop shippers, whereas Shopify is a platform that is going to allow you to build an online retail site so the two can kind of work in harmony in some respects, you might create a Shopify store an online store, and then you might stop that online store with products that you’ve sourced through SaleHoo, but they are two totally different things it’s not really a case of, I’ve got to pick between the two. They’re complementary products in some respects, but they have no real crossover apart from the fact that both tie into their e commerce and retail space. So if you’re sitting there thinking, what is the difference between SaleHoo and Shopify maybe you’re not quite sure

Make sure you read my full SaleHoo review here as well I think you’ll find it quite interesting.

Can I Promote Clickbank Products On eBay?

What I want to do today is talk about whether or not you can promote Clickbank products on eBay.

I’ve seen a few people asking “can I go on Clickbank jump in the affiliate marketplace and then start finding products and selling them on eBay”, because for whatever reason you don’t have a website of your own and you just want to find a way to try and make some sales.

My understanding is firstly that eBay will take a pretty dim view of you trying to sell affiliate products on their platform.

Clickbank isn’t structured for this either. You’d need to sell the product for a marked-up price on eBay and then manage the deliver to the end customer – but the Clickbank affiliate system doesn’t really work like this.

If you’re wondering whether or not you can promote Clickbank products on eBay, the answer is it might technically be possible but honestly don’t even waste your time trying.

If someone’s going on eBay, that generally looking for physical product to purchase want to buy something with a car or guitar or TV or computer or whatever the case may be. Sure some people might buy books and information products on there, but the whole buying mentality is different compared to what you’re trying to achieve with Clickbank.

If you’re sitting there thinking, hey, I want to promote Clickbank products as an affiliate and I want to go on eBay and try and sell their while you might technically be able to get away with it, although I think that might actually not even be allowed. If you’re asking ‘can I promote Clickbank products on eBay’, it’s not going to work for you so don’t just don’t waste your time!

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